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Neal Snooke1 Your Industrial Year Neal Snooke IY Coordinator.

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2 Neal Snooke1 Your Industrial Year Neal Snooke IY Coordinator

3 Neal Snooke2 Industrial Year  Is the most popular part of our courses with a 90% approval rating!  You can’t lose: –Earn money to pay off your loan(s) –Get valuable work experience in IT –Makes your CV look good and makes you even more employable –For MEng and BEng counts towards your final degree (high marks are typical)

4 Neal Snooke3 But…  Economic climate is getting worse  More effort required to find placements  Greater competition  Remember placements are real jobs!

5 Neal Snooke4 The CV is Crucial!  If you have a crap CV you won’t even get to the interview, no matter how good you are in interviews  Revise your first year CV  Create a covering letter –You will need to modify this for each application.  Have electronic copies of both available

6 Neal Snooke5 Criteria to apply for CV  Layout is very important: well balanced, eye catching! Avoid high textual density  Spelling and grammar. Be pedantic, employers will be.  Relevant information only. Correct proportions  Home, term address, phone and email

7 Neal Snooke6  Academic history: Number of GCSEs, list A levels & grades, first year modules and grades. Name of school, and Uni  Work history. Not just names and dates but also what you got out of it.  External interests. Not too long, but make your enthusiasm show.

8 Neal Snooke7 The Application Process  YES office not involved this year  New member of CS staff starting shortly –‘Industrial Placement Administrator’  You are responsible for making applications –No applications means no job  –Very few (if any) last minute jobs expected next summer

9 Neal Snooke8 What you must do  Get CV and decide who to ask as your academic referee  ASK your chosen referee for permission –They may ask you to find someone else –Once agreed they will look over and sign your CV –Remember you might need to target your CV to specific jobs.  Progress update to IP Administrator –Mid November –I will email you all with who and which room ! –Bring your signed CV

10 Neal Snooke9 Search for jobs  Notice board  Our Web Database – cement/ cement/  Also check web sites of large companies  Other resources eg.  The careers service  On spec applications can work…  Personal contacts, home (local businesses), family…  Agencies (needs care)

11 Neal Snooke10 When should I start looking for a job ?  NOW !

12 Neal Snooke11 Keep Us Informed  Those not intending to take a placement please tell the IY Administrator (Mid Nov).  Tell the IY Administrator when you apply  And the outcomes (offer/accept/reject)  Get details of the company, location, line manager to the IY Administrator  Ask me if you are unsure about job spec.  Do not ‘disappear’ next summer ! –And cause us lots of unnecessary work

13 Neal Snooke12 Be Responsible !  Think very carefully before accepting an offer  Once you have accepted you must turn down any subsequent offers.  This is the real world now. Do not embarrass the department or ruin the prospects of future students.  If you are unsure as to the academic suitability see me or your tutor.

14 Neal Snooke13 Once you start  Fill in the H&S form (on web)  We will write to all IY students in Oct with supervisor details.  Contact me if you do not have a supervisor by mid October.  We expect brief monthly reports.

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