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Celebration of Young Authors

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1 Celebration of Young Authors
Mrs. Haskell ’s Class

2 Mayah Nicholson Red Roses
Mrs. Haskell’s roses are a luscious red color. They smell like sweet tea. And they feel so sort like a cloud. The pot that they sit in has flowers all over. All different colors, red, yellow, purple, green, and even more different fantastic colors. A week has past. They look very week and crumbly. When I touch them they fall and make crumbly sound. Now the leaves are turning yellow and so are the flower’s peddles. They’re starting to wilt. I can almost hear them cry. The petals start to fall. They’re falling. One by One. They fall so quite I feel like I’m going to cry. Their almost gone. Plop, plop, plop. Oh wait. Oh, now they’re all gone. Mayah Nicholson

3 Mayah Nicholson Racing The Seasons Out running the wind, Whoooo
Hair flipping Cold Frozen feet Leaves in your face Sports playing In front of you.  The finish line. Mayah Nicholson

4 Alexa Gallo Climbing Trees I begin on the ground,
Soon to be as high as a bird. I grasp the first branch and pull myself up. I watch out for sticky sap.  Three branches high, many more ahead While I climb this tree.  Before long I’m six branches far above the ground. I found a bird’s nest, eggs so delicate and smooth, Should I continue on? Finally I’m 12 branches higher; now I look around and sit.

5 Alexa Gallo Magnolia tree
White pink smooth petals, as soft as a sheep’s wool, lounging in the air. Lovely smelling flowers singing a song of spring’s arrival. It sounds like birds chirping as the wind keeps the beat. Squirrels dash to the top of the tree and the sun puts on a show of lights. Petals dance with the wind while the bees perform a tune of spring. The top of the tree watches over the world as spring is blooming and the bottom keeps the pretty magnolia tree rooted in. Alexa Gallo

6 Jacob Peterson Space Space is endless Just a giant black space
Space is a wonder New secrets to be unlocked Still very mysterious  Space, a one man show Space is the universe It is quiet and cold Space is a beautiful sight to see But there is more to see in space Space is not just dark it is also light Space has glowing stars Glittering and glistening in the black sky But there is another Light , it is the father of the night The moon, the king of the dark sky. There might be more lights in the sky, is still black as Space. Jacob Peterson

7 Jacob Peterson Harrison Road Street music Cars roaring down The street
Cars roaring down The street Cicadas chirping All around Screech, zoom, crash Bang car crash Car in pieces Dented And broken Wow What a crash Drip drip Goes the rain Thump thump Goes the hail Street music Jacob Peterson

8 Carolyn Kelly Where Poetry Hides
Poetry hides in places you have visited Poetry hides in sports that you do Poetry hides in colors or in your house Poetry hides in nature or in your pets Poetry hides in your senses and in your body Poetry hides in cabinets of food Poetry could even hide in your lunch! Carolyn Kelly

9 Carolyn Kelly Gymnastics You turn on bars and jump on beams
You turn on bars and jump on beams You do cartwheels and do flips on trampolines You can land in a foam pit and do handstands You can do backbends and round-offs But you will always have to wear a hair band

10 Morgan King Morning I wake up something smells good!
I wake up something smells good! Eggs, Bacon, French toast! Yummy, yummy! I all most forgot it is breakfast time! The sun is here bright in the morning The house is waking up! I can hear the birds singing! I am getting dressed and brushing my hair and teeth! It is a nice day no rain just  SHINE!!! The clouds are high in the sky I am jumping with joy inside!!! I am thinking about my day!!!! I am off to school and morning has come to the end!!!! Morgan King

11 Morgan King Home My Home is like a box
My Home is like a box Filled with all different things I live there and sleep there It is cozy inside and fun It sits there very still doing Nothing all day I wonder what it is doing right now Just sitting, just sitting on the ground I love it so much It keeps me safe Forever, forever  I’ll stay with you!!!!!

