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AYSO National Coaching Program Maximizing Coaching Moments with Young Players.

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1 AYSO National Coaching Program Maximizing Coaching Moments with Young Players

2 Workshop Objectives Review a systematic approach to train players Discuss Free Play and understand how it benefits coaches and players Discuss coaching moments methods Our Goal: Help players learn more rapidly and efficiently

3 Teaching/Coaching Techniques There are required STEPS that a coach must follow in order to be an effective teacher/coach…

4 10 Step Teaching Technique STEPS 1-5 1.State the tactical objective of what you are trying to accomplish 2.Demonstrate the skill, activity or game 3.Involve new players - let the players try it 4.Get all remaining players involved 5.Analyze level of play and skills being used by players…

5 STEPS 6-10 6.Evaluate level of effort, commitment to training. 7.Are the training groups balanced? 8.Circulate and correct (use assistant coaches to supervise play and keep the organization going) 9.Make corrections as needed using Positive Instruction and Encouragement (PIE) 10.Communicate individual instructions, using concepts of psychological motivation (remember, they are kids - don’t embarrass them)… 10 Step Teaching Technique

6 Considerations for Games and Activities Age and skill appropriate A reason to play (tactical objective) A person or team who finishes first (competition) Manageable groups (number of groups) Restrictions (grids, touch, time) Consequences Work to establish a match-type situation Coaching points and corrections Re-evaluation Able to transfer training to the game… Make it FUN

7 Teaching Solutions to Match Problems Use games/activities to create match conditions –Requires organization to repeatedly execute a specific skill and/or tactic Teach by using the concept of Build Up –Go from the simple to the complex –Think static to achieve technical ability and move to dynamic as quickly as possible –Communicate in a language appropriate for the age group –Use coaching moments to correct or validate performance Make the players think (mental activation)

8 Evaluating Players Why do we evaluate players? –Assess abilities and knowledge –Assess what they have learned –To make adjustments to our training plans How can we create an opportunity to evaluate our players’ abilities to execute a certain skill or task? Use FREE PLAY to observe

9 What is FREE PLAY? Condition where individuals play with minimal restrictions on time or space Players are given general directions on time or space Players are given general directions on what they should attempt to accomplish and then left on their own Players should play hard and stop when rest is warranted Free play allows players to develop natural abilities in….. a relaxed, coach-free environment

10 Benefits of Free Play Avoids wasting time organizing lines, capturing wandering players, etc. Gives players freedom and encourages creativity Allows learning through mistakes During free play, players avoid others, seek open space, and become more aware of the action around them The kids have FUN! A coach’s observational powers will increase as they are forced to isolate action in a group

11 When to Use Free Play Pre-Warm Up –Prepare players for the technical warm-up –Set the tone for the training session As an activity or scrimmage –Gives the coach an opportunity to assess LET THEM PLAY… …so you can observe what they have learned

12 In order to Succeed: –Create a Quality Plan that includes: Training focus, 10 Steps, Free Play, & Match play –Plan for Fun and have FUN! –Communicate with the parents Expectations, Goals, Strategy, etc… Preparation and Implementation

13 Coaching Moment Methods What do we mean? –Opportunities during training to teach or validate our players’ performance Four Methods –Forced Stoppage –Natural Stoppage –Flow –Individual Reference

14 The 4 Methods Forced Stoppage –Freeze play---Get In---Make your point---Get Out –Most intrusive as it breaks the flow of play Natural Stoppage –Use break in play to teach while player reset –As in forced stoppages get in and get out Flow –Talking as the game is playing; Avoid constant commentary Individual Reference –Pull player aside to make observations Avoid Lengthy Speeches Keep Instructions Simple

15 Summary If a coach understands how to teach using: The ten (10) step Teaching Technique Free Play Coaching Moment Methods FUN, Quality, and Communication Coaches, Players and the Game WIN!

16 Maximizing Coaching Moments with Young Players Any questions? Thank You!...

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