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Teenagers and Peer Relationships

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1 Teenagers and Peer Relationships
“No person is an island.” “Tell me who your friends are and I shall tell you who you are.”

2 Dynamics of human relationships change as one grows up.
During infancy and childhood one is so much dependent on others. As one grows up, she/he feels the need for independence. Freedom always comes with responsibility. Often freedom is misused

3 Peer Pressure What is peer pressure?
Influence exerted by the peer group to change attitude, values and behaviours of a person. You feel the need to be accepted

4 Positive Peer Pressure
In Academics Improve grades Improve confidence Result in trying more things or getting involved at school In your family Help relationships Result in more time with family Improve communication

5 Negative Peer Pressure
Negative peer pressure might: In Academics Lower school attendance Drop grades Impact ability to get into college Change group of friends In your family Increase distance from family members Result in less time spent at home Increase negative behaviors/attitude Hurt communication

6 Parental Pressure Conform to set standards Fulfill their dreams
Meet their expectations You’re under pressure to prove yourself.

7 Many teenagers are caught between these two pressures (peers and parents)
To be considered a looser is the biggest fear a teenager has. Self-esteem suffers. Don’t you want to live your dreams?

8 Choose your friends wisely
“Would my parents be proud of those I am associating with?” If your friends have solid character traits like intelligence, loyalty, kindness and dedication, you'll see that they have a positive effect on your life. Do you yourself posses the qualities you wish to have in your friends?

9 7 Human Relationship Principles
Be genuinely interested in people. Avoid Selfish Expressions Be ready for sacrifices Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves Learn to speak good things about others Give Honest and Sincere appreciation Talk in terms of the other person’s interest

10 Basic Life Positions I am ok, you are ok GOOD LIFE POSITION
General Mental Attitude Confident Mentally healthy Optimistic Attitude to Life: It is worth living

11 I am not ok, you are ok DEPRESSIVE POSITION
General Mental Attitude Depressive Lacking Self-confidence Attitude to Life: Not worth very much

12 I am not ok, you are not ok FUTILE POSITION General Mental Attitude Rejects self Withdraws Acute depression Attitude to Life: It is not worth anything at all

13 I am ok, you are not ok (Therefore I best get rid of you to be ok)
PARANOID POSITION General Mental Attitude Arrogant Critical Aggressive Attitude to Life: Not worth very much

14 I am not ok, you are not ok. But that’s ok.

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