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English 111 Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Level G, Unit 12 Hannah Burwell.

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1 English 111 Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Level G, Unit 12 Hannah Burwell

2 aesthetic  (adj.) pertaining to beauty; sensitive or responsive to beauty  Synonym: artistic

3 defunct  (adj.) no longer in existence or functioning; dead  Synonyms: extinct, nonexistent  Antonym: alive, extant

4 discomfit  (v.) to frustrate, thwart, or defeat; to confuse, perplex, or embarrass  Synonyms: nonplus, disconcert, foil

5 espouse  (v.) to take up and support; to become attached to, adopt; to marry  Synonyms: embrace, wed  Antonyms: repudiate, disavow, renounce

6 fetish  (n.) an object believed to have magical powers; an object of unreasoning devotion or reverence  Synonyms: charm, talisman, obsession

7 gregarious  (adj.) sociable, seeking the company of others; living together in a herd of group  Synonyms: outgoing, extroverted  Antonyms: aloof, introverted, reclusive

8 hapless  (adj.) marked by a persistent absence of good luck  Synonyms: unlucky, ill- starred, unfortunate  Antonyms: lucky, charmed, fortunate

9 impeccable  (adj.) faultless; beyond criticism or blame  Synonyms: flawless, spotless, immaculate  Antonyms: grimy, soiled, spotted, sullied

10 importune  (v.) to trouble with demands; to beg for insistently  Synonym: implore, entreat, dun, tax

11 interpolate  (v.) to insert between other parts or things; to present as an addition or correction  Synonyms: inject, interpose, introduce

12 irreparable  (adj.) incapable of being repaired or rectified  Synonym: irremediable  Antonyms: remediable, fixable, reversible

13 laconic  (adj.) concise, using few words  Synonyms: terse, succinct, pithy, compact  Antonyms: garrulous, prolix, loquacious, verbose

14 languish  (v.) to become weak, feeble, or dull; to droop; to be depressed or dispirited; to suffer neglect,  Synonyms: flag, wilt, fade, pine

15 mendacious  (adj.) given to lying or deception; untrue  Synonyms: untruthful, false  Antonyms: truthful, veracious

16 nadir  (n.) the lowest point  Synonym: rock bottom  Antonyms: apex, pinnacle, zenith

17 omnipresent  (adj.) present in all places at all times  Synonyms: ubiquitous, ever- present

18 perfunctory  (adj.) done in a superficial or half- hearted manner; without interest or enthusiasm  Synonyms: slapdash, cursory, shallow  Thorough, assiduous, diligent, meticulous

19 plaintive  (adj.) expressive of sorrow or woe; melancholy  Synonyms: sad, doleful, lugubrious  Antonyms: cheerful, blithe, joyous, merry

20 requite  (v.) to make suitable for repayment, as for kindness, service, or favor; to make retaliation, as for an injury or wrong; to reciprocate  Synonyms: reimburse, recompense, avenge

21 tantamount  (adj.) equivalent, having the same meaning, value, or effect  Synonym: indistinguishable from

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