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Santa Cruz County – Regional Occupational Program South County Orientation – Thursday, August 15 th 3:00 – 4:30 PM Mark Hodges (ROP) Senior Director 831.

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1 Santa Cruz County – Regional Occupational Program South County Orientation – Thursday, August 15 th 3:00 – 4:30 PM Mark Hodges (ROP) Senior Director 831 466-5762 Jim Howes (ROP) Assistant Director 831 466-5761

2 Orientation Agenda Mark Hodges – Welcome/Introductions – New Teachers Mark Hodges – ROP Vision, Goals & Staff Responsibilities Jim Howes – ROP Updates (Sites & Courses) Mark Hodges – ROP Office Staff Presentations Mark Hodges– ROP Contract Hours (How to make up time) Deb Tracy – Blood Borne Pathogens Fidel Mejia – Technology Linda Surrell – Counselors Karen Lemon – Middle School Outreach

3 Orientation Agenda Julie Edwards – Work Based Learning (WBL) Shareen Bell – Your Future is our Business, Teacher Survey (YFIOB) Mark Hodges– Important Dates Meetings by School Site

4 Staff Introductions Name Subject Area(s) or position School(s) or site location(s) Number of years with ROP

5 Superintendent Michael Watkins and Deputy Superintendent Bryan Wall Santa Cruz County Office of Education Update

6 The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just. Abraham Lincoln The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just. Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln

7 We are at a crossroads and there are decisions we need to make.

8 Do we plan for elimination or plan for integration? (We need to be embedded in school district services) Do we plan for stagnation or plan for innovation? (How can we better serve students and school districts?) Do we plan for self-preservation or program continuation? (Keep the big picture in mind.) One thing is for sure ROP will have to reinvent itself to survive in the new Local Control Funding environment.

9 Top 5 tips for Revitalizing Your Business 1. Try to cut your operational costs 2. Work diligently on customer retention 3. Simplify your business activities. 4. Don’t cut back on spending money to train your staff. 5. Innovation is the key to business survival.

10 How is this accomplished? 1. Re-Evaluate: ▫Self-evaluate or self-assess your situation. 2. Re-Define: strategy ▫What is our purpose? ▫Does the business have a direction?

11 “Why do we exist as a business?” To prepare students to become college and career ready. ▫Vision: “What do we want to achieve using this business as a tool?” ▫Mission: The Santa Cruz County Regional Occupational Program (ROP) provides students with the opportunity to acquire academic, career and technical skills and to prepare for life-long learning and success in the changing workplace.

12 Values: ▫Teamwork, Customer Service, Quality Instructors, Workplace Learning, Visionary Leadership, Supportive Environment, Affordable Career Training, Powerful and Relevant Curriculum, Business and Community Partnerships. Brand: ▫“Who are we as a business to the general public?” People: ▫Are the right people in the right places? Are employees committed to organizational success?

13 Customers: ▫Are customers satisfied? Product: ▫Are we offering innovative products/services? Process: ▫Are systems in place to get work done efficiently? Finance: ▫Are we competitive and profitable?

14 Focus on what really matters.

15 Vision for ROP All ROP staff become integrated in the school community. ROP courses are embedded in the core curriculum in all schools. ROP/ CTE programs become a graduation requirement and are a metric of school accountability systems. (i.e.. API) All Santa Cruz County students, grades 7-12, are exposed to the advantages of Career and Technical Education through the regional occupational programs. SCCROP is connected to the regional business community. All ROP students participate in a CTE learning experience in the community.

16 I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. Confucius Confucius

17 SCCROP Program Goals for 2013-2014 Every teacher/counselor will participate in at least one subject advisory committee meeting. SCCROP will begin to transition from the ROP Advisory Night to the ROP Annual Showcase. Every teacher/counselor will develop an integration/collaboration project with a school district teacher/counselor. ▫Create a lesson, unit or project, participate in data gathering efforts, organize an advisory committee meeting together, etc. SCCROP will apply for an additional UC a-g and articulated course. Create a SCCROP steering committee. SCCROP will increase student participation in summer learning activities. ▫Middle school outreach programs, summer school integration, etc.

18 CTE Legislation

19 Student College and Career Readiness to Improve With Passage of SB 1458. SB 1458 alters the structure of California's Academic Performance Index (API) by setting a 60% limit for standardized test performance for high schools.

