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Regional Meetings Building Your Meeting Structure One Block At A Time.

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2 Regional Meetings Building Your Meeting Structure One Block At A Time

3 American Chemical Society 2 Organizing Committee Should include: General Chair Program Chair(s) Treasurer Arrangements/Logistics Chair Publicity Chair Awards Chair Webmaster Exhibits Chair Fundraising Chair

4 American Chemical Society 3 Committee Meetings  To begin one year prior to the meeting, with the first visit at the meeting site.  Once monthly at year out with an increase of frequency per month.  Regular conference calls with meeting planning partner beginning one year out. Frequency to increase as you get closer to the meeting.  As often as needed in those final weeks

5 American Chemical Society 4 Your Meeting Planning Partner Your MPP will: Prepare the Request For Proposals (RFP). Establish a relationship with the local Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB). Assist with review of proposals and site selection (Site Visit). Review contracts with host facility. Create a working timeline for meeting preparation. Live your contract with you – serve as the key contact, in conjunction with your local arrangements chair and the hotel representative for all logistical arrangements. Assist with audio visual and poster board needs/availability.

6 American Chemical Society 5 Use of Contracted Space  Consider appropriate room set ups - classroom for workshops, theatre for sessions, etc.  Obstructions in room & impact on seating  Keep room turns to a minimum  Assign specific room for meal events  Posters, exhibits and breaks in central area

7 American Chemical Society 6 Theater Style

8 American Chemical Society 7 Schoolroom/Classroom Style

9 American Chemical Society 8 Food & Beverage  Be aware of F&B minimum in contract  When determining a ticket price, it’s important to price out each menu item to determine the exact cost including menu stated tax and service charge.  Round the ticket price up to nearest $5.  Solicit sponsors for receptions, mixers, and coffee breaks to offset costs.

10 American Chemical Society 9 Special Events & Tours  Opening Reception  Awards luncheon or dinner  Women Chemists/Diversity/Younger Chemists or other specialty luncheon/event  Box Lunch with exhibits/poster session  Special event (breakfast, box lunch, ice cream social) with governance members in attendance  Coffee breaks  Off site events  Tours

11 American Chemical Society 10 Countdown to the Meeting Materials for Program Book Function Agenda Banquet Event Orders (BEOs) Pre Con Meeting Shipping of Meeting Materials Coordination of On-Site Volunteers

12 American Chemical Society 11 Meeting Arrangements Your ACS Meeting Planning Partner (MPP) will help with all of your meeting arrangements No need to reinvent the wheel for each meeting - standard forms and procedures Take advantage of your MPP Prepare for the unexpected When you least expect it EXPECT IT!

13 American Chemical Society 12 Awards Process  Awards chair/Committee  Nomination forms  CHED High School Teacher Award  E. Ann Nalley Volunteer Award  Regional Industrial Innovation Award  Stan Israel Diversity Award

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