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SAT Quack Voc Seth Harrell, Judah Holt, James Hobbs.

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1 SAT Quack Voc Seth Harrell, Judah Holt, James Hobbs

2 Foible Definition-a minor weakness of character noun Antonym-strength Synonym- fault The computer would not work because of a small foible

3 lacerate Definition- to rip, tear, or maul verb Synonym-claw Antonym-aid The hungry kids lacerated their lunches.

4 harangue Definition- nasty, angry speech Noun Synonym-mean Antonym-polite The harangue man is very disliked.

5 exact Definition- demand of or from verb Synonym-call Antonym-give His mother exacted him to go work on homework.

6 Abash Definition- to embarrass Verb Synonym-abash Antonym-comfort The two young boys abashed their mother.

7 Tact Definition- skill in dealing with people in difficult situation Noun Synonym-care Antonym-thoughtless The boy shows great tact.

8 Uncouth Definition- crude; unrefined; Adjective Synonym-awkward Antonym-sophisticated That essay is very uncouth

9 Fetish Definition- an attraction Noun Synonym-bias Antonym- justness The couple had very strong fetish to each other.

10 Masticate Definition- to chew Verb Synonym-chomp Antonym-suck The kids masticating their gum very loud.

11 Laconic Definition- not saying much Adjective Synonym-brief Antonym-long winded The girl is laconic.

12 malevolent Definition- wishing evil on some one Adjective Synonym-bad natured Antonym-loving The man malevolented his loud neighbor.

13 Meander Definition- to wander aimlessly Verb Synonym-drift Antonym-direct The lost dog meandered down the street.

14 Apex Definition- tip, top Noun Synonym-tip Antonym-low The climbers final got to the apex of the mountain.

15 Nadir Definition- absolute bottom Noun Synonym-all-time low Antonym-highest The nadir location on earth is at the bottom of the ocean.

16 Phobia Definition- an illogical fear Noun Synonym-hatred Antonym-fetish The girl had a phobia of bugs.

17 Disseminate Definition- to distribute Verb Synonym-announce Antonym-collect The man disseminated the last of the food.

18 Emaciated Definition- to be thin or week Adjective Synonym-skinny Antonym-fat The boys were very emaciated after their camping trip.

19 Puissant Definition- powerful Adjective Synonym-mighty Antonym-week The tiger is very puissant.

20 Citadel Definition- a fortress over looking a city Noun Synonym-fort Antonym-ruins The army lives in the citadel.

21 Atrophy Definition- to wither away Noun Synonym-down fall Antonym-rising After the end of the Roman empire the ancient world began to atrophy.

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