12 SUN Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I see the sun shining. It is coming through my windows shining on my bed. It makes me feel like I’m going right into a light bulb full of lighting bugs. It smells like fire and a meteoroid is going to hit me. When I walk outside I see millions of stars that are shaped like the sun. It also feels like a hot, warm hot tub at 100 degrees. I think if I went close I would melt like a Hershey kiss in the sun. It is like a golden coin that is so big it cost billions of dollars. At night the sun is kind of saying goodbye and is leaving for the night until the next sunshine comes.  Jenna Thompson

13 Jenna Thompson Street Music on Iris Lane
In my neighborhood in the morning I hear birds chirping and cars driving by zoom. I also hear kids screaming, balls bouncing and my brothers yelling. When I’m in my house my dogs barking, arf, arf, at people mowing their lawns. At night I hear the garage opening because people are coming home . I hear crickets chirping and motorcycles zooming by. That’s what I hear in my neighborhood. Jenna Thompson

14 Josh Nepo Silence Inspired by Mr. Arnold Adoff Rusting of the leaves
Rusting of the leaves Hawks circling their prey A cool breeze, whoosh Funnel of leaves Hot days Cool nights Dogs barking woof, woof Fish gurgling, gurgle gloop Crickets chirping Dad snoring This is silence.

15 Josh Nepo Our Door The handle The pattern of the wood
It creaks and groans Until it is opened Makes noise Shuts from the wind.

16 Carly D’Ambrosio Maxx Funny, cute, weird That’s my dog
Does cool tricks Dance, play dead He’s funny too His face is so cute He loves my cat He’s really fast He loves the snow He rolls in it He gets it all over his face He goes crazy when he’s playing He will not lay with me I really want him to He never does Carly D’Ambrosio

17 Carly D’Ambrosio Butterfly Flying gently through the sky
Flying gently through the sky Patterns on its wings From caterpillar to butterfly Lands gently on a flower Fly’s so high in the sky Fly away butterfly

18 Ian Duffy Penguin Wattle, wattle, wattle Slow on land
Wattle, wattle, wattle Slow on land Glides through water Catching fish with ease Tap, tap, tap go there feet on the ice Making no sound Flightless Sliding Different calls Black and white Babies grey

19 Ian Duffy Blue Dog Everybody loves that blue dog
Everybody loves that blue dog The flower vase smiles at the blue dog The sun smiles at the blue dog People play with the blue dog People pet the blue dog The desk runs with the blue dog Everybody loves that amazing

20 Lindsay Cave Nighttime at Willowgate Lane Owl’s Woo-wooing,
Cricket’s chirp-chirping, Car lights outside My window, Motorcycle Man Vroom vroom, Wee oo wee oo Vrmmp vrmp Police sirens, and fire trucks, Planes soaring at full volume With blinking lights, Full moon Big and bright, Nighttime at Willowgate Lane. Lindsay Cave

21 Lindsay Cave The Fox Like a ghost Creeping, Foot by foot,
Like a ghost Creeping, Foot by foot, Studying the bird, And it’s every move, Closer and closer, Until, He’s in the exact spot, Ready position, Leap, Snatch, Lunch. Lindsay Cave

22 Kylie Chelo Creek Road Woof, Woof, Rudy barking Voiceless Street
Private road Wind blowing Leaves crushing Gun club shooting Birds chirping Chris yelling Me cheering Nicky wining Us playing Kid’s screaming With happiness That’s Creek Road Kylie Chelo

23 Kylie Chelo Beach Gentle and warm Whispering waves splashing
Gentle and warm Whispering waves splashing Kids laughing Kites flying Delightful wind Mushy sand Beaming sun Sand Castles built Umbrellas waving Getting ice cream Crowds of people like ants on a farm And full of enjoyment!

24 Zander Prokop I am from Spicy Trader Joes mandarin orange chicken served with noodles and shredded cheese, coffee ice cream on a hot afternoon with my family, hot Pizza Hut buffalo wings which make my mouth feel like it is on fire and eating hot sauce on a cold winter afternoon.  I am from playing baseball with my team on a warm spring evening, playing Mario Super Sluggers on the Wii, after my homework is done, taking care of my Venus trap named Snappy, playing basket ball on a hot, sunny afternoon and swinging on swings. I am from the watching the Blue Rocks game on fireworks night, my grandparents house, watching TV and having great conversations, my Aunts house, playing Guitar Hero on a nice morning and my cousins house playing wiffle ball on a nice evening. I am from playing Miles Born, my favorite game on a cold winter night and watching my sister play basketball. I am from “Never say never,” when I’m trying to do my homework when I think I can’t do it. “Your as cute as a baby bunny” when I get my picture back on picture day. My sister saying,” I love you” in public trying to embarrass me. “It’s time to go to school and “It’s time to go to play tennis”.

