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TheThinLineBetween & PROTECTION PROMOTION brand. Some of the world’s most valuable companies (Market Cap.)… 469 409 256 318 Source: PWC global top 100.

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1 TheThinLineBetween & PROTECTION PROMOTION brand

2 Some of the world’s most valuable companies (Market Cap.)… Source: PWC global top 100. All figures in $bn

3 ... Also own the most valued brands Source : Interbrand All figures in $bn

4 Closer home, India’s most valued brands Source : Interbrand. All figures in $mn 2571 Source : Interbrand All figures in $mn

5 ... Are also creating disproportionate wealth for share-holders All figures in Rs.Cr

6 If Businesses Build Brands......Brands Can Bill Balance Sheets!

7 Because...

8 Brand is a monetizable asset...

9 An Asset... …which you cannot touch, but can definitely feel ! …that – over time - becomes a valuation multiplier

10 What does this mean?...

11 Brand is not just the Face of the business… …It is the backbone

12 Promoting Protecting & brands is crucial for making the entire business more valuable.

13 How do you Walk on this thin line?...

14 Let’s Face the truth…

15 Brand Building is an investment not an Expenditure TRUTH 1

16 Philosophically, brand- building helps in asset creation for the business, hence is a balance-sheet item, not an expense item in your P & L statement!

17 Brand-building is a strategic process, not a tactical activity. TRUTH 2

18 Brand Building needs to be continuously worked upon, to help shape the course of your business; it should not be viewed as a series of smart tactics to merely meet sales numbers!

19 Urge to protect and build brands must be a fundamental mind-set, not an administrative imperative ! TRUTH 3

20 If brands were truly considered as assets ( like your home, car or valuables), then you would automatically obsess about protecting them, maintaining them and upgrading them ‘holistically’ on a continuous basis, instead of just trade-marking the name/logo etc.

21 Brand-building is a rigorous science, not just an art. TRUTH 4

22 If we really want to build brands scientifically, then we need to carefully engineer the process, by design. The process involves significant perspiration, not just moments of creative inspiration!

23 Branding is not about a unique name or symbol…it is a unique way of connecting to your customer. TRUTH 5

24 This unique connect can be engineered by following a scientific process that is Logical Measurable Has a 360 o perspective

25 Brand Protection is not just about the protection of the visible and sensorial elements of your brand TRUTH 6 Name Logo Identity Colours

26 But about protecting that sacred relationship between your brand and your customers Forever…

27 To sum it up…

28 Develop a comprehensive process that forces brand owners to continuously update their knowledge about...

29 Realistic Market Potential Changing Customer Expectations The Dynamic Environment The Business’ Internal Strengths

30 Resulting in A Unique Brand IP That is…

31 Vivid

32 Long Lasting

33 Flexible

34 Different Forever

35 Hence…

36 Only a differentiated value proposition will truly make a different brand

37 A different brand will necessarily create a differentiated customer experience

38 A differentiated brand experience will mean that the consumer will be given a genuinely different choice

39 And the right choice by design, means that the consumer is likely to stay married to her choice

40 The best form of Brand promotion and protection is therefore…

41 Somehow entering and occupying the most fortified and valuable real-estate in the world

42 A corner of the consumer's mind !

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