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National Education Grid as Knowledge Infrastructure for Education and Open Learning Proposal presented to National Knowledge Commission by K.R. Srivathsan.

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1 National Education Grid as Knowledge Infrastructure for Education and Open Learning Proposal presented to National Knowledge Commission by K.R. Srivathsan

2 About IIITM-K: IT for Social Sector, Science & Technology IT: The Technology Computers, Networks, Systems, Devices, Systems Software … ITES, SW Services BPOs, Business Solutions Transcription, Call Centers, ERP IT for Social Sector Education, Agriculture, Health, Water Resources, Trade, Environment, E-Governance,… IT in S&T, R&D Datawarehouses, Computational Sciences, Knowledge Management, CAD, CAM, Entrepreneurship

3 IIITM-K: Leader in Information Systems and Portals - Institute - Education Grid - Computational Chemistry - KISSAN - Kerala - Trivandrum City Police Portal for Community Interaction. - Virtual Univ. for Agri. Trade - Agri. Trade Facilitation More to come:  Health, Information Security Education.

4 On Technology Enhanced Learning & Teaching 1.All of our educational institutions – universities, colleges, schools to absorb effective use of TELT. 2.E-Content, Course Management, Digital Learning Resources, Scientific Databases, E-Journals and Publications, E-Discussion Forums, Advanced Computing access, multimedia, remote classrooms – as part of colleges’ educational systems. 3.Instructional processes management, learning management, teacher support systems, continuing education at all levels, just-in-time and on-demand learning needs, virtual institutions formed by collaborating institutions – all will need high tech support systems.

5 A View of ICT Requirements in Education & Research  Systems far too complex for most institutions to handle  Establish Edugrid Centers for Communities of local colleges Computational Server(s) Streaming Services E-Learning & E- Library Software, IP Library & E-Publications Management ERP & Management Scientific Portal(s) Security & Access Control Management Synchronous Interactive Classroom Environment Asynchronous Knowledge Interaction Environment Terrestrial Broadband and EDUSAT Network Regional Network

6 Malcolm Baldridge Parameters of Excellence in Education Management  Visionary Leadership  Learning-Centred Education  Organizational and personal learning  Valuing faculty, staff and partners  Agility  Focus on the future  Public responsibility and citizenship  Focus on results and creating value  Systems perspective  Education Grid will build a supportive learning ecosystem across all universities, institutions and colleges that help them achieve the above parameters.

7 Education Grid: Vision & Opportunity VISION FOR NKC?: “ Enable, Educate and Empower Every Citizen and Community through Knowledge”. “Quality Education to all Independent of Geography” The Opportunity and the need: a) Broadband fast moving in. All institutions will soon be over broadband; SWAN, Mission-2007… b) Increasing availability of open source, systems, open courseware and web-accessible resources c) Education Grid - one click away for any competent teacher, learner or institution who seeks knowledge empowerment.  Need for servicing the complex systems and tremendous capacity building in institutions and people.

8 What is an Education Grid? 1. Network supporting educational Services across colleges 2. Resource Centres in premier institutions. 3. Develop and maintain pedagogically sound refereed courseware in identified subjects. 4. Subject specific Portals as Course Knowledge and Collaboration Space. 5. Dev. & Deploy Scientific & Comp. Portals backed by PG Schools 6. Introduce an IT facilitation layer in the University/ Higher Education System.  Governed by quality management of Content, supported Learning and Teacher Training Processes.

9 Education Grid School of Education ? Teacher Educator Grids Continuing Education Student/Parent … Community Grid Science Grids Bioinformatics Comp. Chemistry Particle Physics Earth Science ……. Typical Science Grid Service such as Research Database or simulation Integrated in to the EduGrid through web services. Learning Management or LMS Grid Content Publisher Grid Campus or Enterprise Administrative Grid Education Grid as a Grid of Grids: Will NKC fund establishing such national knowledge infrastructure? Digital Library Grid Ack.: Geoffrey Fox, Indiana U

10 NPTEL over Education Grid  Under the National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning, the IITs and IISc have produced pedagogically effective/useful content in ~230+ courses.  IITs have established facilities for ongoing production of sophisticated content.  Rich open e-courseware from other sources like the MIT-OCW, OUW-UK, many leading universities of the world.  How do we deploy these content in the colleges in ways that enhance the quality of education?  EDUCATION GRID supported instructional services will help a great deal in achieving this important objective.

