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2 2 Nearly every company is organized around this straightforward Thought Process……. Innovate, Improve Customer Sat, Market Share, ROE, Productivity, Growth, etc. Strategic Agenda Prtfolio Mgmt, LEAN, SAP, Gap Analysis, Product Dev, CRM, etc. Projects & Initiatives Economy, Competition, Trends, Globalization, etc. Business Dynamics drive… Value, Usability, Service, Functionality, etc. Customer Requirements which dictates..supported by… Implement, Support, Manage, Deploy, Launch, Design etc. Individual Employees executed by…

3 3  Fundamentally differentiates  Is consistent with;  the way companies are organized to execute  the management principles most professionals must adhere  More impactful  Allows candidate to;  gain access to key officials  better demonstrate transferable skills  Have a much more productive conversation in an interview setting It’s Critical to Showcase Appreciation for this Thought Process ……

4 4 “Over the past 8 years Miller Brewing has been operating in a flat market due to intense competition. The company realized it must gain market share to meet growth objectives. Accordingly, Miller has undergone an extensive turnaround plan by seeking to dramatically cut costs & reduce inefficiencies, This effort challenged the company’s business functions, particularly information systems, because the applications that support the business provided management with key operational information. This information resided in different ‘silos’ across the organization. In order to provide visibility to the data, sr management launched a series projects to consolidate disparate data. My role in the context of those projects was to ensure those projects were delivered on time/on budget …… ….. My name is Joe Smith and my career objective is to be employed in environments with similar demands to Miller What Does an ECP Introduction Look Like?

5 5 The Key to Making the Career Transition Draw the parallels here… …………not here!

6 6 How to Use The Thought Process in Your Campaign Steelcase Economy, Technology, Globalization, Green, Decrease in White Collar Jobs, Healthcare Reform. Simplicity, Performance-oriented, value, environmental friendly, flexible design, technology-enabled, “inspirational”- products Grow the business, restructure, adjacent new markets, differentiated approach, integrated solutions, reinvent industrial model LEAN, global supply chain, product platforms, reinvent SG&A, consolidate functions, reinvent processes, leverage technology Lead financial planning, reporting, accounting, and business analysis. Applicant will ensure all financial reports and analysis comply with appropriate accounting principles and company policies, accurately reflect condition of business, and provide reliable information necessary to control operations. Also, lead monthly financial reporting, quarterly forecasting, and budgeting processes. Ford Motor Company Economy, Technology, Globalization, “Green” movement. Performance-driven cars, value, environmental friendly, flexible design, technology-enabled. Grow the business, restructure, change model mix, differentiated approach, integrated solutions, reinvent industrial model New product platforms, overhaul expense management, Integrated global supply chain, consolidate business units, reinvent key processes, leverage technology Improved financial status by analyzing results and variances; identifying trends; recommending actions…... Increased productivity by developing automated applications; eliminating duplications; coordinating….. Provided information to management by assembling and summarizing data; preparing reports for…..

7 7  Summarizes, in a succinct manner, your background & experience to keep the focus on the employer (which is what’s really important)  Helps transition the story from them,….to you, and back to them  Eliminates the conversation of the circumstances that explain your current situation  Summarizes your “plan”  Sets up a story that aligns your direction to theirs  Positions your potential role – “in context”  IT’S NOT A CONVERSION OF YOUR RESUME TO POWERPOINT!!! The Objective of the “Summary Illustration” Page

8 8 ONE ECP can be applied verbally, hard copy, or delivered electronically. PowerPoint is ONE potential format, and has certain benefits PowerPoint helps structure logical arguments. The format ensures; Brevity, Specificity, Clarity, all of which enhance information transfer Graphics enable complex ideas & topics to be more clearly communicated (Hint: Your background is complex) PowerPoint graphics help tell a story The format is very easily modified and customized Research suggests a visual with less information but more expressive lasts longer in the mind than a series of statements

9 9 Campaign Examples

10 10 Unsolicited Approach Example (next page)

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12 12 Interview Example (next page)

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14 14 Interview Example II (next page)

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16 16 Unsolicited Approach Example (next page)

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18 18 “Cover Letter” & “Resume” Example (next page)

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20 20 Resume Example (next page)

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22 22 Interview Example III (next page)

23 23

24 24  First, realize it’s usually a REFLEX request, similar to “send me a brochure”.  “Have not yet prepared“  “Alternatively I have developed a document which is much more relevant and will generate a more productive conversation for both parties.”  “In a resume’s absence would you accept an application?”  “The document I forwarded is a better reflection of how I work”  If employer continues to insist on resume, do you really want to work there?  Re-emphasize your thought process in all follow-up communications. Managing the Resume Request

25 25  Your strategy will largely be dictated by your sense of urgency  Don’t get too “Prescriptive’ too fast  Concentrate on developing a campaign for one particular industry and/or company size.  A campaign should be managed to one of two conclusions;  “We’ve received your information, reviewed, discussed internally not interested”…..or  “We’re willing to arrange to meet at some point to discuss further”  Avoid the analysis/paralysis trap.  Resist the temptation to get creative with PPT. Restraint is a HUGE differentiator.  The story you tell must be logical and stand on its own.  Don’t abandon ECP too soon. Have faith in the logic. Campaign Critical Success Factors

26 26  Personalize every message. -- They must know immediately that the e- mail was written just for them. Highlight a triggering event. Reference a referral.  Always cc the assistant. Consider a large distribution list.  Never use the terms “job” or “resume”.  Keep it short and sweet. You have less than 20 seconds to capture their attention. After the first couple sentences, they decide if they'll delete it, forward it or respond.  Most executives perform a quick scan of their messages in the preview window before opening them. If your message is longer than this, make it shorter.  The attachment must have a compelling title Email Campaign Tactics

27 27 Curtis Brooks 586-419-1202


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