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A Look into the Future industry and corporate trends and directional changes Mark Dronzek RTP-AITP 13 Jan 2010.

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1 A Look into the Future industry and corporate trends and directional changes Mark Dronzek RTP-AITP 13 Jan 2010

2 The New Learning Curve 1.Most organizations define themselves by what they do …rather than what benefit do we provide the customer? 2.People tend to obsess about what the technology is versus what it does…classic features/functions over benefits-delivered 3.Innovation is defined within organization confines …rather than against competitors and the global market


4 Why? What’s changing?

5 Malcolm Frank, Sr. VP Strategy Cognizant

6 Source: The Cisco Visual Networking Index Forecast and Methodology, 2007-2012 and the associated updated Cisco "Approaching the Zettabyte Era" White Paper are part of the Cisco Visual Networking Index, an ongoing Cisco initiative designed to provide quantitative and qualitative information regarding trends in IP network demand and usage. Information Explosion VIDEO will grow massively over the next two decades to eventually comprise nearly 95% of Internet traffic

7 Unstructured and Semistructured Data The Dark Matter for IT Structured data Relational databases, structured data files, system/application data and logs that reside in a data store, defined by a catalog (table definitions)/data model accessible via SQL or Object definitions. This data has a characteristic of being contextualized by the heading (field name) and possibly defined in relation to other "fields.” This data is also capable of being processed in a simple manner, summed or aggregated, etc. Semistructured data houses structure with freeform elements (e.g., e-mails) and has structure and context to specific elements in the header, but is freeform text in the body. Semistructured data comes in many forms. Semistructured data is also formed when unstructured data is combined with metadata, making it accessible by search engines via indexing schemas. This is the ideal state for naturally unstructured data within organizations. Unstructured data Most of the information that resides in organizations is unstructured in nature – images, content of Web documents, standard documents, audio, video and correspondence. This type of information is typically difficult to find effectively if nothing has been done to make the data accessible, such as putting it into a content management system and tagging it with metadata. 70% 25% 5%

8 IT has to fundamentally change…. 80/20 Spending Trap i.e. keeping the lights on… How are you going to fund transformative and customer-centric projects? How are you going to make the CIO position and the IT organization part of the growth engine of the company instead of being a tactical cost center? By 2012, more than 35% of global 5000 companies will regularly fail to make critical decisions because they don’t have access to timely information and the analysis to do so. Gartner, 2008 back here on Planet Earth, the days of IT as efficiency machine and of CIO as efficiency expert are winding rapidly to a close. The primacy of being able to generate history lessons more quickly than ever before is waning. The expectation that it's sufficient for IT systems to serve as fairly passive repositories of what has already happened is being extinguished… from one fixated on boxes and code …to one that's focused on providing insight and expertise that helps customers grow InformationWeek 2009


10 The new world order again: IBM… Sam Palmisano, CEO IBM Information Week, 5 Nov 2009 “we knew the old model was going to end, and we…made acquisitions where things were going to grow…100 acquisitions for $20 billion” ‘…over the past several years, we relentlessly sold off chunks of the hardware business which…could no longer carry their cost of capital and provide great value to order to provide ourselves with…working capital and the nimbleness and focus necessary to become a new kind of company’ “…our world is becoming instrumented: The transistor, invented 60 years ago, is the basic building block of the digital age. Now, consider a world in which there are a billion transistors per human, each one costing one ten-millionth of a cent. We'll have that by 2010. There will likely be 4 billion mobile phone subscribers by the end of this year and 30 billion Radio Frequency Identification tags produced globally within two years. Sensors are being embedded across entire ecosystems—supply-chains, healthcare networks, cities even natural systems like rivers. “


12 Predictive Analytics As a large retail customer began to grasp the implications of what real predictive analytics could deliver, the retailer began to scope out some massive changes in everything from its supply chain to its merchandising plans to its financials and marketing SAS conference Traditional business intelligence applications (reporting, ad-hoc querying, OLAP) are great at answering questions like "what happened," "why it happened," etc., but they do not help you with answer to questions like "what may happen" Forrester analyst Boris Evelson Forrester analyst Boris Evelson



15 Case Studies

16 NetForm NetForm maps and measures social capital in a business enterprise. NetForm identifies the critical carriers of knowledge, the DNA of culture, by identifying and diagnosing the cultural genome of an organization How well are your teams knit together? Who are your Change Agents?


18 2.0 Key applications used to build C2 include MS SharePoint, MS Projects, and proprietary Cognizant applications built on Web 2.0 technologies. Key metrics for C2: There are 64,000 associates linked and > 5 million page views monthly Supports > 10,800 unique active participants ~ 2,500 posts monthly Forums cumulatively contain > 10,000 bus. Queries, grow 500 monthly Technical community > 135,000 posts w/ 1,500 queries added monthly There are > 4,000 unique documented learning, assets, and case studies, which have been qualitatively reviewed and approved by key technology leads and business heads



21 Q&A

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