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Technology In Franchising Bob Kerr CIO Curves International Inc.

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1 Technology In Franchising Bob Kerr CIO Curves International Inc.

2 Leveraging the Internet

3 Communication …

4 Leveraging the Internet Who needs to communicate?

5 Corporate to Corporate

6 Future Franchisee to Corporate

7 Corporate to Franchisee

8 Franchise to Customer

9 Customer to Corporate

10 Your Network

11 Technology Internationalization

12 Open Architecture Scalability Reusability Component Data Document control Translation Workforce

13 Open Architecture Not closed Not proprietary Add-ons are welcome Best of Breed Sometimes Free Global Partnering/Relationships

14 Scalability Graceful Growth Exponential Growth Spikes Add components Throughput – Transactions –Applications –Hardware

15 Reusability Build it once: –Requirements –Code –Test cases –Manuals –Templates –Design decisions

16 Componentize Standard processors –Tax Calculations –Currency conversions –Location Identifiers: Zip codes Provence codes Postal codes –Plug and Play

17 Data Consider relationships early: –1-1 –1-many –Many-1 –Many-many –Umbrella ownership Strict Field Formatting Allow for International variables

18 Document Management Franchise Agreements Operations Manuals Forms Simultaneous Update Independent Update Version Control Serve to Web Translation

19 Localize, Localize,Localize No direct Translation Slang Colloquialisms Look and Feel by Country

20 “Big Door”

21 “Huge Hole”

22 “Grand Opening”

23 Supplies

24 Paper clips Clips Markers Stapler Pencils

25 Workforce Regional Offices Field Staff –Sales –Franchisee Support –Localized Training These are your Translators This is your help desk

26 Internationalization – Tech Recap If your systems are open to others, other systems are open to you. No need to reinvent the wheel. Design your systems and applications for growth and expansion Don’t pay over and over for Technology Develop or purchase components that serve multiple purposes Guard the integrity of your data Take control of your paper Who needs to do your translations? Utilize a global and cross-functional workforce.

27 Technology is Information

28 Technology Tools

29 Who Needs to Connect?

30 Disparate Technology

31 Linking the Tools

32 What do we need to share?

33 Centralized Data Real time/Near Real Time Pull technology vs. Push Technology Measurable Metrics: –Royalties –Sales –Attendance –Revenue shares

34 Standardization is the name of the game Get everyone using the same tools: –Economies of scale –Simplify support –Simplify maintenance –Shorten response times –Be agile

35 Technology Tools Recap Communication devices at your fingertips Who is communicating? What do they need? DATA Set yourself up to “PULL” Streamline delivery mechanisms

36 Bringing it together Build your network as big as you can imagine it Build everything with growth in mind –Build it once –Remember for whom you are building It’s all about the data

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