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Careers Alternatives for Scientists Science & Business Club November 13, 2014 Michael Fath, PhD Senior Director, Global Marketing Bioscience Grifols, Inc.

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1 Careers Alternatives for Scientists Science & Business Club November 13, 2014 Michael Fath, PhD Senior Director, Global Marketing Bioscience Grifols, Inc. FINAL

2 2 2 Topics for Today Introduction Harvard Paths –Biotechnology –Consulting –Law –Education –Policy & Non-profit –Science writing McKinsey Additional Consulting Firms Preparing for the Interview Some final words of advice Q&A

3 3 3 Who am I? Grifols Inc. Senior Director, Global Marketing Bioscience – Pulmonology & Thrombolysis 2010 - –Global marketing for Prolastin and Prolastin-C (alpha-1 antitrypsin replacement therapy) –Launch of the AlphaKit QuickScreen (point-of-care screen that detects the Z-allele of alpha-1 antitrypsin) –Commercial development of aerosol alpha-1 for cystic fibrosis and diabetes –Commercial development of Pulmaquin - liposomal encapsulated ciprofloxacin in Phase III for bronchiectasis Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Park, IL 1998-2009 –Multiple management positions including US Brand Marketing, Medical Affairs, Strategic Planning, Business Development, and New Product Planning. Management consultant with McKinsey & Co. in Chicago 2005-2008 Post-doctoral fellowship in Molecular Genetics at the University of Chicago PhD in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from the Harvard Medical School - studied the biosynthesis and secretion of peptide antibiotics. The material in this presentation is mine and does not necessarily reflect the views of Grifols

4 4 4 Global healthcare company with >13,000 employees Recent growth driven by two major acquisitions: Talecris Biotherapeutics – 6/2011 Novartis Diagnostics – 11/2013 The new Grifols World’s highest plasma fractionation capacity World leading sales of IVIG and A1PI The largest number of source plasma collection centers in the US Subsidiaries in >24 countries and sales in more than 90 countries Grifols SA, Barcelona NASDAQ: GRFS 4 Grifols ’ Global Headquarters in Barcelona What does Grifols do?

5 5 5 Vertically Integrated Business Model Geographic diversity to ensure uninterrupted supply for production Quality control and maximum oversight across all functions Plasma –Derived Therapies

6 6 6 Three Grifols divisions develop, produce and distribute healthcare products worldwide DiagnosticHospitalBioscience Plasma-derived therapies In vitro diagnostics, analyzers & reagents Hospital logistics, IV solutions, medical devices

7 7 7 Source: Grifols Financial History

8 8 8 Grifols Product Portfolio ImmunologyHematologyPulmonology Grifols Albumin Products 8

9 9 9 Why discuss Grifols? If you are interested in a career outside of academia, you want to start thinking about science as a business. What are the economics of biotech, pharma, medical devices? How do your skills help you in these industries?

10 10 Top Companies and Drugs Table 1. Top 100 Drugs by Sales RankDrug (brand name)Sales, 2013 1Abilify$6,460,215,394 2Nexium$6,135,667,614 3Humira$5,549,996,855 4Crestor$5,310,818,889 5Cymbalta$5,219,860,418 6Advair Diskus$5,121,312,668 7Enbrel$4,681,201,645 8Remicade$4,098,233,242 9Copaxone$3,697,182,238 10Neulasta$3,580,364,758 11Rituxan$3,288,614,045 12Lantus Solostar$3,005,681,663 13Spiriva Handihaler$2,998,207,542 14Atripla$2,856,818,557 15Januvia$2,843,496,907 16Avastin$2,688,414,938 17Lantus$2,556,825,619 18Oxycontin$2,534,909,675 19Lyrica$2,415,254,835 20Epogen$2,280,696,834 21Celebrex$2,237,658,764 22Truvada$2,235,712,145 23Diovan$2,169,819,482 24Herceptin$1,938,804,857 25Gleevec$1,896,982,614 Abilify – neuropsych Nexium – PPI Humira – TNF-alpha Crestor - cardiovascular Cymbalta – neuropsych Advair Diskus Enbrel – TNF-alpha Remicade – TNF-alpha Copaxone - MS Neulasta Rituxan Lantus Solostar Spiriva Handihaler Atripla - HIV Januvia Avastin Lantus Oxycontin - pain Lyrica Epogen Celebrex Truvada - HIV Diovan - cardiovascular Herceptin Gleevec

11 11 Harvard Paths www.hms.harvard. edu/dms/resource s/paths.htmlwww.hms.harvard. edu/dms/resource s/paths.html –Biotechnology –Consulting –Law –Education –Policy & Non- profit –Science writing

12 12 McKinsey: recruiting process for full-time and internship opportunities Source:

13 13 McKinsey Seminars Source:

14 14 McKinsey Rotations and Internships Source:

15 15 McKinsey Fellowship and Full-time Positions Source:

16 16 IMS Consulting Source: IMS Consulting

17 17 Inventiv Source: Inventiv website

18 18 Campbell Alliance Source: Campbell Alliance 2008

19 19 Preparing for a Consulting Interview The Case Interview Understand the company Understand the industry

20 20 Some Resources

21 21 Case in Point Highlights Interviewers don't ask case questions to embarrass and humiliate you. They don't ask case questions to see you sweat and squirm (although some might consider it a side perk). They do ask case questions... –to probe your intellectual curiosity –to test your analytical ability –to test your ability to think logically and organize your answer * to observe your thought process –to probe your tolerance for ambiguity and data overload * to assess your poise, self-confidence, and communication skills under pressure –to discover your personality –to see whether you're genuinely intrigued by problem-solving –to determine whether consulting is a good fit for you

22 22 The Case Commandments 1.Listen to the Question. 2.Take Notes. 3.Summarize the Question. 4.Verify the Objectives. 5.Ask Clarifying Questions. 6.Organize Your Answer. 7.Hold That Thought for "One Alligator." 8.Manage Your Time. 9.Work the Numbers. 10.Be Coachable. 11.Be Creative and Brainstorm. 12.Exude Enthusiasm and a Positive Attitude. 13.Bring Closure and Summarize.

23 23 Some Final Observations There are many options for you Going through this self-evaluation process can be useful regardless of your final path Take the time to: –Build your talents thought practice –Avoid The Shallows –Be prepared

24 24 Questions? Thank you for your attention Contact me at if you have additional

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