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Take Your Students On a Virtual Field Trip Eileen Backofen

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1 Take Your Students On a Virtual Field Trip Eileen Backofen

2 “In Times of Change… Learners Inherit the earth… While the Learned… Are perfectly prepared for… A world that no longer exists.” Eric Hoffer

3 Field Trips Enhance the learning experience Expand the thinking process Meet the needs of different learning styles and They’re Fun! Get out of classroom Different learning environment

4 Why Virtual? Destinations are endless No transportation, chaperones, fees No weather concerns No limits of time or place Students tour at their own pace Trip can be repeated They are “Safe” (vft permission form)vft permission form But

5 NO…It’s Not the Same as Being There

6 Your travels can become part of a virtual field trip Just take a digital camera along

7 Where Do You Want to Go?

8 My Online Students Want to Explore: Living Systems Tours, France CrossCountry USA following plot of novel “Walk Two Moons” National Zoo Stops on Homer’s Odyssey Monroe, Alabama – setting of “To Kill a Mockingbird” Ancient Mali Boreal Forest Landing Spots of Early Explorers

9 My Online Students Want to Explore India – site of “Riki Tiki Tavi” Renaissance England Essential Bodies of Water Supreme Court Life Skills (banks, supermarkets, restaurants, dept stores) The Inquisition Ancient Egypt Care & Positioning of String Instruments Pumpkins

10 Classroom Internet Activities Websites – billions of them Example: About MeAbout Me Webquest Inquiry oriented activity Single website with links Students assigned specific roles Follows a standard template Virtual Field Trips??

11 What is a Virtual Field Trip? Guided, narrated tour of Web sites Threaded pages that students follow with a single click Created by teachers, students or professionals Uses existing websites and custom pages Not just a list of websites

12 Let’s Look at Some Examples Virtual Farm Fireworks Cryptology Baking Bread Dark Ages Budgeting (184805)Budgeting Guide to Great Nutrition The Story of Milk

13 You Don’t Have to Reinvent the Wheel Professional, teacher & student created trips are out there for you. PBS, Educational & Government Organizations, Higher Ed, Public Interest Groups, & Commercial sites Webcams Photos, videos, audio on the web Search engines help you find resources

14 But You Can Word (Insert photos, links & save as html) Powerpoint (Publish to web) Web Editing Software (Dreamweaver) Trackstar Web Albums (Photos & Text) SurwebSurweb VFT software (Tourmaker)Tourmaker Search for video, audio, images, panoramas panoramas

15 Online Courses ETLO (EdTech Leaders Online) Designing a Virtual Field TripETLO PBS Teacherline

16 Suggestions from Teachers Creating VFTs Use PowerPoint for the VFT and incorporate United Streaming clips (observe copyright), web hyperlinks, webcams and maps Internet Public Library - just doing a search on geography took me to many new websites. Organize the websites in a single VFT favorites folder Create a VFT using the SURWEB Directions were easy to read and navigate If lab computers aren’t available, then create and show the VFT to the class using an LCD and Interactive Whiteboard. Google Earth is amazing for showing students where this journey took place and I can actually insert pictures at certain stops representing landmarks. Trackstar is a great site and a great way to combine a list of appropriate websites. It allows you to control where your students are searching. I plan to use either Word or Powerpoint to build a VFT. Use Links to webcams so students can look at real life rather than a picture. Panoramas give a different perspective. You can zoom in/out by using the ctrl and shift buttons. Main site: http://panoramas.dk

17 Software Tourmaker – Creates a standard interfaceTourmaker Example

18 Summary Internet is a Valuable Educational Resource Students Need Guidance in Cyberspace VFTs Provide this Guidance Find Exisiting VFTs Create your own. You are the expert as to what works best in your classroom

19 Contact Information Website: portfolio/index.htm Email:

20 The following slides contain additional information requested by session participants SchoolPad: The wireless interactive SchoolPad is by GTCO. Details available from: Benjamin David Peripheral Vision 443-309-7215 (mobile)

21 Surweb (Web Album) Additional Information Be SURE popup blocker is off Scroll all the way to the bottom Get a virtual locker Write down your locker # & password

22 Create A Web Page Using Word Create your Word document as usual with text, inserted pictures, hyperlinks etc. Then from the File Menu choose either “Save As Web Page” OR choose “Save As” and use the drop down arrow in the “Save as Type” window to choose web page (htm).

23 Resources Included in Presentation (Edited Handout) Eileen Backofen’s Website 4-H VT Virtual Farm PBS Fireworks (Tramline – Tourmaker Software) Baking Bread Dark Ages (student created) Trackstar Budgeting (#184805) Also search by keyword, grade level, subject area Tracks can be “adapted” and saved. Scroll to the bottom and create your own locker (popup blocker must be off) Panoramas Worldwide

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