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Strat Plan Smackdown Presenters: Kevin Hohnbaum, Oregon AMA Hilarie M Joseph, Cincinnati AMA.

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1 Strat Plan Smackdown Presenters: Kevin Hohnbaum, Oregon AMA Hilarie M Joseph, Cincinnati AMA

2 Our Agenda Introductions & Overview Strategic Planning Basics Plan Components Examples and Tools Planning to Win!

3 Develop chapters for long-term strength and sustainability Have a strong, unified vision for their chapter Do not reinvent the wheel Are planners, trackers, and measurers Treat the chapter as a business Great AMA Leaders… Why Strategic Planning?

4 Strategic Plan Components Vision / Mission Situation Analysis Goals and Objectives Strategies and Tactics Key Milestones and Measurement Budget

5 Vision Vision Statement: High-level statement encompassing the philosophy, goal and long- term position of the chapter. Vision Example: “…that all marketers in the community will have access to education, information and communication resources to help make the community a better place to learn, live, grow, and prosper”

6 Mission Mission Statement: Specific articulation of the vision and how the vision will be implemented day-to-day Mission Example: “…to provide a professional marketing network for the community, providing marketers access to education, information and communication resources, promoting marketing excellence and enhancing...”

7 Situation Analysis (SWOT) Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats What works well? What needs work? What are the gaps? How are we unique? Who do we serve? How are we viewed?

8 Goals and Objectives Two Types: Financial Strategic Purpose of Setting Objectives: Convert mission into performance targets Create KPIs to track progress Build accountability into the plan Stated and Stretch Goals

9 SMART Objectives S pecific Clearly defined goals and methods M easurable Defined as quantitative or numerical A chievable Humanly possible – and you have the right resources R elevant Meets needs of your audience; not a “nice-to-have” T ime-bound Set deadlines

10 Strategies and Tactics Strategy Example: To grow membership by increasing diversity in the chapter Related Tactic Example: Create programming to support the interests of the local Hispanic market ‘Hope’ is not a strategy!

11 Key Milestones & Measurement “You can’t manage what you don’t measure!” Measurement Examples: Increased Membership # of new members % growth in new members Member Retention Quality Programming # of programs held # of attendees Members/non-members Event satisfaction scores

12 Strat Plan Smackdown Medium-size chapters Presenter: Hilarie M Joseph Cincinnati AMA

13 Our Process How/when you begin your planning? At Leadership Summit, then June Retreat Who’s involved, how are they involved? All board members involved; they write their committee section How is accountability assigned? Specific goals per committee, reviewed at board mtg and within scorecard How do you measure? What are the tools? Results shown on monthly scorecard and financial report

14 Why this plan worked for Cincinnati AMA Identified chapter theme, mission, vision Discussed chapter specific challenges and opportunities Stated key goals Included committee goals and tactics

15 How we used it Road map for the year Shared with all board members Key goals listed on every board mtg agenda Revisited mid-year

16 Suggestions / Lessons Learned Review with board as a group once it is all compiled Consistent format for each committee section Repeat key goals at each board mtg

17 The Game Begins Now! Chapter Plans and Budgets are due August 2, 2010. –Submit through Yahoo! Groups –Your PCC Representative is there to help Use your board retreat to build plan/assign accountability. DON’T Reinvent the Wheel; DO try something new. Use the Details & Planning Tools Guidelines to start. Changes to your Plan during the year? No problem. Just let the Professional Chapters Manager know.

18 Your Assignment Today Pick three initiatives (goals) you would like to see your chapter develop. Write them down and include: –Link back to Vision and Mission –Strategies and Tactics to support –‘Outside the Box’ thinking Reference the Details & Planning Tools document and sample chapter plans provided

19 More Million-dollar Questions? Contact us: Kevin Hohnbaum Hilarie M Joseph 503-949-8222 513-367-3101

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