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Cyber crime: a new challenge for law enforcers!

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1 Cyber crime: a new challenge for law enforcers!
Md Shah Alam Superintendent of Police Bangladesh Police

2 A cyber-crime is estimated to take place every 20 seconds...
Over 500,000 web pages contain some form of hacker tool Bangladesh Police

3 New concept of global citizenship:
Cybercitizenship Cyber ethics Netiquette" Bangladesh Police

4 What is Cyber crime: Definition (1) Council of Europe
Criminal offences committed against or with the help of computer networks Offence against the confidentiality, integrity and availability of computer data and systems. Bangladesh Police

5 Offences against computer data and systems
What is Cyber crime: Definition (2) Cyber Crime Convention Offences against computer data and systems - Illegal access - Illegal interception - Data interference - System interference - Misuse of devices Bangladesh Police

6 Computer related offences
What is Cyber crime: Definition (2) Cyber Crime Convention Computer related offences - Computer-related forgery - Computer-related fraud - Offences related to child pornography - Offences related to infringements of copyright and related rights Bangladesh Police

7 What is Cyber crime : Definition (3)
General crimes by using new technologies - Defamation New crimes using Internet-based technologies - Fraud on on-line trade Attacks upon the computer systems and networks themselves - Illegal access Bangladesh Police

8 Major Cybercrimes Unauthorised access to a computer system
Unauthorised access to data or information Introduces or causes to introduce viruses Tampering with computer source documents Cause Damage to Computer system or causes any disruption Denies access to any person authorised to access the computer system Spread of viruses Bangladesh Police

9 Hacker Traits: Curiosity and/or desire to learn Gang mentality
Psychological needs Misguided trust in other individuals Altruistic reasons Revenge and malicious reasons Can I get into this system??? Everybody is doing it I want to rule the world! Can you get into my personnel file? Free Willy! Bangladesh Police 9

10 Why do hackers hack? Emotional issues Desire to embarrass the target
Joyriding Scorekeeping Espionage (industrial, political) Because they can… Emotional issues – this describes every co-worker I ever known! Classic - Microsoft's problems... Wahoo! This is easy! How far can I get? So there! Still happens – 9/11 Bangladesh Police 10

11 Targets: Financial data Intellectual Property Personal data
System Access Theft, modification or sale, blackmail Theft, sale, personal gain Modification, sale Sabotage, backdoors, exploitation Bangladesh Police

12 What the law of Bangladesh says:
if a person intentionally causes loss or damage to any other person or organisation by any act which destroys, deletes or alters any information residing in a computer resource or diminishes its value or utility or affects it by any means, would be considered to have engaged in hacking. Bangladesh Police

13 What makes us difficult to investigate cybercrime?
Increase in the number of cyber crime HARDLY imagined what happens Lack of resources Trained investigators Equipments The nature of the Internet Speed of Cybercrime Damage of Cybercrime Transnational nature of cyberspace Volatility nature of digital evidence Bangladesh Police

14 The Bangladesh Scenario
Malicious Mail to Foreign Diplomatic Mission and Other VIPs Pornography Use of for illegal activities Use of Internet for transmitting false and malicious information Use of Internet for Prostitution Use of Internet for Women & Child Trafficking Bangladesh Police

15 Illegal Prostitution Promotion Sites from Bangladesh
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16 Illegal Prostitution Promotion Sites from Bangladesh
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17 e – Readiness for Police
The various government across the globe are investing to bring the Police Force to meet the challenges of the Borderless Cyber Crime, Government of Bangladesh has also taken to make the Police Force e- Ready. Bangladesh Police

18 ICT Law in Bangladesh ICT Act 2006
Amendment of Telecommunication Act 2001 Bangladesh Police

19 ICT Act 2006 Eliminates barriers to e-commerce,
Promotes legal and business infrastructures to secure e-transactions, Facilitates electronic filing in government agencies and Ensures efficient delivery of electronic records from government offices Bangladesh Police

20 ICT Act 2006 Help maintain the latest technology by freeing it from nuisance as punitive provisions Publishing obscene or defamatory information in electronic form The law ensures five years imprisonment and a fine of up to Taka 5 crore for offenders for the first conviction and that could be extended to 10 years imprisonment and Taka 10 crore as fine for each subsequent offence of the same nature. Bangladesh Police

21 ICT Act 2006 Powers of Police Officers and Other Officers
Establishment of Cyber Appellate Tribunal Bangladesh Police

22 Special Provisions for LEA under Amended Telecom Act
Telecom Service Providers including Internet service providers are considered as intermediaries All such Service Providers to maintain log of all their customers. Such data to be produced on demand by Service Providers to any designated enquiry officer from Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) Bangladesh Police

23 How could we co-operate each other regionally or internationally?
@ 1. By exchanging information 2. By building investigation capability 3. By arranging Regional Working Parties Bangladesh Police

24 Working Parties on IT Crimes may concentrate :
Cooperation, sharing of knowledge and practical experience Promotion of standardization of methods Establish good practice guidelines Bangladesh Police

25 Recommendations Cooperation, sharing of knowledge and practical experience Promotion of standardization of methods Establish good practice guidelines To share the current crime scenes Establishment of digital forensic laboratory for investigation and detection of cyber crime. To train trainers or teachers on IT crime investigation Bangladesh Police

26 Recommendations Usage of Interpol Criminal Information System and Interpol Secure Web Site Effective usage of National Central Reference Points To initiate IT related projects. Bangladesh Police

27 Conclusion Act as Global police rather than Regional or national police to fight against cyber crime Rise of cyber crime insists the law enforcers to work as global police rather than regional or national police only. Citizens of 21st centuries need to fight together against their common enemies. The Police Force through global partnership need be able to meet the challenges of the technology to curb all crimes including Cyber Crime. Bangladesh Police

28 Any Questions? Bangladesh Police

29 THANK YOU Bangladesh Police Bangladesh Police

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