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Presentation Skills Tim Lundell District Trainer Rotary District 5170.

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1 Presentation Skills Tim Lundell District Trainer Rotary District 5170

2 “The biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished.” -George Bernard Shaw

3 Podium Panic For some people, the thought of giving a presentation is more frightening than falling off a cliff, financial difficulties, snakes and even death.

4 Dealing with Podium Panic Audiences are forgiving Nervousness is usually invisible Be yourself, in your STYLE Practice deep breathing/ visualization techniques Stay in your comfort zone

5 Check out the room in advance Prepare an agenda! Concentrate on the message Begin with a slow, well prepared intro, then let it flow! Practice for the first few times

6 Never let them out of your sight. Looking them in the eye makes them feel that they are influencing what you say. Eye contact allows the presentation to approximate conversation—the audience feels much more involved. Eye Contact

7 Body Language NO-NO’s… Do not Lean on or grip the podium Rock or sway in place Stand immobile Use a single gesture repeatedly Examine or bite your fingernails

8 Body Language NO-NO’s: Do Not… Cross your arms in front of your chest Use obviously practiced or stilted gestures Chew gum or eat candy Click or tap your pen, pencil or pointer

9 Body Language NO-NO’s: Do Not… Lean into the microphone Shuffle your notes unnecessarily Tighten your tie or otherwise play with your clothing Crack your knuckles Jangle change or key in your pocket

10 Voice Voice Intelligibility Articulation Pronunciation Vocalized pauses Overuse of stock expressions Substandard grammar Voice Variability Rate of speech Volume Pitch or tone Emphasis

11 Visual Aids

12 (not the stars of the show)

13 Design Concepts For everything you put in front of your audience, make it Big Simple Clear

14 Big Should be able to read everything from the back row Test visibility yourself from around the room

15 Simple No more than 6 lines No more than 7 words per line

16 Clear Arial or Helvetica Blue background with yellow text Avoid overuse of red, shadows, animation and transitions Beware of busy backgrounds

17 Visual Aids should be on the speaker’s left.

18 Interaction with your Audience Invite Questions Move from behind the lectern Don’t embarrass questioner! (no such thing as a dumb question)

19 Closing  Make them want to come back for more  Leave your audience feeling UPBEAT  Remember Rotary’s #1 Rule: HAVE FUN!

20 “Make sure you have finished speaking before your audience has finished listening.” -Dorothy Sarnoff

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