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B Prepared for College Counseling Department Sponsored by Ed Fund December 18, 2012.

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1 B Prepared for College Counseling Department Sponsored by Ed Fund December 18, 2012

2 Agenda  Resources  Senior timeline  Finishing strong - avoid getting a college admission revoked!  Avoiding Senioritis  Community College- a viable option  Financial Aid

3 Counselors Dwight Schmidt A-He Joanne Ehret Hi-Ol Harvey Guzik On-Z Luz Arellano Academic Support

4 Resources  Aeries  Naviance   Beckman Website

5 Timeline: December  Finalize Regular Decision applications (be sure to update your common application with the schools you are applying to).  If you have not emailed your counselor your updated BCAP and student and parent questionnaire do it ASAP.  Financial aid forms, which will be due in January and/or February.  It is the student’s responsibility to mail official test scores to colleges. Students can order official test scores on and  The BHS Counseling office is closed during winter break. If you need to send a transcript; go on the BHS website under Counseling, College Planning and click on parchment and you can send an official transcript.  Be sure to check your email, junk mail and mail box for any updates from the colleges you applied to. It is the students responsibility to follow up on their requests. If you have a question ask your counselor.

6 Timeline: January  Many popular and selective colleges will have application deadlines as early as January 1. Others have deadlines later in January and February. Update your naviance account with all of the correct deadlines. Observe deadlines for sending in all required fees and paperwork.  If necessary, register for the February ACT (some colleges will be able consider it).  At the end of the semester, your counselor will send your midyear report to the colleges that require one. If there are any new updates that you would like your counselor to include email it to your counselor by Jan 15.  It is time to file the FAFSA. The sooner you complete it, the sooner you will have an idea of your financial aid options.

7 Common Application Mid-Year Report Your Counselor will fill out and send this form for you.

8 Timeline: Feb/March/April  While most of your applications will be complete, and you are waiting to receive admission decisions, maintain your academic standing and behavior.  When you are admitted to a college it is a provisional acceptance. The college that you do attend will want to see your second semester transcript. No Senioritis!  Acceptance letters and financial aid offers will start to arrive. Review your acceptances, compare financial aid packages, and visit your final choices, especially if you haven’t already.  If you have questions about your financial aid package call the Financial Aid Office of the college.

9 Timeline: May  May 1 is the date when the college you plan to attend requires a commitment and may require a deposit. When you’ve made your college decision, notify your counselor and the colleges. You may only commit to ONE college. Send in your deposit by the postmark date of May 1. If you’ve been offered financial aid, accept the offer and follow the instructions given. Also notify schools you will not attend of your decision.  Make sure that you have requested that your final transcript be sent through to the school you will be attending.  If you are “wait listed” by a college you really want to attend, speak with your counselor. Ask how you can strengthen your application.

10 Finishing Strong: Colleges can revoke their offer  Remember that your college career begins the first day of classes in the college. The remaining highs school grades can affect their admission/ acceptance into the college.  You work so hard to receive a congratulatory letter in the mail, don’t let senioritis change your admission offer. Source: NACACNET.ORG 2012

11 Avoiding Senioritis  Is defined as a “sickness” that strikes high school seniors. Symptoms include: laziness, lack of studying, repeated absences, dismissive attitude. To help you fight temptation:  Plan ahead  Don’t obsess  Talk about it  Have fun

12 Community College: A Viable Option More and more students are enrolling in community colleges across the nation. Why are students choosing community colleges, and should you consider the community college as a part of your college search?

13 Community College: A Viable Option The economic option: Overall, the average cost of public community college is less than half the cost of public 4 year colleges, and a about one-tenth the cost of private 4 year colleges.

14 Community College: A Viable Option The Associate Degree option: The community colleges offer a wide variety of programs that train students to work in specialized fields.

15 Community College: A Viable Option The Transfer option:  UC/CSU campuses give priority to transfer students  Senate Bill 1440 also known as AA-T or AS-T is another alternative to transfer in to a CSU  UC continues to maintain or increase the volume of transfers accepted  UC Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program  Guaranteed admission available to 6 of 9 campuses  GPA requirements 3.0-3.5  UCLA Transfer Alliance Program (TAP)  Honors program completion earns TAP eligibility  18 units GE Honors classes prior to transfer w/GPA 3.0 or higher  Priority admission & early notification, alternate major, TAP scholarships

16 Community College: A Viable Option The Transfer option: Resources   CCC to CSU and UC course articulation and major prep guides  “Explore Majors” section to find details and links for majors at all CSU or UC campuses  Transfer Planner  Interactive CSU and IGETC General Education planning  Fills out CSU application  UC Transfer Planner  Plans IGETC and admission requirements  TAG application completed through planner  Fall 2014 UC applications will be populated by the Planner

17 Financial Aid  Financial Aid Night will be January 31 st at 6:30pm in the PAC featuring Jessica Medina from USC  Learn about different options to help pay for college: FAFSA priority application is due March 2 nd  US Government programs can provide more than $146.5 billion a year in grants, loans, and work study assistance  State grant and loan programs  College and university grant and scholarship programs  Scholarships given by foundations, corporations and community organizations.

18 Reminders…  Remember to update your Naviance list  Pay attention to deadlines  Letters of recommendation  Counseling will be closed during winter break  Order transcript through if needed  Maintain your GPA  Keep your counselor informed of any changes

19 Thank you for joining us Questions?

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