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Service Encounter management Every service encounter is an opportunity to build satisfaction and quality.

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1 Service Encounter management Every service encounter is an opportunity to build satisfaction and quality

2 Service encounter or the “Moments of Truth” It is where promises are kept or broken where the proverbial rubber meets the road. It is from these service encounters that customers build their perceptions. These encounters thus present an opportunity to prove its potential as a quality service provider and to increase customer loyalty.

3 Service encounter cascade for a Hotel Visit Check in Bell person takes to room Restaurant meal Wake up call checkout

4 Importance of encounters If a customer is interacting with a firm for the first time, the initial encounter will create a first impression of the organization. Even when the customer has had multiple interaction with a firm, each individual encounter is important in creating the composite image of the firm in the customers memory. Many positive experience add up to a composite image of high quality. Certain encounters are key to customer satisfaction.

5 Types of service encounter Remote encounter-It occurs without direct human contact. Phone encounter. Face to face encounter.

6 Recovery Employee response to service delivery System Failures. Adaptability-Employee Response to customer Needs and request. Spontaneity-Unprompted and Unsolicited Employee Actions Coping-Employee Response to problem customers.

7 General Service Behaviour- Dos and Donts ThemeDoDonts RecoveryAcknowledge problem, explain causes, aplogize,compens ate/upgrade,layou t options, take responsibility Ignore customers,bla me customers,lea ve customers to “fend for him/herself,d owngradeact as if nothing is wrong, pass the buck

8 General Service Behaviour- Dos and Donts ThemeDoDon'ts Adaptabil ity Recognize the seriousness of need, Acknowledge, anticipate, attempt to accommodate, adjust the system, explain rules and policies take responsibility Ignore promise, but fail to follow through show unwillingnes s to try, embarrass the customer, laugh at the customer, avoid responsibility,

9 General Service Behavior- Dos and Don'ts ThemeDoDon't SpontaneityTake time, be attentive, anticipate needs,,listen,,provide information, show sympathy Exhibit impatience, Ignore,Yell/la ugh/swear,dis criminate

10 General Service Behavior- Do’s and Don'ts ThemeDoDon’t CopingListen, try to accommodate, explain, Take customer’s dissatisfaction personally, let customer dissatisfaction affect others.

11 Technology based service encounters Customers interacting with internet- based services, automated phone services, Kiosk services, and services delivered via CD or Video technology or self serviced technology (SST)

12 For satisfying SSTs Solved an intensified need. Better than an alternative-easy to use save time available when and where the customer needed it, saved money Did its job-technology failure

13 For dissatisfying SSTs Technology failure Process failure Poor design Customer-driven failure

14 The evidence of service PeopleProcessPhysical Evidence 1. Contact employees 2. Customer him/herself 3. Other customer 1.Operationa l flow of activities 2.Steps in process 3.Flexibility versus standard 4.Technology versus human 1.Tangible communication. 2.Servicescapes 3.Technology

15 Strategies for influencing customer perceptions Measure and mange customer satisfaction and service quality Aim for customer quality and satisfaction in Every Service Encounter 1.Plan for effective recovery 2.Facilitate Adaptability and flexibility 3.Encourage Spontaneity 4.Help Employee cope with problem customers Manage the dimensions of quality at the encounter level-reliability, responsiveness, assurance,,empathy, and tangibles

16 Role of service recovery and feedback CRM is about getting closer to customers in order to understand and meet their needs more effectively it rarely addresses existing customers needs. Customer care adds significant value representing the voice of the customers. Position customer care as profit center- Identifying the ROI of service recovery and customers feedback

17 Top management must be committed Keep the CEO fully briefed with topical,concise and actionableVoice of the customer feedback. Customer care starts at the frontline- they should be empowered to resolve most common issues and know the responses to common situations.

18 Make it easy and pleasant for customers to contact Customer should know how to contact. They should be able to choose whatever contact medium best suits them. Contacting should be easy Contact should be received by knowledgeable, polite and empowered individuals who are obviously interested in understanding and meeting customer need. Issues raised should not keep recurring. Information requested should be readily available, easily understood and free of jargon.

19 Effective resolution process Any investment in customer care will be wasted unless both customer care department the frontline achieve high level of contact satisfaction. Research studies over recent years have reported that satisfaction levels with service recovery remains disappointingly low. Contacts need to be monitored and performance evaluated.

20 Contacts need to be adequately recorded and reported. Voice of customer feedback relies on an effective process for logging, analyzing and reporting on customers contact.

21 Recommendation Timely reports Actionable findings Tailored to needs Provide an economic imperative to act Concentrate on what is important Effective presentation Participative reporting Dedicated knowledge manager

22 Develop a relationship and communication channel with internal clients for voice of the customer feedback. Use the customer care channel for soliciting positive feedback.

23 Early research suggested it cost ten times more to acquire a new customer but, today it ranges from 2 to 20 times depending on the industry. it therefore make sound economic sense to raise the profile of customer care.

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