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What Ph.D. Graduates Want Strategies for building successful interdisciplinary Careers C. Susan Weiler Office for Earth System Studies Whitman College.

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1 What Ph.D. Graduates Want Strategies for building successful interdisciplinary Careers C. Susan Weiler Office for Earth System Studies Whitman College NSF OCE-0217056 NOAA NA16OP1435 ONR, NASA N00014-98-1-05

2 Notes in this font size and color were added after the Ocean Sciences meeting to make this presentation understandable without the oral presentation.

3 DIALOG Goals Interdisciplinary understanding and collegial networks Target Aquatic-Science Ph.D. graduates Biologically focused, 0 - 2 years post PhD. Interdisciplinary research interests Mechanism Symposia (40 - 43 invited participants) See for application instructions Electronic Resources

4 Lessons Learned from 8 DIALOG Symposia 1993 - 2005 Dissertations Initiative for the Advancement of Limnology and Oceanography

5 Communication is Key Field A

6 …not emphasized enough: ? Field AField B,C,D… Students Beyond Ivory Towers.

7 Interdisciplinary The key is to bring together faculty, students and postdocs from many departments Seminars SHORT talks Group projects Lunches TGIF’s Inclusive Interactive Fun

8 OUTREACH Don’t reinvent the wheel: COSEE and other organizations & resources are available to help you get started. Be sure to check Scientific-society webpages. Scientific Society pages Outreach is a fabulous way to enable students, post-docs and faculty to communicate with colleagues across disciplines as well as beyond the Ivory Towers. Take it seriously, and choose something you care about.

9 Team of Experts Vs An Expert Team Anyone who has sat through a faculty meeting knows these are not the same thing! We have the experts, let’s train this next generation to work more effectively as a team

10 Organization, Teamwork Provide students and post-docs with opportunities to practice group/team skills. And, give them some training to help them work together more effectively.

11 Townsend & Donovan The Facilitator’s Pocketbook Tropman Making Meetings Work: Achieving High Quality Group Decisions Robert’s Rules of Order These books provide an easy way to get started. Read and discuss them with your students and post-docs -- then practice in small groups, alternating responsibilities.

12 400 B.C. Hippocrates to Larson: 4 types 20th Century Jung 8 types Myers & Briggs 16 types Sanguine Melancholic PhlegmaticCholeric Nobody likes to be “typed” but let’s face it, from Hippocrates to Larson, we all do it to some degree. Training can enable us to understand ourselves, appreciate the differences in others, and work more effectively together than any of us can alone.

13 Laney The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World Berens et al. Quick Guide to the 16 Personality Types in Organizations: Understanding Personality Differences in the Workplace I have been using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It is the most frequently used indicator and has been used effectively for more than 50 years. If you are a skeptic, and even if you aren’t, I recommend starting with a book called THE INTROVERT ADVANTAGE: Most of us accept these two basic types/preferences. These ARE preferences, as we use all of the types to some degree. Learning more about introversion/extroversion will help you ease into the other preferences (how we take in/process information, how we make decisions, and how these preferences interact with each other). Use a trained professional to help you identify and understand your individual type.

14 Mentors Needed PROFESSIONAL SKILLS Jobs Lab Set up Collaborations Students Staff Papers Grants Teaching Service Tenure Time Mgt. Advisors/Mentors need to do more to prepare students, post-docs and new hires for the “business” side of research -- everything from getting a job to setting up a lab, hiring and managing staff, grants, time, teaching, etc. etc. Be sure everyone in your lab learns the necessary professional skills to succeed.

15 labmgmt/book.pdf

16 DIALOG Resource Page ~weilercs/resources/ This page contains resources developed for, and by, DIALOG and DISCCRS Symposium Scholars. They provide a useful complement to the book mentioned in the last slide.

17 Interdisciplinary Success Common Language Collegial Spirit Training

18 Register your Ph.D. dissertation NOW Once registered, you will be added to the DIALOG/DISCCRS newsletter and receive updates on Symposium dates, locations and Application deadlines.

19 DIALOG NSF OCE-0217056 Antarctic Biology and Medicine Biological Oceanography Ecosystem Studies International Science & Engineering NOAA NA16OP1435 Coastal Ocean Program National Sea Grant College Program ONR N00014-98-1-05 Ocean Optics & Biology Program NASA Ocean Biology & Biogeochemistry Program

20 Special Thanks to Maarten Boersma Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research W. Monty Graham Dauphin Island Sea Lab 334 DIALOG Symposium Scholars For sharing their insights and their efforts to help this next generation of scholars be the best they can be.

21 14 Co-sponsoring Societies In-kind Support, advertising, international participants ASLO American Society of Limnology and Oceanography AFS American Fisheries Society AGU American Geophysical Union ERF Estuarine Research Federation ESA Ecological Society of America JSL Japanese Society of Limnology NABS North American Benthological Society NALMS North American Lake Management Society PSA Phycological Society of America SIL International Society of Limnology SCL Society of Canadian Limnologists OSJ Oceanographic Society of Japan TOS The Oceanography Society WSN Western Society of Naturalists

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