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ULTra PRT for Niches Steve Raney, ATS ULTra North Am Former IBM Rochester employee.

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1 ULTra PRT for Niches Steve Raney, ATS ULTra North Am Former IBM Rochester employee

2 Outline “Semi vendor neutral” –competitive procurement ULTra & ATS overview London Heathrow Airport Application thoughts: Edina + Ford Plant Details: –Urban design considerations –Stakeholder input / visual impact –Cost per mile: $7M to $15M –Safety certification –Procurement Questions.

3 30+ PRT companies & technologies 2getthere EV - Masdar Vectus – Suncheon MOU Skyweb Express - Fridley Skytrans - suspended Auto/EV tech. ULTra the best or just right place, right time?

4 Open Guideway (ULTra) 2getthere Electric battery Captive Bogey: * Vectus – LIM guideway * Skyweb Express – 3 rd rail, LIM Suspended: Mister, JPods 30+ vendors & technologies

5 3 Minute Video with Audio - 208MB, high resolution t2M&eurl t2M&eurl questions.

6 1995 Founded, University of Bristol 1999 UK Dept of Trade: Grant to build prototype 2000 Winner UK DOT Innovation Competition 2002 Test track launch. Deputy Mayor for Environment 2002 European Union: EDICT PRT study 2003 First safety clearance - UK Rail Inspectorate 2003 BAA transport study: PRT bests APM and bus 2005 ULTra wins BAA PRT vendor competition 2005 BAA invests in ATS ULTra 2010 Spring: revenue service ULTra: Milestones

7 Jan 2002: Cardiff Test Track 1 km Figure 8 track 1 station 4 Test Vehicles Supported by UK Dept for Transport UK Dept for Trade and Industry European Commission Cardiff County Council

8 ATS – The Company Development funded by $15M investment & $15M contract revenues Based in the UK with 45 employees, 18 long-term contract staff, a US subsidiary and a joint venture in the Middle East Founder Martin Lowson, rocket scientist –Apollo Space Program’s Saturn Rocket, staff of 50 –Chief Scientist of Westland Helicopters –Rotor system (patent-holder) for Lynx and EH101 helicopters. Absolute world speed record for helicopters –Fellow: Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Aeronautical Society, and American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics COO Phil Smith –Mng Dir, Manchester LRT (privatized) –22 miles, 37 stations, 19M ppa.

9 ULTra London Heathrow Term. 5 BAA: privatized, owns LHR + 6 airports + 65% Naples –US retail contracts: Baltimore, Logan, Pittsburg –Grupo Ferrovial acquired for $20B 2 year transport study: –low emissions, space efficient –high level of service, value –Bus & APM lost –Flexible: Reinvent LHR while operating –“PRT: only practical soln: 60% travel time savings, 40% operating cost savings” –Small starter system, then expand Held PRT competition: ULTra won => negotiation –Due diligence: workshops, 100 pages of Q&A BAA took equity interest in ATS ULTra.

10 LHR Terminal 5 N Parking to T5 2.2 mi of track 18 vehicles 300,000 pax pa Opens Spring 2010 T5: 10 th largest “airport”

11 2 Business T5 parking Stations

12 Heathrow: Future Phases

13 Lessons Learned Proven technologies 5 sets of control system hardware –Magnets  Laser sensing: Lexus cruise LIDAR Fast, low-impact construction –Didn’t have to move any underground utilities –Guideway: 1km per week Safety certification process –Integrate safety-consciousness throughout the process, not as a walled-off task Questions.

14 Minneapolis I494 Corridor 90%+ solo commutes. 2 nd biggest job center.

15 Southdale Area Dense, mixed-use Hospital, 3.2K jobs Tall apts/condos

16 1.4M+ s.f. mall, 4K jobs, 41K visitors Arterials, stop lights, pedestrian-hostile Surface parking – the new frontier Office towers (3K, 1.5K jobs).

17 Suburban Oasis Centennial Lakes Park Walking, skating, concerts, open space

18 Edina PRT Circulator 6 mi, 15 stn, $45M - $90M Southdale, Galleria: more competitive Economic development Transform edge city to TOD Feed bus Expand to South of 494 Q’s.

19 Ford Plant New Town – 124 acres Sc. #5: Trans Village 4K+ res/workers + retail Connect to Hia. LRT 5 stations, 3 mi $1B real-estate, $40M PRT Will accelerate devt TOD land value $.

20 Car-free zone / PRT pedestrian mall (urban design)

21 Residents: PRT Grocery Shopping Hook N Go: 2 car family: –1 car –PRT: errands –Carsharing Qs.

22 Design: “Challenge Spots” 65’ crossing, leaf raised 3X/yr to 120’ Along the berm & come back up Can always solve.

23 MN Weather – Snow & Ice Skyweb Express famous for all- weather design ATS full grid GRP for “open guideway” PRT –vs. Morgantown People Mover radiant heated guideway to melt snow.

24 Stake holder input: (Muller)

25 Guideway Visual Impact "No respondent felt that the vehicle appearance was poor, indeed the majority thought the vehicles would look excellent. The visual appearance of the elevated structure was regarded generally as good, with 40.4% rating it excellent. It is especially noteworthy that the response to the elevated track gave a notably positive response, with no definitely negative responses and only 2.6% feeling that it could be difficult.“ (Bristol, Cardiff) Qs.

26 $7M - $15M Cost per mile (2012) Cost function = f { –System size (larger is cheaper because of fixed costs) –Station Density (more stations/mile => higher cost) –Peak hour trip demand (more demand => more vehicles) –Guideway: Elevated At-grade Tunnel Culvert Cantilever Bi-directional Seismic requirements “Curviness” –Stations: “fancy” costs more –Vehicle customizations. –Desired average passenger wait time (shorter wait => more vehicles) }.

27 Safety Certification: ATS version Automated transit: 100X safer than driving & at-grade transit US CFR 659 / ASCE APM Standards –City/customer forms a RTA (rail transit authority). Vendor makes safety case. RTA approves –MSP Airport people movers –BAA & ATS on the ASCE committee 361 ULTra hazard cases –Earthquake, truck crashes into column, falling debris, fire, bad people, extreme weather, vehicle fails on guideway, slipping on stairs, etc..

28 Strategy, Procurement If two or more cities are pitted against each other to win first PRT, that helps negotiations All vendors will provide 75%+ MN content by making the guideway and stations in MN.

29 Funding Ideas When “something has to be done” – least worst Instead of parking structure, PRT Land Value Capture – Robert Cervero TOD study –100% office land gain, 25% residential land gain New building transportation impact fees Property Based Improvement District (PBID) –Emeryville, CA: Emery-Go-Round bus: $2M/yr PBID –Perimeter Center (Atlanta) Community Improvement District Orange County, CA “GoLocal” transit sales tax: –Commuter rail “premium circulator” Increased revenue to LRT/commuter rail/bus Federal FTA “Small Starts” Federal earmark PPP/concession: de-risk capital cost.

30 THANK YOU Come visit us at Heathrow –Obtain customer perspective from BAA.. Laura Stuchinsky, San Jose

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