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Rob Raskin NASA/Jet Propulsion Lab

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1 Rob Raskin NASA/Jet Propulsion Lab

2  Produce a set of ontologies to improve search and usage of NASA Earth system science observational data

3  Observation  Instrument or model  Parameter observed (may be multi-valued)  Location  Time  Data parameters

4  Faceted (normalized) concepts  Physical Property (temperature, pressure, …)  Substance (air, water, CO2, …)  Earth Realm (troposphere, sea surface, tundra, …)  Living Thing (leaf, human, …)  Process (absorption, diffusion, …)  Space (Equator, northward, …)  Time  Integrative  Phenomena (event with space/time extent)  Human Activities (carbon emissions, …)

5  Units  Quality  Scale/offset  Special values  Interpretations of ice, sea, clouds, …  Range  For color bar  For valid values

6  Ontology-aided search  Enables results without exact keyword match  Any tools built upon OWL

7  collaborative ontology development site to encourage best practices  Identify dependencies across ontologies and provide RSS feed for notification of changes  Don’t reinvent the wheel: All concepts have a characteristic level of abstraction - general concepts should be reused from general ontologies, only specialized concepts need appear in specialized ontologies.  Establish consistent usage of OWL  Enable easy comparison of existing ontologies  Establish SWEET as an upper-level Earth science ontology

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