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Building Christian Community Small Group Ministry in Today’s Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

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1 Building Christian Community Small Group Ministry in Today’s Seventh-Day Adventist Church

2 Building Christian Community SESSION SIX: SMALL GROUP LEADERSHIP

3 The Shape of Your Future Church… …may well be determined by the quality of your small group leaders… ?

4 … Because the Church Began as a Prototype Small Group… …and Jesus was its Leader!

5 Small Group Leaders Are… Special People: Called Available Gifted Teachable Visionary

6 Small Group Leaders Are Also… …Ordinary people: Live in the real world Don’t know everything Struggle with their faith

7 Small Group Leaders Are All Different… …but they have one thing in common: They LOVE:- Jesus People The Church

8 The Small Group Leader as a Shepherd

9 The Shepherd-Leader’s Method “We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the Gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us.” Paul, I Thess 2:8

10 Some one who enables others’ Someone who disciples others The Small Group Leader as a Facilitator

11 The Small Group Leader’s Role Shepherds and facilitates Manages group life Delegates responsibility Identifies and develops gifts in group members, trains apprentice leader Models small group values Involves everyone

12 The Dominator lDone it all before lLong monologues lInterrupts lWon’t let others finish lHard to listen to others lCan always go one better lNeeds recognition lGive tasks lAddress questions to others in the group lMeet personally to address problem

13 The Story-Teller goes off on a tangent slows down progress tells irrelevant stories minimize eye contact ask specific group members by name to read or give opinion Don’t be afraid to interrupt is necessary

14 The Passive Member Some just are this way Doesn’t get involved Be sensitive, don’t embarrass Usually have something valuable to contribute Affirm in the group, encourage in private Provide opportunity to develop confidence

15 The Joker or Clown Keeps everyone laughing Relieves tension May prevent anything serious happening Can intimidate others Often shy or self- conscious people Don’t kill the humour, but build on it Meet personally to share concern if it’s serious!

16 The Fighter/Defender often hostile aggressive- defensive type persecuted complex Don’t return like with like Work hard to build personal friendship. Try to learn cause of behaviour Be gentle but firm

17 The Don Puts things on “higher level” Intellectualizes Interprets what others say Can make others feel inferior Give specific “research” tasks to prepare for Bible study Also challenge with application questions

18 Oh for Brilliant Leaders! A few leaders are like this They ARE the system They’re the complete package… Dynamic Speaker Great Motivator Good with youth and elderly A1 Administrator Excellent Musician AND good looking

19 The Truth Is… The best and most effective leaders may well look and feel more like THIS

20 Is God Calling You? If you feel like THIS… …but you like what you’ve heard You really want to get involved You’re not satisfied with the status quo You would like to give it your best even though you don’t know how to start…

21 Chances Are He’s Calling YOU Yes YOU

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