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1 st semester 3 rd year Final Review. ABC 7 Advertisement, publicize, propaganda A-few After, from now on Body Both Breakfast Coat, jacket Come-on Dinner,

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1 1 st semester 3 rd year Final Review

2 ABC 7 Advertisement, publicize, propaganda A-few After, from now on Body Both Breakfast Coat, jacket Come-on Dinner, supper Eyes Face French-fries Get-away Go-to-it Go-with, accompany Hamburger Hands Hard Head Heart Knife Left, remaining Lunch Many, numerous Mind Mistake, error Neighbor, next door Nose Order, command Pay-attention, concentrate Pencil People Plan, prepare Rabbit Several Shirt Shoes Soft Spoon, soup Stamp, postage Still Stop-it Store Time Until, up to Wash-dish

3 ABC 8 Any Arrive Bathroom, toilet Become Break Build, construct Candy Children Clean-up Decide, determined, decision Different Draw Enthusiastic Escape, run away, get away Excuse Flower Grow Himself, herself, itself Horse How How-many, how-much Ice-cream Idea Leave, depart Lonely, lonesome Myself Ourselves Question Skill, ability, expert Study Suitcase, purse Test, exam, quiz Themselves Typewriter Wash Wash-face Wash-in-machine What What-for? What-to-do? What’s-up? When Where Which Who Why Worry, concerned Yourself Yourselves

4 Master ASL 5 Activity center Algebra Area (location) Art Auto body Back Biology Business Cafeteria Calculus Chemistry Class Coach, boss, dean Computer/Tech Counselor Drama Economics Education Elementary school Engineering English Field Flag Football Freshman Front Geography Geometry Government Gym Gymnasium Hallway Health History Interpreter Journalism Junior Junior high school Librarian Library Locker

5 Master ASL 5 Math Middle school Neighborhood Nurse Office Photography Physical Education Physics Physiology Principal Psychologist Room, box Science Secretary Senior Snack machine Sociology Soda machine Sophomore Speech Stadium, auditorium Store Student center Teacher’s assistant Technology center Theater To cook To forget To look for To major in To manage To pick on To remember To serve To take To think To write Trigonometry University Vice-president What year are you? Woodshop Yearbook

6 Master ASL 6 Ago, past All year, year round ASL Poetry Baseball Basketball Boat Bowling Bug Bungee Jump Call (a name) Camp Come on Crowded Distant Future During, in Ears (animal) Exercise Fast Fish Flock Football Golf Gymnastics Handshape Hear Hike Hockey Ice Skate In a few days Involve Jog Jump (animal) Just, very recently Karate Last Month Last week Last year Long Long time ago

7 Master ASL 6 Cont… Many Next week Next year Play Play cards Poetry Popular Recently, a little while ago Ride A bike Scuba Dive Sit Next To Skateboard Skydive Snowboard Soccer Softball Soon (1-3) Stay Story Surf Swim Talk Team Tend to Tennis Two Days ago Two Weeks Two weeks ago Two years ago Umpire Used to Volleyball (1-2) Water polo Will Winding road Wrestling

8 Master ASL 7 Airplane Always Around Bath Between Blouse Boots Bra Breakfast Brush hair Brush teeth Buttons Call Called Car Chair Change Chores Clean Clothes Comb hair Cup Cut Deodorant Dinner Supper Dishes Dress Drink Drive from Drive to Early Erase Eraser Every afternoon Every Monday Every morning Every night Every week Every weekend Every year Fall asleep Feed Fit Floss Fly to Go to bed Get dressed Get ready (1-2) Get up Glasses

9 Master ASL 7 Cont.. Go on Hairspray Hat Jacket Jeans Key Laundry Long Sleeve Lunch Make The Bed Makeup Match Mouthwash Mow Nails Nail polish Never Overalls Overcoat Oversleep Panties Pants (1-2) Patterned Perfume Plaid Polka dot Rake leaves Rest Sandals Schedule Scissors Scooped neck Set a clock/alarm Set the table Shampoo Shave (1-4) Shirt Shoes Short sleeve Shorts, boxers Shower Sit down Skirt Soap Socks Sometimes Spatial organization Striped (1-2) Suit Sunglasses Sun screen Sweater Sweatshirt Sweep Take out trash Tank top Telephone

10 Master ASL 7 Cont.. Tie Too big Too small Toothbrush Toothpaste Turtleneck Underwear Use V-Neck Vary Wake up Wash the car Watch Yard Work

