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USE THIS TO HELP YOU KEEP TRACK OF THINGS. Mrs.Beckham’s Student Survival Guide to TKAM.

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1 USE THIS TO HELP YOU KEEP TRACK OF THINGS. Mrs.Beckham’s Student Survival Guide to TKAM

2 Vocabulary Chapter One Ambled Apothecary Assuaged Beadle Brethren Corsets Dictum Domiciled Eaves Foray Human Chattels Impotent Impudent Malevolent Methodists Picket Piety Predilection Ramrod Repertoire was vapid Scold Spittoon Strictures Taciturn Unsullied Veranda

3 Vocabulary Chapter Two Auburn Catawba worms Condescended Covey Crimson Cunning Entailment Hookworms Immune Indigenous Scrip Stamps Seceded Smilax Sojourn Subsequent mortification Vexation Wallowing illicitly

4 Vocabulary Chapter Three Amiable Compromise Contemptuous Contentious Cootie Cracklin bread Diminutive Disapprobation Discernible Dispensation Dose of magnesia Eddy Erratic Flinty Fractious Gravely Haint Irked Kerosene Lye soap Monosyllabic Mutual concessions Onslaught Preserve Tranquility

5 Vocabulary Chapter Four Auspicious Melancholy Quelling of nausea Scuppernongs

6 Vocabulary Chapter Five Asinine Benevolence Benign Bridgework Chameleon Cordiality Edification Gaped Inquisitive Mimosa Morbid Placidly Protestant Pulpit Gospel Quibbling Tacit

7 Vocabulary Chapter Six Collards Dismemberment Eerily Ensuing Franklin stove Kudzu Lattice-work Malignant Prowess Ramshackle Respiration Rigid Waning

8 Vocabulary Chapter Seven Cleaved Gnats Meditative Palate Perpetual embalming Rendered speechless Vigil Whittles

9 Vocabulary Chapter Eight Aberrations Azaleas Cannas Caricatures Cordial Flue Meteorological Morphodite Near libel Perpetrated Plaited Procured Prophets Quelled Roomers Switches Taffeta Touchous Treble Unfathomable

10 Vocabulary Chapter Nine Ambrosia Analogous Attire Bawled Bluff Catwalk Changelings Compensation Constituted Crooned Deportment Dim Donned Doused Evasion Fanatical Gallantly Gastric Gravitated Guilelessness Harbored Hookah Impaired Indecision Indicative Ingenuous

11 Vocabulary Chapter Nine Innate Inordinately Invective Isolate Jar Jetty Mishaps Mortify Nocturnal Obsess Obstreperous Pantry Porter Provocation Ringworm Siblings Still Subdued Tarried Tentatively Tongs Trousseau Uncompromising lineaments Wary Widow’s walk Yankees

12 Vocabulary Chapter Ten Alist Articulate Attributes Bout Corncribs Crook Erratically Feeble Gingerly Inconspicuous Jew’s Harp Mad dog Mausoleum Peril Providence Rudiments Tartly Torso Vaguely

13 Vocabulary Chapter Eleven Apoplectic Abhor Bedecked Calomel Camellia Camisole Commence Decreed Degradation Dog-trot hall Escapade Essence Infuriated Interdict Livid Oppressive Palliation Passé Philippic Plate Propensities Reconnaissance Rectitude Relic Skulked Syringe Tirade Tranquil Umbrage Undulate Viscous

14 Vocabulary Chapter Twelve Alien Appalling Asafetida Austere Boded Church Clad Contemptuously Contentious Denunciation Diligently Dispelled Ecclesiastical impedimenta Frivolous Garish Habiliments Inconsistent Indignantly Lilac talcum Rotogravure print Snuff Tapeworm Voile

15 Vocabulary Chapter Thirteen Caste system Curtness Devoid Flighty Incestuous Irritable Mandrake roots Myopic Obliquely Prerogative Shinny Sluggish Soberly Spun Tactful Tight

16 Vocabulary Chapter Fourteen Antagonize Bushel Erosion Infallible Manacles Neat Taut

17 Vocabulary Chapter Fifteen Acquiescence Affliction Aggregation Begrudge Ecclesiastical Façade Futility Impassive Linotype Ominous Shinnied up Stifle Succinct Uncouth Venerable venue

18 Vocabulary Chapter Sixteen Affirmed Akimbo Circuit soldier Dispel Eccentricities Elucidate Fey Formidable Inhabitants Khaki Mennonites Profane Ruddy Scripture Subpoena Subtle sundry

19 Vocabulary Chapter Seventeen Acrimonious Affirmative nod Amber Ambidextrous Amiably Audibly Bantam cock Benignly Boiling Capacity Cast Complacently Congenital Contempt charges Corroborating evidence Corrugated Counsel Crepey Dictum Dogged Economic fluctuations Edge Gardenia Genially