20 ROP Office Staff Responsibilities Michele Cuartilon – (Department Coordinator – 466-5764) – coordinates operational procedures and the support activities for major program functions and instructor time sheets  CAROCP  Ordering  Payroll

21 Laurie Stewart – (Administrative Secretary – 466-5760) – Credentials, Certificates, Master Schedule – miscellaneous office details Sharon Wright – Miller (Pupil Data Specialist – 466-5765)– ASAP – Attendance – miscellaneous office details Heather Hutchison – (Fiscal Accountant – 466-5766) – Classroom Budgets – Budget Details – miscellaneous office details

22 New Teachers – 2013/2014 ▫Alex Rodriguez – Criminal Justice (WHS/WPD) ▫Elizabeth Sousa – Criminal Justice (WHS/WPD) ▫Rudy Lopez Jr. – Criminal Justice (PVHS) ▫Monique Rangel – Criminal Justice (PVHS) ▫Dan Young – Music Production (PVHS) ▫Lora Hunter – Careers with Children (PVHS) ▫Maggie Kline – Play Production (SHS) ▫Jason Carr – Bike Performance & Technology (PVHS) ▫Joel Domhoff – Sports Related Occupations (NBGCC & AHS)

23 New Teachers – 2013/2014 ▫Adrienne Frisbee – Green Careers (PVHS) ▫Fidel Mejia – Information Technology – (Cruzio) ▫Troy Souza – Fire Technology (SCHS) ▫Sarah Ryan – Criminal Justice (HHS) ▫Laura Taylor – Animal Science and Veterinary Science (SHS) ▫Stu Walters – Sports Related Occupations (SHS) ▫Eric Anderson – Bike Performance & Technology (AHS)

24 New Courses – 2013/2014 New Courses ▫Music Production & Recording Arts – PVHS ▫Careers With Children – PVHS ▫Green Careers – PVHS ▫Information Technology – Cruzio ▫Play Production – SHS ▫Animal Science – SHS ▫Floral Design – WHS

25 ROP Data in the 2012-12013 School year 62 teachers 8 counselors 21 temporary service agreements (TSA’s) 150 classes 3,633 students served 167 adults participated in our programs 40 different courses offered

26 How did ROP allocate its resources in 2012-2013? certificated and administrative salaries52.79% support salaries5.30% statutories and health benefits24.50% supplies7.01% travel,repairs, postage, phone, etc.2.72% indirect costs (general program services)7.68% 100.00%


28 ROP Teacher Essential Responsibilities Group and individual instruction Ensure an environment conducive to learning Evaluate student skill and job readiness Maintain accurate attendance Complete required records and reports in a timely manner Maintain an active subject advisory committee meeting Establish and maintain effective communication Complete at least 20 hours of career preparation instruction Complete a Professional Growth Plan (PGP)

29 ROP Job Related Qualifications Knowledge of current practices in the field Skill and ability to organize instructional program and students Develop and organize instructional materials

30 ROP Updates: The Medical Assisting program will move to the COE Annex at 399 Encinal St. Santa Cruz

31 Blood borne Pathogens 3:40 PM – 3:55 PM ▫Deb Tracy

32 Technology Coordinator - Update 4:00 PM – 4:10 PM Fidel Mejia Web Site Tech Request Attendance (ASAP) - passwords Absence (AESOP) – substitute teacher needs

33 Counselors – Linda Surrell · Role of the ROP Counselor · What ROP Can Do For You · Monthly Career activities report

34 Middle School Outreach – Karen Lemon 3:35 PM – 3:40 PM Karen Lemon – Middle School Outreach Coordinator

35 Teacher Survey Results & YFIOB Shareen Bell

36 ROP- WASC Teacher Survey Results Spring 2013

37 Demographics Spring 2013 47 ROP teachers answered June Teacher survey ROP teachers from 14 sites answered survey Of the teachers who answered the survey, - 71% were Very Satisfied teaching in ROP - 27% were Satisfied teaching in ROP - 2% were Neutral

38 Meeting Student & Program Goals Sufficient instructional time to meet needs of all students 2012 ~ 85% 2013 ~ 91% Sufficient instructional materials/equipment to reach goals 2012 ~ 87% 2013 ~ 89% Sufficient access to instructional technology 2012 ~ 78% 2013 ~ 90%

39 Professional Development Received feedback that helps improve teaching 2012 ~ 91% 2013 ~ 93% Know what is expected to teach in their ROP class 2012 ~ 87% 2013 ~ 100% **** ROP – PD supports growth and improves instruction 2012 ~71% 2013 ~ 87% Had enough time to collaborate with other ROP instructors 2012 ~ 71% 2013 ~ 71%

