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Bullying What does it involve?. Bullying Statistics Video

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1 Bullying What does it involve?

2 Bullying Statistics Video

3 Who is involved in Bullying? There are three parties involved in any type of bullying that takes place. They are: 1.The Bully or Aggressor 2.The Target or the one being bullied. It can be anyone. 3.The Bystander or anyone who witnesses bullying.

4 Bullying What is considered Bullying?

5 Bullying is... Treating someone in an abusive manner.

6 Three Types of Bullying Behavior 1.Overt 2.Covert 3.Cyber

7 By Law, Bullying is Defined as... “Engaging in verbal or written expression or physical conduct that a school district determines: Will have the effect of physically harming a student, damaging a student’s property, or placing a student in reasonable fear of harm to the student’s person or of damage to the student’s property; or Is sufficiently severe, persistent, or pervasive enough that the action or threat creates an intimidating, threatening or abusive educational environment for a student.”

8 Overt Bullying Overt bullying is bullying behavior that can be openly viewed. Examples include hitting, shoving, knocking books out of someone’s hand, teasing, tripping, destruction of property, name calling, hazing, assault, slapping and instigating fights to name a few.

9 Covert Bullying Covert bullying is bullying behavior that cannot be openly viewed or things that happen “under the radar.” Examples include dirty looks, ostracism, humiliation, intimidation, demands for money, gossip, notes, threats, harassing, spreading rumors, staring and jokes at someone else’s expense.

10 Words You Say Video

11 Cyber Bullying Cyber bullying is bullying behavior where one student or a group of students targets another student using interactive technologies with the intent to hurt or embarrass another person. It is done minor against minor. Cyber bullying can either be done directly or indirectly.

12 Direct Cyber Bullying Direct cyber bullying involves two parties directly interacting with one another through technology.

13 Indirect Cyber Bullying Indirect cyber bullying involves others to help cyber bully the target with or without the accomplice’s knowledge.

14 Cyber Bullying Takes Place Through... Online Gaming Email Cell Phones Text Messages Facebook and other Social Media Twitter Instant Messaging Abuse through any other type of internet, interactive or digital technology Blogging Instagram Whatever is on your phone or computer is always on those devices. Deleting information or using an app that deletes the information for you does not keep the image or information from being recovered with the right equipment. Police and companies you sell your phone to have the ability to recover images and information.

15 Cyber Bullying Includes: Death Threats Sending someone a virus Hacking into an email account Disrupting a person’s playing experience in an online game Intentionally embarrassing someone among peers Sexting which is sending nude or semi-nude pictures via electronic means. This is also considered distribution of pornography and carries legal consequences. Sending harassing text message or facebook messages Creating fake profiles for someone Using vulgar language online and provoking fights

16 Cyber Bullying Video

17 Possible consequences of bullying for the Target: Lowered academic achievement and aspirations Increased anxiety Loss of self-esteem and confidence Depression and post traumatic stress General deterioration in physical health Self harm and suicidal thinking Feelings of alienation in the school environment Absenteeism from school Tragic emotional and physical injuries or death

18 Possible School Consequences for the Mistreatment of Others: Peer Mediation In School Suspension Loss of Mega Lunch Suspension of 1-3 days Bridge Expulsion These consequences are stated in the student code of conduct on pages 22-23.

19 Possible Legal Consequences for the Bully: Consequences with law officials may include the following: Online Impersonation Penal Code 33.07 Internet Impersonation: It is a third degree felony to use the name or persona of another person to create a web page or message on a commercial social networking site without the consent of the named person and with the intent to harm, defraud, intimidate or threaten any person. Commercial networking sites include My Space, Facebook, Twitter and similar sites.

20 Possible Legal Consequences for the Bully: Consequences with law officials may include the following: Online Impersonation Penal Code 33.07 Spoofing is a Class A misdemeanor. Spoofing includes sending an electronic message (email, text, instant messaging (IM), etc.) directly to a recipient while using the identifying information of another person without obtaining the person’s consent, with the intent to make the recipient believe that the indicated person sent the message and with the intent to harm or defraud the person.

21 Possible Legal Consequences for the Bully: Consequences with law officials may include the following: Sexting aligns with sale, distribution or display of pornography to a minor. The consequence of violating this statute begins as a class A misdemeanor charge. Sexting can become a felony offense when a student “blackmails” another for naked pictures or more naked pictures.

22 Sticks and Stones

23 How is Bullying handled at WNGC? Every report is taken seriously and is held in confidence. Any adult on campus can take a bullying report. The identified target has the choice to be involved or not. The first incident is treated as a warning. The reported bully is made aware of the allegations, given a chance to respond and informed of the warning and the consequences of any further bullying incidents. A written report is kept on file in the offices of the counselors and the assistant principals. Parents are informed of the warning. Should further bullying incidents be reported involving the same bully and target, consequences will be issued.

24 Fear of Retaliation Many times targeted students and bystanders fear retaliation if they report bullying incidents. Assistant principals are ready to deal with retaliation should it occur. Retaliation is considered a felony offense. Again, all reports are held in strict confidence.

25 Conflict Resolution Oftentimes, situations escalate due to misunderstandings or hurt feelings. The best way to deal with conflict is to meet it head on and to seek peaceful resolution before matters escalate to bullying. Some peaceful resolution strategies include: – Respect the right to disagree – Talk about problems before they become conflicts – Use “I” messages—Talk about your thoughts and feelings. When you choose you, such as “You make me angry,” you are blaming the other person and putting them on the defensive. – Express your real concerns – Share common goals and interests

26 Conflict Resolution Strategies continued: – Open yourself up to different points of view – Listen carefully to all proposals – Understand the major issues involved – Talk about the problem without placing blame – Think about probable consequences – Imagine several possible alternative solutions – Be willing to cooperate – Offer reasonable compromises – Negotiate mutually fair cooperative agreements – Choose people to act as mediators such as adults you trust and respect -- Learn from experience

27 The Bystander You are the person with the greatest power in this situation. You may not be able to stop the bullying yourself, but you have the power to report the bullying, so that trusted adults can step in and stop the bullying and issue appropriate consequences when needed.

28 The Bystander “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

29 Dare to Be Different Video

30 We want our school to be: A SAFE place for Everyone to learn and to enjoy themselves while doing so! Be a part of the solution, not the problem!

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