11 ABC 9 Act, performance Autumn, fall Bawl-out Blond California, gold Cancel, criticize, correct Comb-hair, comb Cop, police Down Fall, fall-down Fly, airplane, airport Give-ticket, ticket Go-by-boat, boat Go-by-train, train Hair Kid Lead, guide left, (direction) Library Lock, key Look, appearance Meet (group), meeting, convention Notice, recognize Open-book, book Open-door, door Open-window, window Person Place Put-in-gas, gas Put-on hearing aid, hearing aid Put-on-ring, ring Rain Right (direction) Sit, chair, seat Steal Stop Summer Tell-story, story Thing To-bicycle, bicycle To-telephone, telephone Tree Type, typewriter Up Wonderful, great, fantastic wow

12 ABC 10 Accept Appear, show up Bake, oven Between Born, birth Can Can’t Catch, capture, arrest Collect Compete, race, sports, competition, contest Cry Divorce Engagement Establish, set-up, found Fail Fast Fault, Responsibility, burden Flunk Get, receive, obtain Get-up Laugh Lecture, speech, presentation Lipread, oral, speech Marry, marriage Maybe, might Memorize More, further Most Must, have to Not-yet Number Party Pass President, Superintendent Protect, guard, defend Put-down, write down, record Recover, get well Refuse, won’t Restaurant Save, preserve Should Sleep Slow Take-up Think Try, attempt, effort Wedding Win

13 ABC 11 Agree All Almost Baseball Basketball Bring, carry, deliver Chat, converse chicago Church Come Disagree Drive-to Empty, bare, nude Far, distant Football Full, complete

14 Full, fed up Furniture Game Glasses Go Headache Head-cold/handkerchief here Here (2) Important, worth it, valuable Live, life Machine, engine, factory Move-to Near, close New-York ABC 11

15 ABC 12 Announce Burn Cream Disappoint Dream Early Earth Enter Gone Hurt Kitchen Know-that Lie Loud Lucky Magazine Miss Misunderstand Moon Noise Poor Problem Promise Quiet Relieved Rest Restroom Rich Same (2) Satisfy Scare Street Strict Sun Sunrise Sunset Thirsty Voice Wake-up Wet

16 ABC 13 A-little A-lot Always Appointment Basement Born Boyfriend 1-cent Cheese Cost Country Crazy-for Discuss 1-dollar Embarrass Enough Free Fun Intelligent Law List National Often Owe Pie Plenty Price Reason Right (legal) Rule Ski Snow Some Sometimes Strange Throw-away Trouble Wine With

17 ABC 14 Anyway Bathe Bother Car-accident Chase Confused Curious Do-work Earn Exercise False Freeze Give-shot Hammer Hit Interact Lazy Monkey Nervous Never None Nothing Nurse Patient Play Puzzled Quick Real Really Require Ride Science Screwdriver Shave Shop Shower Since Spend Take-picture Turkey Warn Wrench

18 ABC 15 Alone Beer Best Better Borrow Careful, be careful Careless Choose, pick Committee Copy, imitate Dictionary Don’t-mind Dry Exaggerate Finally Government Happen Hire, invite Impossible Jealous Join Kill Listen Loan Member Offer Polite Present Ready Same-time Schedule Succeed Summon Take Take-advantage Thief Thin Trophy Worse

19 ABC 16 Animal Backpacking Bird Bored Boss Busy City Complain Continue Cow Daily Difficult Europe Experience Fish Gallaudet Give-up Graduate Hurry Increase Interpret Interrupt Last Mouse Move-away Past Pig Pity Pleasant Print Sophisticated Start Take-Pill Total

20 ABC 17 Apply Argue Broke But Caption Compare Damage Doubt Earache East Famous Fire (from job) Frustrate Hit Hope Laid-up Late Lie-down Metal Nab North Nothing-to-it Put-in Radio Rent Research Retire Rubber Ruin Seem Shot-up Something South Steady-date Support Tend Tournament West Wheelchair Wood Wrong

21 ABC 18 Analyze Become-fat Bright Butter Celebrate Comfortable Confident Dark Dentist Egg Electric Emphasize Exact Fight Fix Hide Impressed Jump Kneel License Long (time) Lose-competition Lousy Mirror Music Pepper Poison Potato Pull Push Salt Selfish Sour Stand Struggle Team Travel Very

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