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Medieval Torture.

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1 Medieval Torture

2 Medieval Torture Torture was used during the Middle Ages for three reasons: To force confessions or secret information from those accused To discourage dissent and intellectual freedom To persuade Jews, Muslims, and other non-believers to accept Christianity

3 Whirligig Spinning Cage Primarily used for military punishment

4 Wooden Wedges Used to force confessions
Forced underneath toenails and fingernails Other tortures used with the wedges when this was not enough to force confession

5 Scissors Used to slice tongue after victims mouth was forced open

6 The Copper Boot Place around victims foot Filled with molten lead

7 The Sprinkler Filled with molten metal Dripped on body of the victim

8 Water Torture Victims nostrils pinched shut Fluid poured down throat

9 The Thumbscrew Placed on thumb and tightened until bone is crushed

10 Iron Maiden Iron Maiden
Spikes in the Iron Maiden were strategically located to avoid major organs, thereby prolonging the inevitable death of the accused. Small Box

11 The Spanish Donkey Victim placed on top Weights tied on legs

12 The Foot Press Press slowly squeezed the naked foot between the iron plates Crushed bones

13 The Head Crusher Victims head placed inside clamp
Tightened until it cracked the skull

14 The Scottish Boot Boot placed around ankle
Wedges then forced into the ankle

15 The Masks and Branks

16 The Chastity Belt Used to prevent infidelity and encourage women to be faithful Used to prevent women from being raped

17 The Garrotte Iron collar with iron rod being tightened from behind
Victim died from asphyxiation and because spinal cord was being crushed Used in Spain until 1975

18 Inquisitional Chair Spikes cover back, armrest, and seat
Victim strapped around waist, wrist, and chest Used up until the 19th Century

19 The Rack Stretched victim until bones and joints were pulled apart
If victim did not die they were often so injured they could not take part in a confession

20 Cat`s Paw or Spanish Tickler
Used to rip victims flesh from the bone Victims tied up by hands and feet

21 The Wheel One of the most painful and common acts of torture
Victim tied down with limbs spread Cross pieces placed under joints and limbs and then smashed with iron-tyred edge of the wheel

22 The Heretic`s Fork Forks penetrated the skin under the chin and over the chest Forks did not penetrate into vital points, prolonging suffering before death

23 The Saw Inflicted for a variety of crimes including witchcraft, rebellion, and military disobedience. Victim inverted to slow down general loss of blood so he did not loose consciousness at once, and could endure longer suffering.

24 Juda`s Cradle Hung by iron belt surrounding upper waist
Bound hand and foot Used in multiple ways

25 The Guillotine

26 Brazen Bull Victims slowly burned to death

27 Rat Torture Rats used to eat away at the victim’s body.
Would put rat under a bowl and then heat it. Rat would end up eating through the victim trying to escape

28 Pear of Anguish Used to get a confession or to cause miscarriages of a woman who cheated on her husband. Was slowly opened up

29 Foot Roasting They would put the victim’s legs in the foot stocks and put hot coals underneath or light a fire. It would burn the legs to the bone

30 Pillory Torture Used to embarrass victims
Stuff could be thrown at them They would be beaten or whipped

31 Crocodile Tube Put into a coffin like case with spikes like crocodile teeth. They would put fire under the tube and heat it up but also close the tube in more and more on the victim’s body Used on thieves

32 The Spanish Spider Used to mutilate a woman’s chest

33 Flaying Torture Slowly with a small knife they will skin the victim
Started with the face and only did a little at a time. They would leave the victim then come back later and do a little more.

34 Boiling Pot Used to boil the victim alive

35 Public Torture Used to embarrass the victim out in public

36 Brain Page According to the basic definition of civilization, are the Middle Ages civilized? Why or Why not? What has the word civilized come to mean?

37 Brain Page How do torture and religion relate? Why would a simple, uneducated peasant enjoy watching someone getting tortured? (think religiously)

38 Brain Page Answer the following question in your notebook
How/Why have we, as a world and society, gone from one that uses torture devices to one like today—that, in America stresses humanity? What events, inventions, etc.. have occurred to help us get where we are today? Is this progress? Why do you think some countries still use torture today? Should Torture be aloud during times of war?

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