11 Managing Quality Educational Processes using Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching  Need to build Learning Resources and Processes that address Quality. LEAD A GRAND NATIONAL QUALITY MOVEMENT IN EDUCATION Quality Instruction By Teachers Quality Efforts by Students Quality Learning Ambience Quality Resources TE LT

12 Objectives of Quality Education  To make our graduates EMPLOYABLE.  To be PRODUCTIVE ON THE JOB and in LIFE.  To observe REAL WORLD PROBLEMS, abstract the issues and apply what they have learnt and their innate sense to solve them.  Three dimensions of Employable Graduates.  Quality Education imparts effectively all three dimensions in a balanced way. Foundations, Concepts, Contextual Skills Self-development Responsibility, Accountability Professional Competence, Maturity Quality Instruction needs teamwork and effective management

13 NKC TO PROMOTE THE GRAND NATIONAL K-INFRASTRUCTURE Regional Broadband & EDUSAT Network Communication Gateway & Resource Centre College 1 College 2 College 3 College 4 College n Resource Centre 1 E-Learning Resource Centre 2 Computational Servers Resource Centre 3 Scientific Portals National ERNET & EDUSAT Services Network Programs Coordination Centre Learners anywhere Supports all types of open learning and classroom learning.

14 Raw (HPC) Resources Middleware Databases Portal Services System Services Application Service Libraries User Services “Core” Grid Typical Grid: Needs advanced technologies and competencies (Ack.: G. Fox, IU) Application Service Re-use Application Customization IIITM-K builds such grids in open framework.

15 Universities Colleges R&D Labs Research Communities National/ International Collaborations INTERNET IIITM-K/Education Grid Gateway & Web-server IIT Madras Gateway & LAN High-end Computer Proxy User Agent Content & LMS Mini Computer Linked Software & Computation al Resources Linked Chemical / Molecular Databases Digital Library, Open Archives & E-Publications Open Learning & Continuing Education Industries EXAMPLE: COMPUTATIONAL CHEMISTRY PORTAL of IIITM-K Web Services Brokering & Authentication Services IP Secure Tunnel / Web-service

16 Ensure TELT as Facilitation Layer as K-Infrastructure for colleges Education GridFunctions Infrastructure & Administration Facilitation Layer TELT Environment Instruction planning and Evaluation Scheduling Course Processes  Today Universities must recognize TELT as part of Learning Infrastructure  Upgrade capacity of every institute / university college to absorb TELT and use it in their in house and open learning activities.

17 Educational Grid: Technology Enhanced Collaborative Learning Environment in Every Subject College Students & Teachers Mentors, Referees & Experts Course related World, Industry Content Inputs, Course specific Digital Library, Links Learning & Instructional Excellence Course Knowledge and Collaboration Space

18 Education Grid: Distributed Information & Collaboration Architecture Experts, Mentors College 1College n Resource Institute *  Automated Grid concepts developed at IIITM-K.  Get each course supported by industry for sustaining the above collaborative environment. Course Administration Advanced Web-Tech based Servers Learning Management Space – one for each course Content Development and Collaboration Space R&D Digital Library and Resources

19 Quality Learning Environment of Tacit-Explicit Interplay  At the end of a learning effort, a Learner should be able to say ‘I understand’  Add to his/her Tacit capabilities. TACITTACIT EXPLICITEXPLICIT Codified Knowledge and Processes accessible over the net, paper… Global networked Information and computational base People’s Competencies, Communications, Feelings, Intuitions, Social interactions People’s Real World

20 Build Instructional Cycle into Content (Merrill’s PBL Model)  Need to go much beyond syllabus, classes, cookbooks, tests and marks 1. Motivation 2. Activation of cognitive process 3. Learning from past experience 4. Application 5. Challenges Next Module


