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A New Force for Innovation Lindsey Armstrong President, EMEA.

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1 A New Force for Innovation Lindsey Armstrong President, EMEA

2 Technology Redraws the Balance of Power Nuclear Weapons Super Powers Mainframe Computers Big Companies Dot Com Entrepreneurs The Internet 1950’s 1970’s 1990’s Today Everyone! Web 2.0

3 How do you control your brand destiny in the age of YouTube?

4 A Tale of Three Communities ReinventReloadRevive

5 Software as a Service 21 st Century Platforms Client/Server Late 20 th Century Platforms Mainframe Mid 20 th Century Platforms A Company on a Mission

6 All Customizations and Integrations Upgraded Automatically Continuous Innovation – 25 Major Releases in 8 Years Spring ‘08: Now Available!

7 CRM Leader & Visionary Top 10 Entrepreneurs & Cool Company Top 100 Innovative Companies Market Leader Enterprise CRM 2007 Securities Technology Leader Technology of the Year Top Ten Disruptors of 2006 Best CRM & On-Demand Platform Leader & Visionary Broad Industry Recognition for Innovation #12 Top 50 Agenda Setters of 2007 2007 Forrester Groundswell Award PC Magazine Editor’s Choice: UE 2007 Product of the Year

8 Big Companies Started Paying Attention ~5,000~5,000 ~3,200~3,200 ~4,000~4,000 ~21,000~21,000 ~40,000~40,000 ~30,000~30,000 ~25,000~25,000 ~ 12,000 ~65,000~65,000 ~30,000~30,000 ~4,000~4,000 Number of Subscribers ~5,800~5,800 ~9,000~9,000 ~3,000~3,000 ~2,600~2,600

9 All With Great Ideas for the Product Roadmap I have an idea... Can we integrate? New Products? What about...

10 Could We Avoid the Death Spiral of Bloatware? Functional Complexity Usability Enterprise Bloatware Client-Server Graveyard And remain as Easy to Use as

11 We Went for the “Wisdom of Crowds” Engage All Our Communities Online Bubble the Best Ideas to the Top Spark Conversations Around Ideas Salesforce ideas has given our customers the opportunity to shape the direction of our service, and it’s provided partners with qualified ideas for developing their own products. “ ” Marc Benioff CEO and Founder



14 And One of Biggest Customers Took Notice

15 And Started a Storm that’s Reinventing His Company

16 And Customers Are Happy Again

17 Another Returning CEO Took Notice “Over the past ten years… we have had to make a series of decisions that, in retrospect, have lead to the watering down of the Starbucks experience, and, what some might call the commoditization of our brand.” -- Howard Schultz, February 2007

18 Starbucks Decided to Listen

19 And The World Took Notice

20 Platform-as-a-Service Makes it Possible

21 Powering the World’s Most Popular CRM Apps

22 Are you ready to collaborate with your users and reinvent your company?

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