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The Accidental Plagiarist Notes from the Prevent Plagiarism Workshop.

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1 The Accidental Plagiarist Notes from the Prevent Plagiarism Workshop

2 Be Specific When Defining Plagiarism

3 Make Expectations Regarding Plagiarism Assignment-Specific “You are not allowed to use essays written for a previous class.” “You are allowed editing assistance only from the writing center, and please acknowledge that assistance at the end of the essay.”

4 Create a Culture of Integrity

5 Be a Role Model Model correct citation for each assignment Cite YOUR sources on classroom materials Be careful with your terminology (say “notes” rather than “cheat sheet,” etc.) View inadvertent plagiarism as a “teaching moment”

6 Discuss Academic Integrity

7 Require an Academic Integrity Statement “I affirm that I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid with this assignment”— The Student

8 Ask Students to Acknowledge Assistance “I thank the following people for their feedback and assistance on this project:____________________.”

9 Design Assignments Not Easily Plagiarized Avoid easily googled topics Require that rough drafts be written in class Do not allow last minute changes in topics Give students class time to research in the library (can book the library classroom for up to two sessions per class)

10 Respond to Suspected Plagiarism with Due Process

11 Due Process Discuss the alleged misconduct with the student within 10 days Within the next 10 days, give the student written notification of any academic sanctions and the student’s right to appeal to the Academic Integrity Committee

12 Document Plagiarism Carefully Keep copies of the plagiarized paper Print out source material, if possible Keep copies of notifications to students, chair, and registrar’s office Make note of dates and times of meetings with students as well as the content of the meetings and suggested solutions such as a rewrites

13 Don’t Obsess Over Plagiarism

14 Questions?/Open Discussion

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