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Win-Win – eTeaching Practice is Unique, Effective and Valuable… Lyz Moore And Shirley Bennett.

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1 Win-Win – eTeaching Practice is Unique, Effective and Valuable… Lyz Moore And Shirley Bennett

2 Interest in the value of experiential training Isle of Man Context - Need for resource- light etutor training Research eTutoring module (CPD through eTeaching Practice)

3 Bubble 1 + 2 - Isle of Man Context Member of teaching team employed by local government Department of Health and Social Security a small organisation outwith Dept of Education in Isle of Man Small institution linked to 2 HEIs, no institutional VLE. Healthcare team in the early stages of introducing eLearning as an additional educational opportunity No central team/department to take responsibility for providing training in eLearning. Therefore pertinent to explore the perceived value of peer-supported, experiential approaches to professional development in eTutoring skills.

4 Research Context – the Module 1 Theory + Principles Planning eTP 2 Implementing eTP Peer Support + Peer Observation 3 Discussion of eTP themes / experiences Critical evaluation in relation to relevant theory eTutoring module of Med eLearning, 20 credits, Level 7 Specific focus on eTeaching Practice element

5 Theoretical base Currently much of the Literature sees Experiential Learning for staff moving online as being experiential learning as OL Learners Current research falls short at the point going beyond the need to experience online learning before teaching OL The research focus here is on added value that experiential learning as OL TEACHERS brings

6 Interest in the value of experiential training Isle of Man Context - Need for resource- light etutor training Research eTutoring module (CPD through eTeaching Practice) Evaluation of the value of eTutoring module within Med eLearning

7 Additional benefit – Green bubble 3 Additional benefit from choice of research focus / context Opportunity to gain an objective perspective on the eTutoring module of the MEd eLearning The eTutoring module always gets a positive response but this allowed for specific research on the value of the experiential learning as an OL Teacher which the eTP element provides.

8 Research Methods Textual analysis of module assignments from a sample of students eTP Evaluation – learning from experiential component - eTP Semi-structured interviews (by email and skype) to explore experiential aspect of eTP in greater depth

9 Findings Unique Valuable Effective Experiential... Peer-based … Safe … LEARNING

10 Process was Key “Initially I was really nervous about it, then it became a real nurturing experience and I felt very much relieved that comments made were positive and took on board what my peer reviewer said. The positive bit was where two or more people within eTP had committed time specifically to review their peers teaching practice, which sort of abstracts the teaching from the content and formalises it to make it happen. With eTP there is an element of being there for each other, offering advice and stating that ‘yeah, that was great and perhaps this might need a little improvement’.” “It’s great to get feedback from someone who is not directly involved with your own teaching as they focus on the teaching much more than the content. I think if I’d had a peer review by someone from my own department it would have got inevitably sidelines by subject, literature or other issues”

11 The Process was Key Before we go on to look at participants’ experience of the value of eTP, a word about process because here too, there were marked findings: The EXPERIENTIAL aspect was core to the research; the felt- importance of other aspects of the eTP Process was SURPRISING AND MARKED Peer-based through Peer SUPPORT and PEER OBSERVATION and thereby SAFE – Despite their initial fears, participants perceived sharing learning experiences through peer observation and review valuable Supportive Demonstrated peer equality Objective

12 Unique “I think what’s more valuable for me is the kind of intrinsic value of having the responsibility because when you’re a student, although you have responsibilities as a student, you aren’t responsible for whether the thing flies or not!” “The shift in focus on getting people to look at the teaching aspects rather than obsess on the tools is really important… it was the focus on the teaching using the VLE to support that rather than just putting our work on the VLE and using it as storage. eTP makes us follow this process [and] allows for protected and specific time to go through each stage of planning, doing and reviewing our teaching practice online and give you some ideas of what to do for next time”

13 Unique Unique in the sense that those who experienced eTP perceived it’s value over and above being an online learner Unique experience of having the responsibility of being a teacher – encouraging interaction between student-teacher and student-student

14 Effective – impact on teaching practice “The eLearning course as it existed is completely different. My approach to eLearning was probably quite one dimensional… it was like a sort of ‘here’s some content, now answer some questions on it’ and it was sort of not at all in any way geared towards engaging people ” “I’ve learnt to hold back, whereas last year I did spend a lot of time peering in and worrying about whether or not the students were interacting. Now I don’t intervene too quickly, and try to hold my nerve for a bit longer before I jump in” ” Having had the experiences I began to know what I felt would work with my own learning group. Although you could say this happens in a face-to-face classroom it was heightened because of the learning environment online: we are actually attempting to accredit it [online course] at the moment through our university, so it has changed in structure”

