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Raising achievement in Geography Adding value with GIS Dave Hassell, Associate Director, Becta.

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1 Raising achievement in Geography Adding value with GIS Dave Hassell, Associate Director, Becta

2 Adding value to geography ICT must add value - it can offer  a safe non-threatening environment  access to resources /data /information  a way of making difficult ideas more concrete  options for encouraging analytical and divergent thinking  opportunities for extending communication - between people and of ideas

3 Why now? or Why at all?  The use of ICT and GIS in society  The changing climate for ICT KS3 vs subject activity  Technological development –NGfL and Curriculum Online –increasing quality of equipment –more appropriate software –access to data, both map and other attribute data e.g. statistics  The change in expectations for higher order skills

4 Geography and GIS Fundamentally about spatial relationships GIS can  help students question and understand data  enable multiple interrogation of complex data  illustrate difficult abstract concepts in a dynamic visual way  use 3D representations  provide opportunities for modelling and decision-making

5 GIS approaches  Mapping information  Searching and analysing spatial data –Internet based mapping –Integrated GIS functionality  Field or project work –Full GIS software –GPS Examples  Safe journeys to school  Enquiries using existing data  Locational and planning issues  Fieldwork analysis

6 Simple mapping


8 Web- based systems





13 Integrated systems Riverside Explorer

14 Thematic mapping

15 Project work


17 SWGfL

18 GIS on legs GPS (maybe with computer/PDA) can be used to  change perspective of the landscape –A - to relate data/information to reality –B - to analyse relationships  record information  develop a view of a landscape  ensure people know where they are

19 GPS & Route Mapping

20 PDA GPS and mapping

21 Evaluating ICT activities  Non trivial and enhancing  Effective means of delivering outcomes  Efficient use of time  Opportunities for evaluation and reflection  Learning in ICT & Geography

22 There are issues  Cost of packages  Finding appropriate software  Access to relevant data –the whole range, map and other data  Access to digital data and copyright issues  Training for users  The need to share practice so we do not all reinvent the wheel

23 The future Imagine a device with GPS  rugged e.g. waterproof  appropriate software  linked seamlessly to computers at school  a wide range of data - all sorts  wireless connectivity  telephone  possibly other data capture –camera –temperature –data logging

24 ICT is integral to Geography

25 The challenges for education  What role does the use of ICT in society have for schools? and how is it integrated?  Finding a realistic place for GIS in the curriculum  Effective links in examination subjects  Raising awareness in the profession  Providing access to good practice and disseminating it  What do you need to do to make a difference?

26 What should you do  DON’T re-invent the wheel!  Using existing ideas –LEAs, e.g. Staffordshire –Becta and QCA –OS, etc.  Share what you find works –GA publications –LEA/RBC communities –Teacher Resource Exchange

27 Contact details Becta Millburn Hill Road Science Park Coventry CV4 7JJ Telephone: +44 (0)24 7641 6994 Facsimile: +44 (0)24 7641 1418 Email: Becta ICT Advice TRE GIS QCA/Becta case studies

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