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Naval Leadership and Diversity ETC(SW/AW) Tiffany Barber.

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1 Naval Leadership and Diversity ETC(SW/AW) Tiffany Barber

2 “To lead, you must first be able to follow; for without followers, there can be no leader.” -Anonymous

3 Learning Objectives Discuss basic principles of leadership and followership Identify the fundamentals of leadership Discuss how diversity affects our leadership and morale in the workplace

4 Definitions Leadership is “the art of influencing people to progress toward the accomplishment of a specific goal.” The Navy identifies three fundamental elements that make an effective leader: moral principles, personal example, and administrative ability.

5 How do these principles affect your leadership style?

6 Personal Example Respect is not automatically given to a leader because of authority By setting a good example, both personally and professionally, respect and confidence is earned Do people follow you for who you are and what you represent?

7 Administrative Ability Ability to effectively organize tasking Personnel and time management Network effectively

8 Good Management Practices Delegating Responsibility Praise and Reprimand Promoting Morale

9 Delegating Responsibilities Set expectations early Make facts clear! Develop Plan of Action and Milestones (POAM) Follow-up periodically

10 Positive Leadership Remember… Praise in Public, Reprimand in Private The goal is to teach the individual, not to embarrass them.

11 Promoting Morale Provide your personnel with professional and personal counseling on a continuous basis Be involved in your people’s welfare to identify areas of improvement Open communication for providing feedback Understand what motivates your people

12 What values make our Sailors better followers and leaders? Self-respect (and respect for others) The ability to communicate well Integrity of character Humility Courage Persistence Dedication Commitment Willingness to accept responsibility Decisiveness

13 What is Diversity? How does it affect the workplace? Diversity is defined as all characteristics and experiences that define each of us as individuals The common misconception is that diversity only pertains to certain persons or groups…in fact the opposite is true Diversity can include Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Age, Religion, Disability, and Sexual Orientation A diverse workplace aims to create an inclusive culture that values and uses the talents of all its employees

14 Steps to Effective Diversity Leadership Demonstrate your commitment to diversity Stand for what’s right, even if unpopular Refuse to accept stereotypes about groups Challenge your own assumptions Make providing feedback a daily habit Take a risk, mentor an “unlikely star” Integrate diversity into the core of your operation Be a catalyst for positive change Be engaged and engaging!

15 “If you are a leader, your people expect you to create their future. They look into your eyes, and they expect to see strength and vision. To be successful, you must inspire and motivate those who are following you. When they look into your eyes, they must see that you are with them.” -General Gordon R. Sullivan

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