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Tips on Teaching How to design & deliver effective learning events.

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1 Tips on Teaching How to design & deliver effective learning events.

2 Objectives: To review basic methods for effective instruction & facilitation. To learn best practices for creating learning.

3 Definitions Instruction = to impart knowledge, to develop a lesson. Facilitation = to free from obstacles, to make easier. As in; assisting to lead a group through an agenda. Teaching = to impart knowledge or skill, to cause to learn by example or experience.

4 Adult Learners Decide what is important, Need to validate information based on their own experience & beliefs, Have fixed view points & experience, Can serve as knowledgeable resources for trainers in the classroom, Expect what is immediately useful.

5 Learner Styles Passive = reading, self-discovery, individual activities. Active = Exercises, group activities, role playing, experiences.

6 Various Forms to Present Material Presentation – Know your subject matter Activity & Application Summary Testing (informal, formal) Assignment

7 A good facilitator is like a good referee… If you do you job right, you don’t get noticed. It’s only when you draw attention to yourself through mistakes that you interrupt the process. It’s not about you, its about their meeting agenda objectives.

8 What is Means to be a Facilitator Establish meeting rules Use the expertise in the room “Own” the agenda – focus on learning objectives Engage the group – get them to participate Summarize, Summarize, Summarize Use parroting ‘it’s their meeting’ – get them through the agenda Go slow to go fast – test for understanding frequently

9 How to make the learning event happen… Ask questions. Use “say more” statements. Parroting. Summarizing group understanding. Close out an exercise with summary. Own the agenda. Learn to live with silence. Keep it simple – then keep it simpler

10 Types of Bad Trainers “Rambling” Ron “Monotone” Mike “Sassy” Suzy “Guess what’s in my head” Gus “Good time” Charlie “Bashful” Barb “Comedian” Connie “Preacher” Patty

11 Introductions – Starting out Right Tell them who you are - give them an idea of your background.  You don’t have to ‘justify’ you’re being there. Let everyone else introduce themselves.  Give them a chance to provide their expectations. Tell them ‘what is going to happen’ and ‘how’.  Agenda  Learning objectives  Breaks

12 How to Respond to Input Repeat the response for the group “verbatim” Tie it back to the objectives (if possible) Use one word or short praises (i.e. ‘great’, ‘excellent response’, ‘right on’ ‘ very good’)

13 How to Respond to a ‘wrong’ or confused comment Never embarrass anyone!!! You may elicit other responses by asking the group; “does anyone else have something to add on what Tom just said?” Ask; “Can you say more” Say “I think you’re very close Tom, can some one help him?” or “ Very close, however I want more.” Say “That is important, however I was thinking of something else.”

14 What NOT to say “I’m sorry….” Ask for forgiveness “…one time at band camp…” long pointless personal war stories “no…your wrong” “I know you can’t see this but…” “yes … but…”

15 Other things to Stay Away from Reading the power point slide. Don’t ramble – make your point – repeat it once. Show confusion or un-preparedness. Discount other professionals or companies

16 How to Initiate Exercises and Activities Demo – Prompt – Release Demo - provide a complete example. Prompt – Give them an good description of the outcome with the exercise. What they’re expected to do. Release – give them instructions on;  Break out teams,  Time to return,  Any specific roles,  What we will be doing when we get back together.

17 S U M M A R Y Know your subject matter Work with an agenda & objectives Incorporate adult learner theory Be a good facilitator Everyone makes mistakes Have fun doing it…many people can’t

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