20 Vocabulary Chapter Seventeen Cont. Geraniums Gullet Heaved Import Infinite Irrelevant ‘n’ immaterial Load o’ kindlin’ Namesake Prosperity Quelling Refuse Ruttin’ on Skewed Slop jars Smugness Speculations Sulky Sullen Supplemented Riled Strenuous Tedious Tollable Wrathfully

21 Vocabulary Chapter Eighteen Arid Chiffarobe Constructionalist Dusk Ground-itch Grudging Lavations Mollified Neutrality Perpetual Pilgrimage Riled Strenuous Tedious Tollable Wrathfully

22 Vocabulary Chapter Nineteen Candid Ex cathdra remarks Express Expunge Grimly Impudent Subtlety Thin-hided Unimpaired Volition

23 Vocabulary Chapter Twenty Aridity Attentive Caliber Capital charge Corroborative evidence Corrupting Cynical confidence Detachment Discreet Fraud Indicted Iota Minute Pauper Perpetrated Temerity Unmitigated

24 Chapter 1 - Allusions Andrew Jackson Battle of Hastings Cornwall Disturbance between the North and the South Dracula Flivver Jamaica John Wesley Meridian, Missippi Merlin Mobile No money to buy it with Nothing to fear but fear itself Pensacola Philadelphia Stumphole whiskey Tuscaloosa

25 Chapter 2 - Allusions Bullfinch Dewey Decimal System Diaries of Lorenzo Dow Here’s a quarter The crash Union suit Union

26 Chapter 3 - Allusions Man who sat on a flagpole

27 Chapter 4 - Allusions Indian-heads One Man’s Family

28 Chapter 5 - Allusions Old Testament pestilence Second Battle of the Marne

29 Chapter 7 - Allusions Egyptians walked that way

30 Chapter 8 – Allusions Appomattox Bellingraths Lane cake Rosetta Stone

31 Chapter 9 – Allusions Confederate veteran General Hood House of Commons Let the cup pass from you Lord Melbourne Missouri Compromise Mount Everest Ol’ Blue Light Prime Minister Stonewall Jackson

32 Chapter 10 - Allusions Mockingbird

33 Chapter 11 - Allusions Confederate Army CSA Dixie Howell Ivanhoe Sir Walter Scott

34 Chapter 12 - Allusions Blackstone’s Commentaries Bootleggers Bread lines Brown’s Mule Castile Garden of Gethsemane Hoyt’s Cologne Hunt’s The Light of the World Octagon soap Shadrach Sit-down strikes

35 Chapter 13 - Allusions Lydia E. Pinkham Reconstruction Rice Christians War Between the States

36 Chapter 15 - Allusions Battlement Flying buttressess Gothic Jitney Jungle Snipe hunt

37 Chapter 16 – Allusions Braxton Bragg Ethiopia Greek revival columns Straight Prohibition ticket William Jennings Bryan

38 Chapter 17 - Allusions Fountain pen Icebox Model-T Ford Shotgun hall

39 Chapter 18 - Allusions Cotton gin Mr. Jingle

40 Chapter 20 – Allusions All men are created equal Distaff side of the Executive Branch Einstein Rockefeller Thomas Jefferson

41 Chapter 24 - Allusions Birmingham Mrs. Roosevelt People up there set ‘em free Tryin’ to sit with ‘em

42 Chapter 25 – Allusions English Channel

43 Chapter 26 – Allusions Adolf Hitler has been after all the Jews Adolf Hitler Elmer Davis Holy-roller Uncle Natchell Story: Uncle Natchell

44 Chapter 27 - Allusions Bob Taylor Ad Astra Per Aspera Cotton Tom Heflin Dog Victrolas Ladies’ Law National Recovery Act Nine old men NRA-WE DO OUR PART Syrians WPA

45 Chapter 28 - Allusions Three-corner hats, confederate caps, Spanish- American War hats, and World War helmets

46 Chapter 5 - Idioms Acid tongue in her head Get Miss Maudie’s goat

47 Chapter 7 – Idioms Walked on eggs

48 Chapter 9 - Idioms As sure as eggs Bowed to the inevitable Drew a bead on him On tenterhooks Set my teeth permanently on edge

49 Chapter 10 - Idioms Break camp Tooth and nail Tribal curse

50 Chapter 11 – Idioms ‘druthers Slow fuse Stood as much guff When the chips are down

51 Chapter 12 - Idioms To scrap a few barnacles off the ship of state

52 Chapter 13 - Idioms Traveled in state

53 Chapter 15 - Idioms He had seen the light

54 Chapter 16 - Idioms Blind spots

55 Chapter 17 - Idioms Counting his chickens Guests of the country

56 Chapter 18 - Idioms Took advantage of me

57 Chapter 19 - Idioms Looked daggers

58 Chapter 22 - Idioms Give the lie runner

59 Chapter 24 - Idioms Blue in the face Fighting the good fight Their time came Wool

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