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PREGAME CONFERENCE 2013-14. Pregame & Jump On the 15 minutes U1 = home, U2 = visitor 12, Coaches 4 Be aware of illegal equipment/uniform.

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2 Pregame & Jump On the floor @ 15 minutes U1 = home, U2 = visitor Book @ 12, Coaches Meeting @ 4 Be aware of illegal equipment/uniform Jump – U1 – toss, U2 – non-jumpers Arrow – make sure correct after jump

3 New Rules / POEl Electronic Devices Allowed / cant embarrass Sleeves – must be same, not as bands / no tights HC allowed on floor for fight / cant embarrass Grant TO – HC or player / know status of ball Coaching box – 14 to 28 Use proper mechanics / new tip signal When ball is Dead, be alive Announcer – limit the talk during live ball Intentional = Excessive / not in play / premeditated No long switch

4 Difference HS & College FT – don’t need same shooter on T, in order, no set spots in lane, opponent doesn’t pick 5 sec – continue on immediate switch Trail stay with sideline on throw-in TO – can call going OOB Warning – one warning for all 4 delay, then T T - resume at ½ court

5 HIGH SCHOOL MECHANICS Stop the clock – arm up No preliminary signals (especially T & C) Calling official = Table side Last shot = opposite No long switch Slide down fouls in back court Subs– table side take except in transition -T to C FT – view opposite lane spaces for violations, then rebound coverage on same side.

6 TONIGHT’S MATCHUP Focus from tipoff (100% focus 100% of time) Team Tendencies Player Matchups Coach Dynamics Past History (Teams, Officials, etc.) Crew Discussion – Any plays we’ve had recently? – Let Players Make Plays

7 FLOOR COVERAGE 1.FRONT COURT -We Need 2 Officials Ball Side @ Point of Attack -Rotate! Rotate! Rotate! - 3 reasons we don’t -Immediate shot, drive, pass (ball reversal) -L – get Secondary Defender – See S,D,F. -Trust your partner. -Post Curl – C responsible -Pass crash – L take crash in lane, -Goaltending – C & T -OB on baseline opposite Lead – C Help (ABSOLUTE) -Help when no competitive matchup in your primary -Only play in town – 3 SETS OF EYES

8 FLOOR COVERAGE 2.T takes 2/3 of the court / far lane line 3.Rebound – assume all miss / possession consequence & cleanup - on the back = foul 4.Press / Back Court/Transition -C Don’t Bail Out on Press (help 4 or more) -C Help w/ plays all the way across the floor -C responsible FT line to FT line -L help with 3 in quick transition -T keep everyone in front (see the whole play)

9 Freedom of Movement Call the Fouls the Players will adjust 2 Hands = foul Stayed Hand = foul Hot stove / jabbing = foul RSBQ affected = foul Displacement = foul Knee in back = foul Tripping the dribbler = foul

10 Drives to Basket / Screens Drive down Lane – L responsible Usually secondary defender is involved. Drive from C – C responsible / primary. L will identify secondary defenders ON-BALL screens – 2 sets of eyes Hand off – screen – watch the bump High ball screen – watch pinning defender & moving to basket

11 CONSISTENCY 1 st FOULS = Good Fouls – set the tone BE LIKE MINDED! Hand check, post, screen, block/charge, FOM Fouls are Fouls – everyone agrees Marginal contact is not a foul Call the 50/50 calls the same – Block @ one end, if similar, block @ the other end. Know what each of us called on other end Verticality – let big guys block shots Patient Whistle on plays at the basket

12 JUDGMENT Crew on same page from start to finish! ENFORCE POE’S!! IF HELP – Be Right, Be late, Be needed Call the obvious / no guessing Immediate whistle on plays above FT line Patient Whistle below FT line (near basket) – Let play Start, Develop, Finish – Blow whistle on final 1/3 of the play

13 GAME AWARENESS Eye contact before throw ins/free throws (mirror) Know everything - fouls, arrow, time, score Meet @ end of half / game / problem to review Know the impact of your whistle Anticipate Play / not the Call 5th foul – report / coach / time / player - calling official does it all unless want to be away Technical Fouls – Get together, discuss situation quickly, calling official – opposite

14 COMMUNICATION Help each other with #’s, fouls, Don’t lose your shooter – help Help on habitual motion Out of Bounds – C side 3 point help – just correct on 3 to 2 Warnings – let partners know Good non-verbal (last sec / T to C handoff) Correctable Errors – Catch Them

15 Reminders Curl away, stay away Habitual Shooting Motion – When player “gathers the ball” – he starts his habitual shooting motion” - award 2 shots Traveling – Find the pivot foot – T has best look at Post travel – Ref the dribbler until he starts dribble, then ref the defense

16 Undergarments BRACES / CAST / HARD - no if elbow & below. Can be worn if medical reason & padded SLEEVES – Arm & Leg – medical reason. White, beige, black or single school color. Same color for all sleeves BANDS – wrist & head - not above elbow. Same color for all bands, don’t need same as sleeve UNDERSHIRT – same as torso color, hemmed, NO logo show, same length & can be long sleeve SHORTS – compression must be same color as shorts, above knee. No tights

17 Fight Rules Fight = hit, or attempt to hit w/ arm, leg or hands Fight or activity that could lead to fight (instigate) Coverage – 2 IN, 1 OUT (view the bench) HC can come out & help – Asst Cannot Penalties – Fight or off bench - eject & count all for bonus – Fight & on Ct – if same, no Ft; diff = 2 ft for each – Fight & Bench – if same, no Ft; diff = 2 ft for each; HC gets 1 indirect for each who fights – No fight & Bench – if same, no Ft; diff = 2 ft total; coach gets 1 indirect no matter how many – Resume – no FT = arrow; FTs – to that team at ½

18 Correctable Errors FT – wrong player, basket, unmerited, merited Erroneously Cancel / credit score FT – notice during 1 st dead ball after clock starts Score – notice before 2 nd live ball Activity during FT canceled unless Flag, Intent or T Pts, time & activity before notice error = count If error & no change of possession – resume w/ FT If change of possession, correct & resume POI Correct clock mistakes no matter how trivial If coach wrong on error, he gets full TO (30 if none)

19 OTHER RULES TO REVIEW Excessive Swinging Elbows Act of shooting FT violations Technical Fouls Concussion / blood / injury / contacts

20 HALFTIME Cant change dramatically from 1 st half to 2 nd Don’t start calling something new in last 4 min If gave warnings, let crew know Any problems, straighten it out Are POE under control Any plays to review Review end of game procedures

21 END OF GAME BLOWOUTS - don’t beat a dead horse; Let them leave with some dignity; Keep your concentration CLOSE – don’t put whistle way, if foul earlier / its foul now, if blow whistle be right, anticipate plays/not fouls, cannot make mistake in last 4 min FOULING – give D chance to steal, then call 1 st foul – give them what they want (foul), call intentional if warranted

22 FINAL THOUGHTS Call the obvious / don’t be a detective Ref competitive matchups in area, then help Trust your partner Stay with Shooter Be consistent – hands / post / screens / FOM Must have whistle on train wrecks / needed Control the Paint – Call the first foul Have Fun

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