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NAEHCY 2006 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach Virtual Handout.

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2 NAEHCY 2006 Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach Virtual Handout

3 A Wise Man Once Said… That what you are in life has not so much to do with what you have accomplished, but the obstacles you overcame in doing so.

4 Not your typical… Teacher of the Year

5 My Childhood

6 You may very well be the ONLY significant adult relationship that child ever experiences. Make it count!

7 What children need is for someone to tell them it doesn’t matter what their circumstance is or who their parents are— what matters most is where they are going now and the specifics of how to succeed.

8 Self-Fulfilling Prophecy- Our words and expectations are more powerful than we realize. Choose them carefully. Use them to Empower!

9 They need to know… It is possible to breakout of generational poverty It is possible to break the abusive parent cycle It is possible to reinvent yourself and never look back.

10 Turning Point in My Life- Enrolled in College Moral Compass Significant Relationship with Specific Praise

11 Educators need to view the classroom through the eyes of a child or youth who is hungry, tired, crying out for love, support and stability.

12 “If you came to Cooke to make a difference, I want to welcome you. But with these kids, you won’t make a difference; you’ll be the difference.”

13 Whether you realize it or not…someone has chosen you as a role model and there is nothing you can do about it. Everyday, you are imparting more of who you are than what you know. You are a living textbook. Become the example you want your students or clients to emulate.

14 Key Concepts for Homeless Children and Their Parents Moral Warehouse Othermindedness and Self-government Build/Repair self-esteem - Blossoming

15 Examine Expose Expect Emotion Endear How to Blossom

16 Homeless parents are often at-risk kids grown-up. It is much easier to build children– than to repair adults. But it can be done.

17 The real problem is how we treat the kids and how we limit ourselves in coming up with creative approaches to helping them succeed. You are fabulously creative! Celebrate with me the opportunities these precious children bring into our lives.

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