25 Zander Prokop The Math Test
Everything was going so well but then it happened  The math test came  I was so nervous, I wondered what I was going to get I had never failed a math test before but when I got it back I couldn’t believe my eyes I was destroyed Teachers look at that test and take points off my grade I can’t believe it Zander Prokop

26 Kyle Bardroff I am from hot plain pizza from Coco’s with lots of cheese on it, my mom’s fresh baked apple pie out of the oven. I am from watermelon water ice after a long baseball game, Grandma’s favorite scrambled eggs warm and tasty. I am from baseball on hot and warm nights, Soccer on Saturday mornings, Football playing in my back yard with my friends and my brother, Video games playing all day, Bike riding in my neighborhood with my red and black bike. I am from the beach where I play in the water and build sand castles, the park when I have fun and play, The boardwalk when I play and go walking, the pool where I go swimming, field trips when we have learn about cool stuff. I am from my brother’s funny, Mom and Dad who cares about me, Cousins nice and playful, My Grandparents funny and excited to see me. I am from, “brush your teeth, “go to bed”, and “rise and shine.”

27 Kyle Bardroff Snails Big shell, slime crawling Green, gray shells under the sea Snails are colorful. Garbage Lies over the ground Garbage stinks up everything It can’t be explained.

28 Eric Voorhees Pencil Yellow and pointy hard and smooth
all kinds of erasers nice and long easy to find not a lot of money all colors big erasers very big very pointy

29 Eric Voorhees Cars and trucks Cars, trucks, vans everywhere
Look, Ford, Chevy, Lincoln All different kinds Red, yellow, blue All different colors too. They are everywhere Eric Voorhees

30 Silas Peterson SNOW FLAKE Falling, falling
Slowly, slowly white as clouded Yummy as salt moves in the air like stars above. Catch it on your tongue.

31 Silas Peterson Tiger A tiger watches its prey, then pounce
A tiger watches its prey, then pounce Slowly the prey dies  dinner is served. The tiger gobbles its food has quick as a piranha then it hides its food for another day. again the tiger goes out to find food it sees an antelope, a doe and me. It caught the antelope, it caught the doe but it didn’t catch me. Silas Peterson

32 Sean McGroary Spring Let out with the cold, And in with the hot,
Because spring is right here. Winters past so has fall, But summers on its way. So it’s not winter nor fall IT`S SPRING the most happiest Time of all  There’s lots of seasons and Lots of treats, but spring is the best Treat of all.

33 Sean McGroary Bacon Crunchy, crispy Smells like pig Sizzle, sizzle
All ready to eat Red and sometimes white All juicy in my mouth Can`t wait to get my hands on it There it is All savory and meat I can`t wait Until I eat And when it’s ready And all well done I think I`ll probably Eat a ton I LOVE BACON!  Sean McGroary

34 Billy Kazunas Video games Video games suck you into playing
Hard to control Trying to win but can barely stand a chance Makes you thinking only about the game You are playing right now Makes you feel frustrated when you lose I think video games are fun and awesome Even though they could be hard I still like video games I wonder if video games are good or bad for you Video games can be good for you because they could help You learn stuff that you have never learned before Video games could be bad for you because they can have violence and can keep you from studying or doing homework. Billy Kazunas

35 Billy Kazunas What happens in spring? Early sunrise birds chirping
Warmer weather April showers bring May flowers In school with the windows open and the fans on Longer recess kids prepared for field day After school kids ride their bikes in the park Going for long walks kids wanting to play all day Kids so tired going to bed early to do it all over again.

