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nano Education & Training Forum

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1 nano Education & Training Forum
nanoEducation and Training Forum (nETF) Adolfo Nemirovsky, Ph.D. Enabling 21st Century Workforce for the Nanotechnology Revolution nanoSIG

2 Miniaturization: Top-down Encounters Bottom-Up
Physics Engineering Top-down Bottom-Up

3 State of Nanotech 2004 Approximately 1,500 total companies worldwide announced nanotechnology R&D plans. Established corporations have spent more than $3.8 billion globally on nanotechnology R&D in 2004. Governments, corporations and venture capitalists will spend more than $8.6 billion worldwide on nanotechnology R&D in 2004 The U.S. has now appropriated more than $3.16 billion to fund nanotechnology R&D since 2000 and is proposing $982 million in new funding for FY 2005. 40,000 US scientists 800,000 US workers needed to support $1T in 2015 (NSF) Source: The Nanotech Report 2004

4 Workforce Development & Job Generation
Execs 1,000 Education & Training Professional Engineers Managers Scientists 10,000 Graduate Undergraduate Technicians – Senior 20,000 Technical Institutes Community Colleges Technicians – R&D, MFG 80,000 K-12

5 Industrial Nano Jobs - 2005 CareerBuilding – Jan 31, 2005
9 positions with Keyword “nanotechnology” 1,074 positions with Keyword “semiconductor” Where are the nano jobs? Industries: Biotech IT Telecom Consumer Goods Defense Energy Environment Transportation

6 Some Nano Companies Affymetrix Agilent Alnis Biosciences
Applied Biosystems Applied Materials Cambrios Chevron Texaco – Mol Diamonds Duke Scientific Genencor General Nanotechnology HP IBM Almaden Labs Intel Intematix Nanochip Nanoconduction Nanogram Nanomix Nanoplex Nanosys Nanosolar Nanostellar Nanotex Neophotonics Pacific Fuel Cell Polyfuel Surromed Ultradots

7 Typical Industrial Nano Jobs - 2005
Process engineer Device engineer Sensor engineer Software engineer Electrical design Electrochemical engineer Polymer chemist Analytical chemist Biological Microscopist Scientist Gene Expression Biz development Manufacturing, BioProcess Environmental monitoring specialist

8 Nano Education Requirements
Core Disciplines Math Physics Chemistry Biology Computer Science Laboratories Imaging/Metrology Wet & Dry Materials & Device Fabrication Wet Biotechnology Software/Design/System Mix of technical, business, entrepreneurial skills Based on inputs from HP, Nanosys, Stanford, NASA

9 Teaching Philosophy Learn by doing, have fun
Hands on is key, not be afraid of mistakes … Learn how to work with others Across disciplines, across cultures, … Learn how to ask the right questions Are you attacking the right problem? Balancing act: self-sufficient vs. collaboration Take initiative, but do not reinvent wheel (no time!) Modeling systems Simple estimations, order of magnitude, scaling, simulation, …

10 Nano-education Programs in N. CA
Foothill College NASA/Ames Nanosense, SRI Center on Polymer Interfaces and Macromolecular Assemblies, Stanford Center for Probing the Nanoscale, Stanford Stanford Nanofabrication Facility (SNF) Center of Integrated Nanomechanical Systems, UCB Nano High, UCB - LBNL Berkeley Nanotechnology Club

11 Resources of Northern CA
Academic: UCB, UCD, UCSF, Stanford, USF, UCSC, SCU, SJSU . . . Research: LBL, LLNL, SRI, NASA Ames, PARC, SRI . . . Corporate: Agilent, Applied Materials, Genentech, HP, IBM, Intel . . . Environment: Worlds Most Productive Workforce. World Entrepreneurial Center Major Private Equity Funds Best Professional Services Infrastructure: Corporate headquarters locations Large scale manufacturing Light industrial Professional Top resources …but… still coordination is lacking

12 Community College Challenges
Leverage existing resources Provide interdisciplinary development Introduce nanoscale concepts across curriculum Focus on nano skills for research & manufacturing Bring corporate sponsorship/partnerships to develop high tech skill levels in manufacturing sector Prepare nanotech workforce at many levels Include social, ethical and legal implications … and public outreach to build taxpayer support

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