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Mick Say Social Media Coaching Consultant Digital Endorsements: making social media work for road safety.

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2 Mick Say Social Media Coaching Consultant Digital Endorsements: making social media work for road safety

3 @micksay Digital Endorsements: making social media work for road safety

4 @micksay Housekeeping Smart Phones Get With the program ! Turn them on and Tweet !”

5 @micksay Mick Say Born: 1961 Brotton, Cleveland. UK Base: Herne, Kent First Job: Vacuum Cleaner Salesman Career: Field Sales Professional Field Sales Manager Sales Director Sales and Marketing Director Business Development Consultant Business: The Online Marketing Academy Online Business Development Consultant

6 @micksay Website Development Search Engine Optimisation Social & Digital Media Strategy Inbound Marketing Online Marketing Strategy 1 2 3 4 Make you look good Get you Found Amplify & Project Win & retain more customers Grow the business

7 @micksay 20 Years learning Mistakes Trial & Error

8 @micksay Why social media & digital marketing is important for road safety organisations.

9 @micksay Overwhelm low quality and potentially dangerous web content with accurate, meaningful road safety information.

10 @micksay Social Media Social Media includes web-based and mobile technologies used to turn communication into interactive dialogue.

11 @micksay Definition “Social Media” Social Media > is a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content.

12 @micksay What is Web 2.0 ? Web 1.0 = Static Web 2.0 = Interactive

13 @micksay Use “Social Media” Social Media is media for social interaction as a super-set beyond social communication. Enabled by freely accessible and scalable communication techniques which have substantially changed the way individuals, communities and organisations communicate.

14 @micksay Social Media can be used to fuel interest in a product, a cause, a brand or any organisational message… Why is Social Media Important ? It’s the number 1 Activity on the web…

15 @micksay Double edged sword which must be wielded responsibly [ but usually isn’t! ]

16 @micksay When Sir Alex told Ronaldo “Give it to Rooney”

17 @micksay When the America marine was ordered to mount the camel for a positive press opportunity.

18 @micksay

19 @micksay Love it or hate it this is the language of social media Ordinary people at every intellectual level are given the opportunity to take a story and spin it their way.

20 @micksay Tony Hayward Things could have been different… Example of negative spinning: When Tony Hayward said: “I’d like my life back”

21 @micksay Example’s of negative spinning: When Safety Cameras Are misrepresented ! People Don’t Understand Social Media Social Media ? It’s a waist of time ! It’s a waist of resources ! It could embarrass us ! We don’t trust our staff to use it wisely ? Our Communication policy forbids it’s use Policy Makers

22 @micksay Negative media Swamps positive media created by responsible stakeholders and budget is squandered. As a result of Policy Maker misunderstanding


24 @micksay

25 @micksay Traffic Enforcement Camera

26 @micksay

27 @micksay Admirable!

28 @micksay but !

29 @micksay

30 @micksay Speed Camera

31 @micksay

32 @micksay

33 @micksay

34 @micksay

35 @micksay

36 @micksay

37 @micksay

38 @micksay

39 @micksay

40 @micksay

41 @micksay

42 @micksay At last a positive Image…… Found on a forum with… Lots of links and adverts for Safety Camera Detection Devices. Negative media and conversation swamp the positive WHY ?

43 @micksay People Don’t Understand Digital Marketing Policy Makers “ Digital Language ” is a phenomenon of the “ Digital Age ”

44 @micksay Armed with the knowledge that the majority of people search for “Speed Cameras” Why do we focus copy written for “Safety Cameras” With just a little SEO copy writing and digital strategy training we can utilise both phrases without prejudicing corporate responsibility.

45 @micksay A brief history of the internet and how it works.. Evolution

46 @micksay the www TimBL December 1990

47 @micksay 1993 to 1977

48 @micksay

49 @micksay

50 @micksay

51 @micksay How do the search engines make sense of it all?

52 @micksay When youSearch for something on Google ?

53 @micksay How do they find it so fast ?

54 @micksay and – how do they find the right stuff ?

55 @micksay World Wide Web

56 @micksay Spider Google Bot Algorithm Search Engine Index

57 @micksay A web of Pages

58 @micksay Evolution Interactive streams of content

59 @micksay A Web of Pages A Web of Streams Transition

60 @micksay Speeds up indexing and gives relevance to social activity.

61 @micksay Posted Saturday 4PM #1 Google At 8PM

62 @micksay Discoverability Populate the internet with enough content to ensure that our websites are found when consumers search for road safety related information “are speed cameras a stealth tax?”

63 @micksay Mick Say

64 @micksay Mick Say 10/10

65 @micksay 9/10 8/10

66 @micksay 10/109/10

67 @micksay 9/10

68 @micksay 10/105/10

69 @micksay 7/104/10

70 @micksay Internet Marketing Online Marketing Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing Inbound Marketing

71 @micksay Here’s how Inbound Marketing works: A: Write about what people search for! … then B: Distribute it through a wide and deep network

72 @micksay Twitter LinkedInEcademy YouTube Video Road Safety Website & blog Twitter Facebook Page LinkedIn Google + Pinterest YouTube Quora Facebook Groups

73 @micksay Find all the negatives people write about “are speed cameras a stealth tax?” Write positively on the same title and subject matter Feed this into your strategic plan, your content distribution roadmap.

74 @micksay Website Capture Contacts CRM Link Building Twitter Productivity & Content Syndication Tools FaceBookPinterestLinkedInYouTubeGoogle + Digital Marketing Roadmap SEO Customers 100+ Other Social Networks Article writing on third party websites and blogs Mobile Apps

75 @micksay Use Google best practice copywriting and SEO techniques to ensure that the SPIDER indexes your web pages meaningfully

76 @micksay Road Safety Website

77 @micksay Questions ?

78 @micksay Get Ready with your handsets! 10 Questions – Answer True or False

79 @micksay Turn on keypad Press down MENU button for a few seconds and the word Ready will appear.

80 @micksay Q1. You have a personal Twitter account ?

81 @micksay Q2. You have a personal Facebook account ?

82 @micksay Q3. You have a personal LinkedIn account ?

83 @micksay Q4. Your organisation has a Twitter account ?

84 @micksay Q5. Your organisation has a Facebook page/group ?

85 @micksay Q6. Your organisation has a LinkedIn account ?

86 @micksay Q7. Your organisation has a Website ?

87 @micksay Q8. Your organisation has an interactive blog ?

88 @micksay Q9. Your organisation has an Google Plus account ?

89 @micksay Q10. Your organisation has a dedicated social media manager ?


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