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Electronic Health Records Workshop Feedback and Key Findings.

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1 Electronic Health Records Workshop Feedback and Key Findings

2 AIDS Funding Bush signs bill to triple AIDS funding By KATHARINE EUPHRAT – 2 hours ago WASHINGTON (AP) — President Bush signed legislation Wednesday that triples U.S. funding to fight AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis around the world. The five-year, $48 billion plan renews a program credited with saving millions of lives in Africa alone and is widely seen as one of the major achievements of the Bush presidency. Bush said the program, launched by him in 2003, "is the largest commitment by any nation to combat a single disease in human history."

3 Refined Deliverables Determine the characteristics of patient level health record systems that work well in resource-poor environments and the key factors for success in an electronic environment (e.g., hardware, software, usability, interoperability, user readiness/training and the cultural environment...). Recommend the appropriate use of data exchange standards and collaborative design strategies for EHR systems in developing countries. Create a plan for supporting the communities to develop components of an integrated health information system, including EMR, laboratory, pharmacy, patient registration and scheduling, radiology and management reporting systems with a vision towards a national health information system architecture. Define the elements of a tool kit for eHealth solutions, including assessment, stakeholder engagement, design, implementation, evaluation, etc...

4 Working Groups Groups 1 & 2 - Factors for Success Group 3 - Communities Group 4 - Implementation Tools

5 Findings: Factors for Success Functional Components (eg patient registry) Characteristics of Good Systems (eg starting with patient-level data) Pearls (eg Don't reinvent the wheel -- look for existing solutions ) Getting Started in eHealth (eg Don't reinvent the wheel; look for existing solutions) Take Homes (eg Sustainability and data quality depend on rapid feedback -- returning data to providers)

6 Working Group 2 - Findings We-Can (World eHealth Collaborative Action Network) Collaboration of Collaborations Secretariat vs NGOs

7 Collaborative Networks Paul Slide We Can Capa city Can Polic y Can Tech nolo gy Can

8 Working Group 3 - Spreadsheet Get from Tim

9 Key Messages from the EHR Track We-Can Do It – We Can – Collaborations – Do It – Reference implementations

10 Working Group 3 - Findings

11 Synthesis with Weeks 1 and 2 Architecture and framework – Supports framework strategy for integrated e- Health systems – Required to deliver interoperability – Features in PHI and Interoperability Reference implementation Collaborative networks (addresses the capacity development and – Learning networks – E-learning

12 Notable Conference Developments Framework strategy for integrated eHealth systems (initial focus in Africa) Draft resolution on governments and interoperability HINARI-like platform for free standards initiative Action steps reported and discussed at meeting of high level influencers

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