40 Management & Staff Support ROP administrators support them in their CTE 2012 ~ 97% 2013 ~ 98% ROP staff [office, counselors, & admin.] communicate clearly 2012 ~ 93% 2013 ~ 93% ROP teachers and leadership have a shared vision 2012 ~ 90% 2013 ~ 96%

41 Parents & Business community ROP program connects with the business community to support the ROP program 2012 ~ 93% 2013 ~ 95% ROP students’ parents/guardians understand the goals and objectives of their class 2012 ~ 78% 2013 ~ 77% ***

42 Strengths of ROP Program Support, respect, and freedom for teachers Devoted, talented people. ROP provides a wide range of options for students to choose from beyond the standard high school program. Instructors who have worked in the fields they are teaching. Commitment to career education & life long learning Connecting students with the community and its businesses Great community, very supportive, clear leadership

43 Suggestions for Improvement Stop hiring a "temporary" workforce More aggressive recruitment, Create strategies for promoting ROP classes at the teachers' sites. More time for teachers to collaborate within shared curricular areas A more organized master calendar Possibly reduce redundant activities such as combining attendance with the school districts. PD time that can be utilized for alignment of courses and curriculum development instead of promotional theater for the community.

44 Leadership Team Support of Teachers More site visits. The leadership team is a mystery. Have a rotating teacher presence on this team. Who are "leadership team" members? How are decisions made & implemented? Involve our teachers more in the process of decision making/reporting Streamline responsibilities for teachers. Make our jobs easier by reducing paperwork, i.e... make attendance reporting digitized and have the same attendance layout with the site's attendance More teacher collaboration time at the meetings Have "peer round tables" to exchange ideas of teaching methodologies/Encourage PD meetings for collaboration with our subject matter experts Help coordinate speakers/business leaders coming into classes

45 YFIOB - Updates Career Panel Speakers into your classroom YFIOB Seed-To-Table Luncheon is showcasing work-based learning to Business Community Ag Production, Environmental Science, Culinary, Floral Design, Graphic Design, Video Production, Digital Photography, Music Production, Web Design Roadmaps curriculum is available to integrate into your curriculum Job-Shadow experiences for selected Seniors

46 Julie Edwards – Metro ED Santa Cruz 2012 - 2013 ROP offered the new CTE credential modules Module 385B - 14 teachers/24 hrs of instruction Module 385C - 15 teachers/24 hrs of instruction Module 385D - 23 teachers/24 hrs of instruction Module 1D Test Out - 8 teachers passed Module 1D - 7 teachers/24 hrs of instruction Module 4 - 11 teachers/24 hrs of instruction

47 Julie Edwards – Work Based Learning 2012 – 2013 Total number of students enrolled: 199 including 49 adults Students with paid assignments: 14 Students with unpaid assignments: 185 Total WBL hours: 15,449 Total teachers with students in WBL: 8

48 Purpose of the Leadership Team A group that represents your interests and the interests of the program and assists management in the decision making process.

49 ROP Leadership Team Mark Hodges – ROP Director James Howes – ROP Assistant Director Linda Surrell – ROP Program Coordinator & Counselor Michele Cuartilon – ROP Department Coordinator Karen Lemon – ROP Instructor & Middle School Outreach Coordinator Heather Hutchison – Fiscal Accountant Deb Tracy – ROP Instructor & Medical Pathway Coordinator Shareen Bell – YFIOB Business Partner Luann Seaman – CTE Collaborative Cabrillo Community College Fidel Mejia – Tech Coordinator

50 Important Dates in 2013 – 2014 School Year Staff Development meeting dates: ▫October 23 rd – Technology Training ▫February 5 th – ROP Expo ▫Completed by March 28th –Subject Advisories Portfolio Showcase in May 2014 – Date TBD

51 Important Dates in 2013 – 2014 School Year Santa Cruz County Fair – September 10 th – 15 th YFIOB Luncheon – October 11 th 11:45 AM – 1:30 PM ▫Twin lakes Monschke Hall Cabrillo College Career Night – Monday, November 4 th

52 Counselor Site Meetings Pajaro Valley High School – Sheri Williams – Watsonville High School – Lora Hunter Aptos High School – Julie Edwards Renaissance High School – Joel Amrani/ Watsonville Community School – Lori Davenport Signs Requested from Laurie for the Tech Center for South County For North County – to TBD we are restricted to the common area and classroom.

53 Thank you & Have a Great Year!

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