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Service Redesign A Team Effort ! CPPC Study Day September 2009 Irene Pullar.

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1 Service Redesign A Team Effort ! CPPC Study Day September 2009 Irene Pullar

2 The Team ? or

3 The Continence Team (In no particular order!) Continence Nurses/advisors Continence Physiotherapists GP’s Urologists Urogynaecologists District Nurses Midwives Colorectal Surgeons Physiologists Carers Any appropriately trained health care professional Managers/Budget holders And last but not least ››››››

4 The patient !

5 Service Redesign Service Design is the activity of planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a service, in order to improve its quality, the interaction between the NHS as service provider and patients and the patient's experience

6 Service Redesign How do we know our service need changed? Think and ask anyone in the ‘Team’ and remember to include Yourself!

7 Why does it need changed? New guidelines -Local or National Departmental changes Patient choices You

8 Why does it need changed? Waiting lists DNA rates National Government ‘Drives’ -18 weeks pathway

9 What needs changed? Clinic times ? Patient information ? Waiting times? DNA rates? Staffing ? Training ? Attitudes ?

10 Have the same changes been done elsewhere? Ask other areas Google it iCSP Clinical Governance Dept Modernisation team Don’t reinvent the wheel

11 How do we change it? Ask the ‘Team’ Get evidence – Local /National Guidelines Get help – Colleagues,Clinical Interest groups Modernisation Team Audit department Clinical Governance (local or national)

12 Clinical Governance

13 PDSA Cycle Plan Do Study Act Small pilot Review Any further changes Then implement Review ……

14 PDSA Improvement Model Cycle 1Cycle 3Cycle 2 What are we trying to accomplish? How will we know that a change is an improvement? What changes can we make that will result in an improvement?

15 Does it need funding? Small changes may not need funding Local NHS Intranet – source local or national initiatives. Fit your project to their project Modernisation Teams

16 Funding? Drug companies. Local University/Medical school-lists of bursaries/awards. ACPWH/CSP- Lists of bursaries/awards Local charities

17 How do we know that our change is an improvement? Audit it but Get Help and use your trust’s audit/clinical governance department. Simple patient/Staff questionnaire QOL scores Validated outcome tools. Touch screen waiting room Questionnaires

18 Go for it! Think positive Jot down ideas Go for small projects first Try to fit your ideas to any ‘directives’

19 Go for it If you don’t ask you don’t get! Don’t give up at the first hurdle. Persevere, if you don’t succeed try again or somewhere else Use the NHS Clinical governance/audit departments

20 Useful websites urces/core-improvement-tools/overview-to-core-improvement- tools.gp urces/core-improvement-tools/overview-to-core-improvement- Your NHS Intranet n/UrinaryContinenceService.jsp n/UrinaryContinenceService.jsp ce_improvement_tools&Itemid=551.html

21 Useful websites -Do-Study-Act+(PDSA)+Worksheet.htm -Do-Study-Act+(PDSA)+Worksheet.htm


23 Any Questions? Or Have I confused you enough!

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