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WHEEL OF LIFE Improve your life-work satisfaction.

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1 WHEEL OF LIFE Improve your life-work satisfaction

2 GETTING STARTED Every journey needs a starting point. Now you can identify yours, create a compelling vision, set some goals and move into action! Ready to begin?


4 HOW IT WORKS The wheel represents 8 aspects of your life competing for your time and attention. The outside circle represents the most satisfied you can be/the BEST. The centre of the wheel represents totally dissatisfied or unsatisfactory. Take a look at the wheel of life and get a feel for it. Then check out the sample.


6 STEP ONE Assess your satisfaction level in each of the 8 aspects of the Wheel of Life:  Financial  Mental/Intellectual  Friends & Family  Personal Development/Recreation  Work/Career  Physical Wellbeing/Health  Emotional/Relationships  Environment/Community

7 STEP BY STEP To complete the assessment, review the questions for each aspect on the following slides and follow these simple instructions: Accepting 10, at the outside circle (as the most satisfied/peak performance possible) and 0 at the centre of the wheel (totally dissatisfied/unsatisfactory) determine your level of satisfaction in each of the 8 aspects on your Wheel of Life and mark it on the corresponding spoke.

8 QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF Financial How healthy are your finances? Are you managing your spending? How long could your cash reserves support you?

9 Mental/Intellectual: Do you feel stimulated intellectually? Is your brain challenged? How effectively do you manage your attitude? Do you practice the power of positive thinking? QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF

10 Friends & Family: Do you make space and time for friends and family in your life? How do you feel about the time you spend together?

11 Personal Development & Recreation How do you have fun? What nourishes/re-energizes you? Are you making time for Self care? How aware are you of what really matters to you? How do you support your need for self expression? Do you have a sense of purpose, direction or mission? QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF

12 Work/Career: How satisfied are you with your work or career? Do you enjoy your work? Do you look forward it? What personal/lifestyle needs is your career/work fulfilling? QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF

13 Physical Wellbeing & Health: How do you feel about your physical health and wellbeing? How do you feel about the physical shape you’re in – weight, stamina, fitness? Do you pay attention to your diet, sleep habits, basic lifestyle choices? QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF

14 Emotional/Intimate Relationships: Do you feel emotionally grounded, centered? How effectively do you manage stress? How satisfied are you in your relationship(s)? Is it as enjoyable and rewarding as you want? Do you share enough time together? QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF

15 Community: How do you define community? Do you contribute to your community? Do you participate in community events/activities? Do you volunteer in areas that are important and satisfying to you? QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF

16 STEP TWO Join the dots from one spoke to the next. Now reflect: What would a ride on this wheel feel like?

17 DOES BALANCE BOOST ENERGY? It’s simple. The bigger, rounder and more balanced your wheel, the less energy it takes for you to move it – so, you have more energy available to invest in other things. Now, to recoup some of that lost energy…

18 STEP THREE Consider… How long has it taken to get yourself into your current situation? Which aspect of your Wheel of Life, if improved, would have the greatest positive impact on your overall experience?

19 STEP FOUR Relax and create the space to dream a little. If the priority aspect of your life already was at 10, what three things would be happening? 1. 2. 3.

20 STEP FIVE Consider…. What small action steps can you take toward improved performance and/or heightened level of satisfaction?

21 Commit to yourself by when you will do at least one of these actions. Create a way to hold yourself accountable. STEP SIX

22 What short-term goal can you set for yourself? Take a moment to reflect. Write it down and keep it in front of you until achieved. STEP SEVEN

23 Celebrate each and every win you achieve. STEP EIGHT

24 GETTING TRACTION Date your Wheel of Life and keep a log of the actions taken to reflect on your progress. Look for ways to improve your process.

25 A life coach is a confidential thought partner who helps you: Prepare for success Make the changes you want to see Get closer to where you want to be Accelerate your progress. WHY PARTNER WITH A COACH?

26 We can help you:  Improve your Life-Work Balance  Improve relationships, performance and productivity  Design and lead change  Reinvent yourself  Realize a dream  Become an authentic and mindful leader  Achieve your goals THE JOURNEY CONTINUES

27 THANK YOU! JULIA VON FLOTOW T: 416 686 6463

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