15 Effective – impact on teaching practice The experience did not just have the ‘feel good’ factor – it had a real impact on their online teaching practice –evaluating the success of their online teaching activity led them to: – Reflect upon their practice – Test what works well or needs improving – Make changes for next time

16 Valuable “Experiential learning meant that I became a lot more confident in my teaching…it took me beyond the taught content. By doing this eTP it also looked at when we reviewed the approach to what teaching was and how we actually do what we did and how to teach online. I think it is different because it is so personalised and I think things like Salmon’s 5- step model can be really helpful and the structure of it is really helpful but I also think eTP gives you the opportunity to look deeply at what you are trying to do, especially relating to your individual teaching and the key points are that the planning, delivery and reviewing phase, are necessary steps” “I think I wouldn’t be able to teach online without having undertaken that module [eTP] to give me the theoretical aspects plus the fact that my practical skills in safe environment… I certainly wouldn’t want to just launch ahead and just say that I could teach online without knowing and understanding the theory that applies in online teaching”

17 Valuable Learning to teach online offers added value to applying theory to practice in a safe and supportive environment Already perceive the unique and authentic opportunity to learn to teach online True value perceived as opportunity to apply theoretical models to practice in safe and supportive learning environment

18 Interest in the value of experiential training Isle of Man Context - Need for resource- light etutor training Research eTutoring module (CPD through eTeaching Practice) Recommendations Confirmation of experiential element of curriculum Value of module as a standalone module (SEDA?) Possible strategy for Isle of Man Evaluation of the value of eTutoring module within Med eLearning Make assessment more authentic to eTP process

19 Recommendations … for Curriculum of MEd eLearning and Institutional Implementation in Isle of Man Keep eTutoring module in the programme, with eTP at its heart! Change assessment to be more authentic to the eTP process (done!) Isle of Man to adopt flexible, peer supported, experiential professional development through eTP Market the module as a stand alone module

20 To summarise… Recognising eTP as a unique form of professional development, through learning to teach OL rather than merely being an OL learner & learning to communicate with students OL Authentic context in which to share learning experiences through peer observation and review, reflecting upon and changing teaching practice as a consequence Valuable – having the autonomy to plan individual eTP through recognising own OL teaching professional development needs and simulate practice in safe and supportive learning environment

21 Discussion points “I guess it’s easier to read the classes understanding if you’re in a face-to-face environment, than it is from a distance. In a face-to- face environment you can pick up who’s interacting and who isn’t, but with the lurker, I think to establish that relationship without frightening them off is quite crucial to that person’s learning experience” “You do get that peer erm… they collude don’t they? We do a lot of peer observation at work and you can almost see it in action where people think ‘Well I don’t want to hurt her feelings’ or ‘I wouldn’t have done it that way but I’m not going to tell them’. Do you know what I mean? It’s not as frank. We had quite a good relationship and the individual was really responsive and very constructive in his feedback… which I found really helpful and I wondered if some of that was more honest because we didn’t actually know each other personally” “You can’t learn to fly a plane without flying a plane; do you know what I mean? You’ve got to have a go at it. The theory is great and the models are great but you need to do it at some point and you want to do it in a safe environment. If you’re going to learn to fly a plane you don’t want to do it in an actual plane, you’d have a go in a simulator first, where it doesn’t matter if you get it wrong, then have a go in a plane. I know I’m labouring the analogy, but really I think that what is really important is people feel safe to experiment in a … it’s not entirely a consequence-free environment but largely is, and they’re not left on their own. The danger is if you don’t do it in a supportive environment like this, people go away, they’re given a model, they’re given some tool to create the content with and they are left to their own devices and I think that is likely to give people a poor experience of eLearning and likely to put them off using it and put organisations off using it as well”

22 Questions – Plane Quote We would now like to invite your views on the ideas and opinions expressed in the findings and whether/how you would find something like eTP useful For example Do we need eTP at all? Or Is just DOING the teaching enough? or Is there scope for something like eTP acting like a flight simulator? Would you like / be prepared to give the time to go through something like eTP?”

23 Questions – Quote 1 (“I guess it’s easier to read…”) This participants talks of handling ‘lurkers’ as one of their points of learning from the eTP What ARE the things that need to be learnt for teaching online, which eTP might help with?

24 Questions on peer obs slide The mixed nature of the eTutoring module means that, for the most part, the ‘peers’ working together may be from different disciplines, sectors, countries as well as different institutions. This participant perceived this as an advantage within peer observation – What do you feel would be the ‘wins’ and ‘losses’ of observing across boundaries in this way?

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