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Global Conference: Modernizing Civil Service – Increasing the Efficiency for Sustainable Development Deniz Susar Division for Public Administration.

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1 Global Conference: Modernizing Civil Service – Increasing the Efficiency for Sustainable Development Deniz Susar ( Division for Public Administration and Development Management (DPADM) United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) 22 May 2013 Astana Economic Forum Astana, Kazakhstan

2 Innovation & Technology Development Goals  Efficient, effective, transparent, accountable, clean and citizen- centered public administration through Innovation & Technology to achieve Development Goals 2

3 3 Future Government = Citizen-centric + Agile + Innovative + Inclusive + Open, Transparent and Accountable + Connected Advancing Public Governance for the Future Electronic and Mobile Government Institutional and Human Resource Development Citizen Engagement in Managing Development Open Government Data (OGD) and Services Our Thematic Areas

4 Committee of Experts on Public Administration  The Committee of Experts on Public Administration (CEPA) comprised of 24 members who meet annually at UN Headquarters, is responsible for supporting the work of ECOSOC concerning the promotion and development of public administration and governance among Member States, in connection with the UN Millennium Development Goals.  4

5  The UN General Assembly has designated June 23rd as UN Public Service Day to “celebrate the value and virtue of service to the community”. On this day, the UN Public Service Awards are presented by DPADM for contributions made towards enhancing the role and visibility of public service. 5 UN Public Service Day and Service Awards

6 Compendiums of Good Practices

7 Kazakhstan UNPSA Nominations

8  The UN E-Government Survey assesses the e-government readiness of the 193 Member States of the UN according to a quantitative composite index of e-readiness based on website assessment, telecommunication infrastructure, and human resource endowment. ICTs can help reinvent government in such a way that existing institutional arrangements can be restructured and new innovative arrangements can flourish, paving the way for a transformed government. 8 UN E-Government Survey

9 Kazakhstan E-Gov Stats 2012 E-Government Ranking: 38 out of 190

10 UNPAN is a global network that connects Relevant international, regional, sub- regional and national institutions worldwide for the promotion of better public administration Mandates: General Assembly Resolution A/RES/50/225A/RES/50/225

11 11 UNPAN Partners

12 12 UNPAN Workshops/Meetings  7 th UNPAN Workshop on Next Stage in Open Government Data: Using Data for Transparency, Accountability and Collaboration – 10-12 October 2012 (Cape Town, South Africa)  6 th UNPAN Workshop on Harnessing Knowledge Management through Web 2.0 Tools- 25-27 September 2010 (Shanghai, China)  5 th UNPAN Training on e-Knowledge Management- 23-26 October 2007 (Seoul, Republic of Korea)  UNPAN e-Information Training for the New Members- 1 February 2007 (Not Available)  4 th UNPAN Training on e-Information Management- 22-25 September 2003 (Halkidiki, Greece)  Training Mission on e-Information Management for UNPAN-ORC-OFPA/IDEP- 1 October 2002 (Dakar, Senegal)  3 rd UNPAN Training on Online Database- 13-15 June 2002 (Shanghai, China)  2 nd UNPAN Training on e-Information Management- 16-20 July 2001 ( Dakar, Senegal)  1 st UNPAN e-Information Training- 27-28 November 2000 (UNHQ, New York)

13 South Africa 2012 Next Stage in Open Government Data: Using Data for Transparency, Accountability and Collaboration

14 UNPAN Website Traffic 20112012 Hits61,142,274109,030,727 Views39,088,15789,456,303 Visits5,589,7745,484,560 Visitors2,459,4112,694,228

15 UNPAN Online Training Centre

16 Courses  Principles of E-Government (DPADM)  Infrastructure for E-Government Development (DPADM)  Strategies and Methodologies for E-Government (DPADM)  E-Government Interoperability (UNDP)  Decentralized Governance (IDEP)  Human Resources Managers Capacity Development (DPADM)  Gestión Presupuestaria Basada en Resultados (DPADM)  La Calidad en las Organizaciones Públicas (DPADM)  Knowledge Management in Government Organization (RCOCI)  Strategic Intelligence (DPADM & University of Maryland)  Citizen Engagement and the Millennium Development Goals (RCOCI)  Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation for MDG Implementation (EROPA)

17 Collaboration on Course Development

18 Top 10 Countries* (according to learners’ origin) 1 – India 6 – Brazil 2 – Pakistan7 – United States 3 – Nigeria8 – Jordan 4 – Ghana 9 – Kenya 5 – Uganda 10 – South Africa * Based in the OTC Report 2010-2013

19 OTC Certificates

20 Who are our users?

21 UNPAN Users Profile Areas of Interest: 22% Human Resource Management and Development 21% Public Policy Development 20% Technology and Innovation in Public Administration 16% Institutional Development in the Public Sector 11% Other 10% Finance and Budgeting in Public Administration UNPAN Products & Services of Interest: 27% E-Learning on Public Administration 19% Events – Conferences and Training 16% Directories – Contacts and Resources 16% Library – Documents and Publications 16% Public Administration News 6% Other Geographical Areas of Focus: 29% Global 23% Asia and the Pacific 21% Africa 12% Europe 8% Arab States 7% Latin America and the Caribbean Gender: 71% Male 29% Female Occupation: 42% Other Profession 18% Civil Servant 17% NGO Representative 16% Student 7% Academic Staff Organization: 27% Private Sector 26% Government 20% NGO 13% Academic Institution 13% International Organization 1% Regional Organization Source: UNPAN Website Feedback Analysis - March 2010 – April 2013

22 UNPAN is also in Social Media

23 How to become UNPAN Partner?

24 24 Partner Guidelines  Outlines agreed upon No to Low Activity Policy – If there is no activity for 3 months, partner will be notified and a 3 month probation period will start. – If there is no activity during the probation period, partnership will be reconsidered.  Defines content types Partners can contribute  Provides a guide for content contribution

25 25 How UNPAN can help to respond to the challenges

26 26 Participating in an unique worldwide network; Learning from other members of the network (North-South & South-South); Making your organization and its products and services more visible through the more powerful vehicle; When you share your knowledge via UNPAN, you are:

27 27 Enhancing KM capacities via UNPAN IT tools; Being highly recognized and appreciated by the UN GA,ECOSOC and the worldwide public users. When you share your knowledge via UNPAN, you are:

28 28 Way forward

29 Web Evolution Web 2.0: Person to Person through Social Media Web 3.0: Data to Data with Linked Data Web 1.0: Webpage to Webpage with Hyperlinks

30 Approaching Web 3.0  Age of Big Data: in explosion in the quantity and diversity of high frequency digital/machine-readable data 30


32 Big Data – Some Features  Digitally Generated – as opposed to being digitized manually  Passively Produced – by a product of our daily lives  Automatically Collected – by a system  Geographically or Temporally Trackable – mobile phone location data or call duration time  Continuously Analyzed – information relevant to human well-being and development and can be analysed in real time 32

33 Tell me who your friends are… …and I will tell you who you are!

34 Reflection of Big Data in Public Sector is Open Government Data “How many Ministers in the world are Female with Masters Degree and under 50 years old?”


36 36 Our Work on Open Government Data

37 Thank you

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