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Korea’s Crazy Plastic Surgery Obsession

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1 Korea’s Crazy Plastic Surgery Obsession
March 10 高中进阶版 P4-5

2 Pre-reading What’s your attitude toward cosmetic surgery? Will you have any form of cosmetic surgery?

3 Pre-reading Why do you think many young girls want to have cosmetic surgery? Hints: to become more beautiful/ to find a good job/ to be an actor or actress …

4 While-reading Answer the following questions.
1. Why are Korean women crazy about cosmetic surgery? ① They are attracted by Korean pop culture and want to look like those starlets. ② They have to meet the cultural expectations of being beautiful and attractive. 2. What kind of appearance do Korean women want to have? They want to have a small face with large eyes, a tiny nose and a pointed chin.

5 While-reading Answer the following questions.
3. What kind of applicants do South Korean employers usually look for? Applicants who are both physically attractive and professionally qualified. 4. Why do some Korean parents let their children have cosmetic surgery at a young age? Because their children will look more natural as they mature and find a job more easily.

6 While-reading True or false
1. Women in the United States are happy with their appearance and never have cosmetic surgery. 2. The strict rules about women’s appearance in the workplace force Korean women to look like singers in girl groups. 3. The idea of having cosmetic surgery is welcomed and even becomes an obsession in South Korea. 4. South Korean employers prefer to hire pretty people, even though they have just had cosmetic surgery.

7 Language study Word bank remarkably adv. 不寻常地,令人注意地 obsession n. 着迷
expectation n. 期望,希望 → expect v. 期待,预料 → expectant adj. 期待的,期望的 → obsess v. 迷住,使着迷 → obsessive adj. 使人着迷的 → remarkable adj. 值得注意的,引人注目的 → remark v. 注意,察觉 qualification n. 资格证明,合格证书 a leg up 优势 applicant n. 申请人 e.g. Normally an incumbent (现任的) president has a leg up on any challenger. → application n. 申请,请求 → apply adj. 申请,请求 → qualified adj. 有资格的,胜任的 → qualify v. 有资格,胜任

8 Language study Complete each sentence with the proper form of the given words. obsession remarkably expectation applicant qualification (have)applied 1. They have entered the country and ____________ for permanent residence. 2. Scientists have discovered ____________ new evidence showing how the body rebuilds itself while we sleep. 3. There is a shortage of well ____________ teachers of foreign languages, especially of French and Japanese. 4. The writer ____________ by the peaceful country life and wrote several novels on this topic. 5. Physical training has increased the Chinese people’s life ___________. remarkable qualified was obsessed expectancy

9 After-reading Questions for further
Will people become more beautiful with the help of cosmetic surgery? What makes a person beautiful? Hints: one’s appearance/figure/personality/actions/ attitude …

10 After-reading Topic: Beautiful appearance can bring one professional and economic success.


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