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Welcome to Human Services Delivery Rich Young, MS.

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1 Welcome to Human Services Delivery Rich Young, MS

2 Let’s Talk Three words that would describe my week would be… One thing interesting about myself is… What I like to explore is… What types of “evaluations” have you participated in?

3 The Scientific Method Week 1’s reading focused on the nature of scientific research. Define in your own words, what Scientific Method is all about as it relates to evaluative research.

4 The Scientific Method Reginald York says, “Science is a method of acquiring knowledge through the logical analysis of observations guided by theory”.

5 Common Sense Principles 1.Evaluation Uses a Process of Discovery, not Justification. What is Discovery?

6 2.Don’t Reinvent the Wheel! What would be an example of this? Common Sense Principles

7 3. Don’t Put the Cart Before the Horse! What should the horse be? What is the cart?

8 Common Sense Principles 4.Two Heads are Better than One! How would you implement this priniciple?

9 Common Sense Principles 5. Some Things Just Happen by Chance! Take a moment: Share an example of this principle.

10 Common Sense Principles 6.When We Wear the Research Hat, We must be Very Cautious in Our Conclusions. Can you think of a time when you made a premature conclusion. What was the consequence?

11 Common Sense Principles Which of the these principles do you think that you are the most likely to violate? What would be your strategy to implement the principle in your evaluation process?

12 Four Purposes of Research Evaluative Descriptive Explanatory Exploratory

13 Two Processes of Inquiry Deductive – Theory first – make observations to test theory. Inductive – Observations first – general principles, theories, or hypotheses are derived from the observations.

14 4 Methods of Info Gathering Surveys Interviews Direct Observations Documents

15 We are finished for tonight… Have fun… we have only just begun!

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