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3 Optimist International2 LEADERSHIP STYLES AND PROFILES - OVERVIEW ¶ Introduction · Goals of Program ¸ Recognizing Your Present Leadership (Behavioral Style) ¹ Description of Leadership Style (Behaviors) º Developing Alternative Leadership (Behavioral) Styles

4 Optimist International3 INTRODUCTION z Learning about behaviors enables effectiveness. z Leader understands team’s motivations and behaviors. z Leader understands and appreciates each member’s skills and motivations

5 Optimist International4 Goals of Program ¶Name 4 Leadership (behavioral) styles ·Attributes of each style ¸Personal Style ¹Identify styles of others ºHow to adopt a style for a specific situation

6 Optimist International5 ORIGINS OF WESTERN THOUGHT Absolute Certainty/Control zPredict humans by typecasting zPersonalities fixed and unchangeable zThinking, feelings, actions predictable and controllable zNo room for growth zFate is in control

7 Optimist International6 ORIGIN OF WESTERN THOUGHT MYSTERY/DIGNITY OF PERSON z Individual is in control z Persons are free agents, each in control of his or her own destiny z Ability to CHANGE

8 Optimist International7 MYSTERY/DIGNITY OF THE PERSON z Hippocrates: medicines needed to effect change z Socrates: know yourself z Predestination/Devine Right of Kings: birth determines station z Phrenology: measure the head z “…ism”: slot by race, religion, etc.

9 Optimist International8 MYSTERY/DIGNITY OF THE PERSON (cont.) zAssessments: measure/predict human behavior zPersonality descriptions zOther theories zThis module is based on observable behaviors, not personalities.

10 Optimist International9 CURRENT LEADERSHIP STYLE zAssessment to show where you are currently zHow you feel/view not how others see you.

11 Optimist International10 BENEFITS CHART zIs this statement important to me? zHow important is this statement to me? zRank the 4 statements in manner of importance (1 being most important) zFill in Registration Form – USE A PENCIL!.

12 Optimist International11 BENEFITS FORM

13 Optimist International12 REGISTRATION FORM

14 Optimist International13 EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP and COMMUNICATION z Awareness z Plan of Action z Improved performance

15 Optimist International14 PICTURE PAGES -- OVERVIEW zRead instructions on page 7 zPicture pages 10 - 13 zRank from 1 - 4 on what appears important and comfortable zHow you feel - NOT how you want others to see you.

16 Optimist International15 PLANNER PICTURE PAGE

17 Optimist International16 PLANNER PART OF LEADERSHIP zImaginative zCreative zSymbols tell a story zNeed to understand and explain inner workings of things zDetail oriented

18 Optimist International17 PLANNER PART OF LEADERSHIP (cont.) z Detailed-oriented z Forward thinking z Imaginative z New and better ways z Competency and perfection z Logical z Analyze and understand

19 Optimist International18 PLANNER PART OF LEADERSHIP (cont.) Build an atmosphere of freedom of thought. Communication Key

20 Optimist International19 CALL ME CREATIVE - COLOR ME A PLANNER (green) zOpen to new, creative ideas zAbstract thinking zLatest, innovative procedures/products zNot concerned about exterior details zVisionary/future- oriented z Creative thinking z Prefer to work alone z Develop the mind and reasoning process z Logical and detailed z Long explanations, reports, and meetings COMFORT ZONEDEMANDS ON PEOPLE

21 Optimist International20 USING A PLANNER zListen to their ideas. zBe patient and encourage creativity. zAllow additional time to complete tasks. zGive advanced notice before calling on them to speak in public. zPlace at middle or end of agenda. zSharp treatment will cause withdrawal.

22 Optimist International21 BUILDER PICTURE PAGE

23 Optimist International22 BUILDER PART OF LEADERSHIP zPatriotism, tradition zStatus and prestige zAffinity for bottom line zLaw and order zSecurity clearance = status zEducation important zRecognition is important

24 Optimist International23 BUILDER PART OF LEADERSHIP (cont.) z Just the facts z Bottom line z Lead and follow up z Justice, tradition important z Prepare solid foundation z Strong-willed z Organized z Wants respect and to be appreciated

25 Optimist International24 BUILDER PART OF LEADERSHIP (cont.) Down to earth and traditional. Communication Key

26 Optimist International25 CALL ME TRADITIONAL - COLOR ME A BUILDER (brown) z Orderly and structured zPride in organization, company, school, family zAbove also indicate status zInput and procedures that are proven or have solid base zDiscipline and routine z Duty, Honor, Country z Obedient, respectful z Success-oriented z Hard-working, reliable z Finish on time/budget z Reports neat, concise, timely COMFORT ZONEDEMANDS ON PEOPLE

27 Optimist International26 USING A BUILDER zBottom line communication zDuty conscious/rules and directions zExplain directions step-by-step zConcrete award system. zProvide expectations/structure zAccountable/responsible positions zNEVER embarrass them with peers

28 Optimist International27 RELATER PICTURE PAGE

29 Optimist International28 RELATER PART OF LEADERSHIP zMatters of the heart zRelationships important zOpportunities to socialize zWarm and friendly zConcern for others zLove and affection zGifts important

30 Optimist International29 RELATER PART OF LEADERSHIP (cont.) z Enjoy being with people z Feelings are important z Subordinate own needs z Judge on people first; facts/products/service s second z Honesty and sincerity

31 Optimist International30 RELATER PART OF LEADERSHIP (cont.) Caring, friendly, emotional person interactions. Communication Key