22 MASTER AGGREGATION PORTAL PRESENTATION & INTERACTION PORTLETS Commodity Boards Kerala Agri. Univ. TRADERS ASSOCIATION Dir. of Agriculture Farm Info. Bureau APEDA Farm Inputs Suppliers Etc. FARMERSFARMERS VALIDATION & EDITING K-AGGREGATION INTERFACE Example: Agriculture Info Services Research Institutions

23 Education Grid supports Virtual K-Enterprises Decisions & Action Out Inputs: Information, Requests, Observations Business Model and Services Excellence Group Workflow Processes Group Knowledge & Computing Base Process Capture & Communications Information to other Groups Global Data Collections Group/Virtual Knowledge Enterprise People’s world Web accessed area

24 FUTURE INSTITUTIONS AS KNOWLEDGE RESOURCE & LEARNING CENTERS  Institutions to fulfil Public Responsibility Functions: Open Education on demand.  E-Learning and Teacher Training Resource Centers.  To host Scientific Portals and Open Computational Servers.  To act as KNOWLEDGE SERVICES CENTRES backed by Postgraduate Schools.  Recognise and reward efforts in quality education and educational processes and knowledge services.

25 How do we build such grand K-Infrastructure?  Propose a referral Advanced Informatics Development Agency (AIDA - to be hosted at IIITM-K?) as the coordinating agency.  Like the way ADA coordinates in mission mode LCA related developments across multiple agencies.  AIDA may function as the hub of NKC’s National Knowledge Mission and K-Infrastructure.  There will be many advanced informatics centres of specialized areas in leading institutions, universities and R&D organizations associated with the AIDA.

26 Experts from Academic, R&D, Training Institutions VISTA Programs Management, “Virtual Institute of Science, Technology and Arts”: VISTA over Education Grid (promote virtual institutions on need basis) LEARNERS Anywhere AIDA/IIITM-K Education Grid to help build & service Community Datacentres E-content, systems, college portals, Computational Portals, etc.

27 Establish the Grand VISTA Collaborations over Education Grid Facilitated by AIDA Advanced Informatics Development Agency Academic and Research Institutions in diverse fields Virtual Campus ‘Knowledge Bus’ VISTA = Virtual Campus + Formal Education, Collaborative Research and Open Learning Programs  Such Learning Ecosystems already piloted in IIITM-K.

28 AIDA ROLE  Different Programs launched and coordinated in Mission Mode. Postgraduate Studies, Research and Training OPEN LEARNING PROGRAMS [VISTA] Education Grid Development & Servicing ADVANCED INFORMATICS R&D KNOWLEDGE EMPOWERMENT PROGRAMS Under collaboration across premier institutions Knowledge Services for Agriculture, Health, Education, Development … etc. AIDA Inter-institutional K-Mission programs coordination

29  Gordon Moore, “Education is our Achilles Heel”.  It is about time we REINVENT THE EDUCATION SYSTEM with FREEDOM OF THOUGHT, OPEN LEARNING, OPEN DATA ACCESS AND OPEN COMPUTING!  Build the Grids of Grids: Grid Computing, Grid Accessed Computing, Data Grid & Scientific Portals, Information and Knowledge Sharing Grid.  Make the Grids support KNOWLEDGE INTENSIVE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES.  Involve college youth and postgraduate in development.  Restore the Joy of Learning and the Dignity of Scholarship.

30  IIITM-K is the most ready institute in India to host the AIDA operational centre.  About to get 10 Acres in Technopark – just 25 mts. From Trivandrum Int’l. Airport – ready to host AIDA.  Education Grid and AIDA as the mission coordination agency provide the best enabling approach for rolling NKC’s plans. Peter Drucker: “Knowledge has become the key economic resource and the dominant - and perhaps even the only source of competitive advantage." THANK YOU AN OFFER OR A REQUEST ?

31 Available for download from 1.“Management of Refereed content generation and utilization in formal education.” 2.“Future ICT Infrastructure for Education.” 3.“Concurrent Instructional Services over NPTEL content for quality education in the engineering colleges.” 4.Go also to NPTEL website: References


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