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Welcome. “All Politics is Local”  Live by this statement.

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1 Welcome

2 “All Politics is Local”  Live by this statement

3 You are a Politician  We are ALL politicians!  You head a public institution!  Your success or failure is based on the will of the public!

4 Wearing the “Influencer” Cape  “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”  You don’t have to become someone else—just harness the best of your skills!  A personal commitment

5 Building Support & Influence Step 1: Begin with Community Support  Market your library  Market yourself

6 Market Your Library  Reach out to donors and other potential allies  Make your library the cultural center of the community  Make sure your library impresses

7 Publicity, Publicity, Publicity!  You can never have too much!  Get the message out there  Advertise library events through newspapers, radio and television

8 Market Yourself  Look the part  Sell yourself  Speak up  Speak articulately How are you perceived by your community?  SMILE  Ensure a credible perception

9 Don’t be shy  Being shy will get you nowhere  Do not wait for someone to give you something  Articulate your needs

10 Be a Joiner Are you a member ?  Be visible, dependable  Always follow through

11 Building Influence & Support Step 2: Developing those strategic relationships  Arm yourself with a strong board  Cultivate Legislators and other powerbrokers

12 Create a Strong Board  Boards are critical to the success of a library  Power brokers of the community make excellent board members  Be prepared when seeking them out to serve your library’s interests

13 Cultivating Legislators  Before they are elected  After the election  During their tenure

14 When you meet…  Create an Opening Statement  Offer a firm handshake & look them straight in the eye  Initiate a conversation

15 VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!  Vote in Every Election!  No one knows how you vote, but they can find out if you vote!  If you vote, Legislators will pay more attention to you!

16 Helpful Hints  Do not be too “chatty”  Stay on Point: “Libraries, Libraries, Libraries”  Be cheerful and nice  Attend their fundraisers  Get to know their staff members

17 They have been elected NOW WHAT????  Keep up the good work!!  Make a good friendship count for THEM and for YOU

18 For them: Be the Person that…  Introduces legislators to others  Is helpful and accommodating  Shares info and keeps them posted  Be their “go to” person

19 Making a good friendship count for you  Support for PR  Support for fundraising  Support for grant writing

20 For you…  People around you take notice  Helps you negotiate/deal with others

21 Reciprocation Public clout = political clout = public clout = political clout

22 Have you made it????  How will you know???  Is there a signal??? ….Can’t stop now!!!!

23 In those delicate situations  You have trust/willingness to listen  Respect  Shared desire to reach common goal: serve the community!

24 Keeping that Relationship  Be cheerful and pleasant  Never complain or embarrass  Be honest and ethical

25 Be a Good Salesman Be Prepared Know your facts Know your library Know your community Know your audience

26 Find Support from Groups Use their help Get Help From: Your Board Other Area Librarians You never know what you may find!

27 Be A Risk Taker Be Prepared & Knowledgeable Know you are Worthy!!! Your Community Needs A Library!! Libraries Deserve to be Well Funded!! Don’t Be Bullied!!!!!!!!

28 When things go wrong…  You CAN make things better  Be direct and diplomatic  Try again/try something new  If needed, give space and rebuild  Learn from it and move on  If you started strong, it’ll be OK

29 When things go right…  You’ll get something your library needs  Make new friends/gain new supporters  Discover something important

30 Be Tenacious!!! Never Give Up!!!! If not this year……. Maybe next year will be your lucky year !!!!

31 Questions???

32 Thank You!! Susan S. Mann 118 South Waco Hillsboro, Texas 76645 254-582-7385

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