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Asian Internet Bible Institute Presentation for the Encarnacio Network Conference.

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1 Asian Internet Bible Institute Presentation for the Encarnacio Network Conference

2 Who Am I ? John Edmiston – bible-teacher and cybermissionary. President of the Asian Internet Bible Institute. Married to Minda, a botanist from the Philippines. Australian, just spent 3 years in Manila, now live in LA, spend lots of time in Asia. Have interests in Urban Missions, Globalization, Christian Politics and issues in Science and Technology. Now officially with the Assemblies of God in Southern California.

3 Quick Overview 1.Online bible and theological training – 2.Internet cafes among unreached people groups – self-funding mission bases. 3.Web Portal for Holistic Ministry (under development) 4.Cybermissions – using the Internet for evangelism, discipleship and missions.

4 Online Training Vision is to enable pastors in urban areas to access free / low cost online bible and ministry training via the Internet. Can remain in their ministry context. AIBI mainly reaches “new generation” pastors and Christian business men who are the “movers and shakers” in their communities. The numerous icafes in Asia provide a ready venue for delivery of materials. Ebooks can be hundreds of pages long and download in just 5 minutes on a dial-up connection.

5 Online Training 2 Harvestime Church-Planting materials – 21 modules, TEE format, over 100,000 graduates (from Harvestime Institute) in 50 countries. In English, Spanish and Thai, Tagalog under translation. 18 short courses on topics such as Globalization, Urban Ministry, Christian Sexuality, Prayer, Post- Denominationalism Find online at

6 Internet Cafes Icafes of 21 donated recycled computers. 3 –5 workers per icafe supported by revenue. Icafe placed in a UPG as a small business. Friendship evangelism and community work Helps bridge the digital divide. Ideal for urban communities around the 20,000 to 150,000 mark that need connection to cyberspace.

7 Internet Cafes 2 Can double as a student center or distance learning venue. Use Linux on server/firewall to reduce attacks, client machines run Windows. Requires strong entrepreneurial leadership, plus a good technician and also someone focused on ministry to the UPG. Has operated successfully in a few different nations and cultures. See or

8 Holistic Ministry Web Portal Designed to help local churches deliver practical holistic ministry to their local communities. Centralizes “best practice” models so they do not have to reinvent the wheel. Knowledge, Best Practice, Practical How To, Connections Will work in combination with WEA Global Connect, WIN International, AIBI and Pangea Foundation among others. Still in design stage, hope to have a prototype in operation by December

9 Cybermissions The intentional use of computers and the Internet to facilitate the Great Commission. Internet Evangelism – working with TWR – NEA to reach China’s 80 million Internet users with the gospel. Designing Internet based follow-up for other radio ministries. Creating specialized online discussion groups for people reaching UPGs. Online counselling and discipleship

10 Cybermissions 2 Run a 12-week online course in Cybermissions. Cybermissions can reach “closed” countries for Jesus. Web based, email, chat rooms, forums, discussion boards, egroups etc. Online-offline synergies can increase effectiveness. Tends to reach community leaders who can then reach others. Need both techie types and ministry types. See

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