36 Jacqui Clair Spring 6 more weeks says the groundhog Then 5, Then 4
Then spring Flowers blooming Grass growing Easter coming A couple more days of school Then spring break Vacation time Warm weather Sun shining Dying eggs Easter morning Playing outside No more sweaters, that’s spring Jacqui Clair

37 Jacqui Clair The Boardwalk Bright lights The chilly beach at night
Fun rides cool stores people rushing Delicious cookie dough ice cream Fun roller coasters Pretty view Lots of people and signs Mac and Mancos pizza Watch out here comes the tram car Tall buildings people screaming That’s the boardwalk Jacqui Clair

38 Brianna Earnest Gizmo My dog Gizmo. Follows me everywhere I go.
He follows me to my room then to the living room. My Mom says that means that he loves me. His tail wagging. Eeewww slobber everywhere. He smiles at me all the time. When he looks at me it’s like he’s saying, Thank, you thank, you You made me so happy when your mom chose me. His fluffy paws on me. Like he’s trying to say I love you. When we play I play with his squeaky toys. Sometimes he might howl to the toy. When we are done playing I tell him to get a drink of water. No one wanted him so my mom chose him. Brianna Earnest

39 Brianna Earnest Crazy Radio Lady
Dogs barking, Kids laughing, Cars passing by, A girl in my neighborhood who turns her radio on So loud, So early So annoying you want to scream at her Saying out your bed room window Turn your radio down it’s so early You think it works It doesn’t , I yell louder , and louder Until ,You hear someone else saying Turn down that loud radio But she still can’t hear you It gets louder and louder until, Oh, no, Someone’s at their door yelling, ‘‘ Why is your music so loud can you PLEASE turn it down, She doesn’t turn it down, Until, Oh, no Someone called the police. You hear, ‘‘ Excuse me ma’am I’ve been getting many complaints, about your radio being way to loud ‘‘I’m sorry sir I’ll turn it down.’’ ‘‘And make sure you close your window also.’’ ‘‘Yes sir.’’ ‘‘I will. ’’ And that’s how it sounds in my crazy neighborhood. Brianna Earnest

40 Eric Carosella My treasure
My treasure is diamonds and crystals. I have had them 5 years. I buy them and find them. I keep them in a glass box. They sparkle, they feel cold sometimes the ends could be sharp! They have different colors from black to pink. It can be all different shapes. People carve them into hearts and triangle. They come out all kind of shapes. You can’t really explain them. But they are so cool. Sometimes they cost over 1,000,000 dollars! You can find them in museums. Lots of famous people ware them like queens and president’s wives. My treasure is important to me because they are cool and I give them powers like black crystals and diamonds can make people mad and red can make people happy. I will kept them forever because they remind me of all the memories I had because they where there with me when they happened. I will pass them down to my family members and those members of my family will pass them down and so on. Eric Carosella

41 Eric Carosella The Tiger Lying down comfortably on a bed of leaves
Soft fur and sharp claws Strong with thin black stripes

42 Kyle Piccari Birthday It’s my birthday, yay, Cake, balloons, presents,
All in one day, I don’t see how it can get any better. Wait…it can Because my birthday is on Easter Which means, Candy, Cake, balloons, and presents. I don’t see how it can get better than this. Wait…it can. Because my friends come over Friends, candy, cake, balloons, and presents. Now I don’t see how it can get any better than this. It’s a surprise party Surprise Party, friends, candy, cake and presents. What a party. Happy Birthday to me! Kyle Piccari

43 Kyle Piccari Jack , Jack the Hockey dog
I have a dog his name is Jack and he plays hockey. And hockey to him is his life, I pick up a hockey stick He barks I pick up his hockey ball he barks I hit the ball with my stick He runs after it brings it back I flick it he jumps for it and catches it Bark, bark, bark And then he smiles with the ball in his mouth bark, bark Then he lays down puts his tongue out and goes to sleep.

44 Mitchell Davis If you give a frog a frillet
He will want some powdered sugar It will remind him of Santa Claus. So he will want to go to the North Pole. On his way to see Santa he sees a creek And he wants to go in. When he goes in, he sees some of his friends. Then they find a ball. They play with the ball until the ball pops. So then when he is on his way home When he finds a twenty dollar bill. Then he wants to go to the store He wants to buy a new ball. But he sees a frillet and powdered sugar. Mitchell Davis

45 Mitchell Davis If I Could Be If I could turn myself into
any animal it would be a bull frog. I would be big and a King. I could fight for the creek and could swim at high speeds. I could jump to escape danger and eat other frogs. I would go to sleep for four months. I would dig 14 holes in a lifetime. I would live in the creek for life and I get two different lives, tadpole and frog. Mitchell Davis


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