32 Optimist International31 CALL ME SOCIAL - COLOR ME A RELATER (blue) z Supportive, friendly atmosphere zHarmony, teamwork zDiscussions zWant to be liked zPeople-centered zAccessible to work and personal needs zBright, colorful dress z Share ideas and feelings z Enthusiasm z Harmony z Emotional appreciation z Speak out z Emphasis on looks z Democratic COMFORT ZONEDEMANDS ON PEOPLE

33 Optimist International32 USING A RELATER zFriendly approach to communication zProvide social atmosphere zRespect feelings; don’t impose yours zAllow time to talk with friends zProvide emotional outlets and freedom of expression zGive concern; don’t dominate zSmile and congratulate when not expected

34 Optimist International33 ADVENTURER PICTURE PAGE

35 Optimist International34 ADVENTURER PART OF LEADERSHIP zDanger and risk zTake a chance zFast pace zPhysical challenge zAction and reaction zChallenge of the journey zCompetitive with others and self

36 Optimist International35 ADVENTURER PART OF LEADERSHIP (cont.) z Action, movement z Short term z No rules, just right! z Works best under pressure z Long range planning is lunch tomorrow!

37 Optimist International36 ADVENTURER PART OF LEADERSHIP (cont.) Build an atmosphere of action, fun and excitement. Communication Key

38 Optimist International37 CALL ME ACTIVE - COLOR ME AN ADVENTURER (red) z Action zUnstructured work situations zProcedures that are useful, dynamic, practical, hands-on zBe on the stage zIn touch and hands on z Action-oriented z Spontaneous z Responsive z Competitive z React on moment’s notice z Fun/able to take a joke z Pick up the pieces z Clean up the mess COMFORT ZONEDEMANDS ON PEOPLE

39 Optimist International38 USING AN ADVENTURER zTake fun approach to communication zFocus on hear and now zBe flexible, but monitor the direction zDon’t get caught in the thrill zCreate result-oriented action focused on goals zAllow starring roles zTime to let off steam

40 Optimist International39 WHAT DO YOU THINK NOW? z Do you need to change ranking? z Rank how you feel AT THE PRESENT TIME z Do NOT rank according to how you think others see you.

41 Optimist International40 WHAT CAN YOU DO? zCan you think? zCan you decide? zCan you feel things? zCan you act?

42 Optimist International41 DISCOVER YOUR COMMUNICATION POWER z Complete Discover form z No right or wrong answers z How you feel at the present time z Transfer rankings to registration form


44 Optimist International43 REGISTRATION FORM

45 Optimist International44 THE STRENGTHS OF OTHERS - CLUES zWay they dress zVocabulary and speech zCars they drive zHow the office is organized zTake charge or plan/prepare zPart of team or work alone zSchedules/appointments zHarmony or just able to work together

46 Optimist International45 EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT zLearned by age 5-6 zUse it whether it is successful or not zStronger than preference or habit zCan be negative zRecognition is first step to break attachment

47 Optimist International46 FILTERING – SEE THROUGH MY COLORED GLASSES zPerspective is from own preferred style zBusiness (and OI) runs on Builder (brown) and Planner (green) styles zPlanning, organizing deciding and leading are strengths zTherefore policies and procedures reflect those styles Frame your messages so that people who use other styles can appreciate and understand them.

48 Optimist International47 MORE ON FILTERING zOI Awards/Recognition Program is very Builder and Planner in nature yBuilder: public recognition, titles, pins yPlanner: track activities/forms/detail zPeople will accept/reject a program based on results of filtering zPresent program in ways acceptable to each style yRelater: more members = more friends and service yAdventurer: challenge of growth rather than award


50 Optimist International49 PLAN OF ACTION zYou are not developing one style at the expense of another. zDevelop another style to compliment your present leadership strength. OBJECTIVE: If one chooses, be able to use all four styles to respond to any situation.


52 Optimist International51 BUILDER AFFIRMATIONS zI enjoy presenting what I want in an organized, step-by-step fashion. zI am #1 – a powerful winner. zI am “electric”. People respect and follow me. zWhen I act, I get … zI have a sense of power in being accountable and responsible for … zI am so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind.

53 Optimist International52 PLANNER AFFIRMATIONS zI enjoy listening and picking up the underlying messages that (name) sends. zMy imagination is strong, creative and vivid – making affirmations fun. zMy keen vision and thoughtful thinking help me to discover new and better ways of doing things. zI look before I leap. I enjoy being a possibility thinker. zI look at the sunny side of everything and make my Optimism come true.

54 Optimist International53 RELATER PART OF LEADERSHIP zI enjoy taking the time to help … because they are in need. zI am a positive, happy and joyful person. zI take pride in relating in an honest and open manner to … zI am a warm, gentle and gracious person with … when I meet them. zI wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature I meet a smile. zI enjoy introducing people and making them feel good.

55 Optimist International54 ADVENTURER AFFIRMATIONS zI take tiredness, hunger and pain in stride as I climb to the top. zI enjoy living the present moment to its fullest. zI am a fun person to be with at all times. zI share my possessions and abilities with my fellow humans. zI forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.

56 Optimist International55 LEADERSHIP STYLES AND PROFILES - CONCLUSION & Recognize your present Leadership (Behavioral) Style & Name the 4 leadership styles & Describe the attributes of each style & How to identify the leadership styles of others & How to adopt alternative leadership styles (if you choose to do so)

57 Optimist International56 YOUR OPINION IS IMPORTANT


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