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Group 21: Weims Tyler Ten Kate

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1 Group 21: Weims Tyler Ten Kate

2 Think Like a Guy: How to Get a Guy by Thinking Like One by Giuliana DePandi

3 Introduction and Book Thesis Description

4 Can This Help A Relationship? 1) Give him your digits, but don’t take his 7) Don’t overaccesorize 13) Don’t admit you were a bad student 29) Hide your astrology books 46) Don’t own a dog that fits in your purse 66) Don’t break up unless you have a rebound

5 Introduction and Book Thesis Description Main thesis: –Helping women find and keep a boyfriend and/or husband –“Funny, fast, and full of insight you can use right now…” Summary: –DePandi created 66 tips to help women Be evasive! “Beat them at their own game” Deceit… Conduct –Don’t be a “psycho” –Don’t be clingy –Don’t obsess over him (or puppies)

6 Introduction and Book Thesis Description Context: Why did DePandi write this? –According to the Census, nearly 1/3 of all recorded females (15+) are unmarried… Young women are the book’s target audience! –DePandi appeals to them –In need of relationship help? –“Whole person” Already successful at work and with friends… –NEED A MAN AND A FAMILY! Census Data Set: 2005-2009 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates

7 Data

8 2 types present in the book: –Several brief write-ins from men Offer male perspective to affirm DePandi –How were they collected? –Subjective experience of an individual –Are they even REAL? –Stereotypes, assumptions, and experiences Some sort of truth hidden within… Opinions or personal views How was any of this collected?! –Never told how… –Leaves us unsure of its accuracy

9 Data DePandi’s goal was to reach single young women –The youngest sections of the population have the highest percentage of single women! Knows her audience Recognized a potential problem that they face Census Data Set: 2005-2009 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates

10 Data Data Quality: –US Census = high quality data! Governmental agency Years of experience collecting this type of data –National sample…

11 Results

12 Did the “real data” refute or support the book? –Census showed potential need for help –Article says XYZ Is book actually helpful? –We agreed the book was frivolously written Some tips were relevant to life –Good advice vs. DUH! Others were forced attempts at being funny Many informed readers to lie to their boyfriends

13 Results Is author properly trained to write a self-help book? –DePandi has a background in journalism Master’s from American University in DC E! News host Her personal experiences and overall theory are very subjective –Writes about skeptics! »“…I’ve got 6’3” of a-once-impossible-to-tame guy who might suggest I know a thing or two.”

14 Discussion and Conclusion

15 “Take care of yourself and everything else in your life will take care of itself” –Common advice- Do we need a book about it? Data Evaluation and Comparison: –Book data- Unsure of origin, reliability, and accuracy –DePandi never tells us –Only one man’s experience Young points out in “Sex and the Census” that delayed and/or bypassing marriage increases number of singles –This book can be a potential solution to this ongoing sociological trend (Young, 2001)

16 Discussion and Conclusion Future ideas: –Books- I Do, Now What? By Giuliana and Bill Rancic Have women choose or evaluate tips first Implications of lower single womanhood rates on health insurance –Research- We saw from the chart the book did not “solve” the problem… –Reasons for delay? –Plan to marry ever? Did the data negate the book topic? –Census “single numbers” supported DePandi’s ideas Not really a major issue though… –Delaying marriage –Population decrease? (Forget, Roos, & Walld, 2005)

17 References Forget, E., Deber, R., Roos, L., & Walld, R. (2005). Canadian Health Reform: A Gender Analysis. Feminist Economics, 11(1), 123-141. doi:10.1080/1354570042000332579 United States Census Bureau. (2009). United States - Household and Families [Data file]. Retrieved from 000US&-qr_name=ACS_2009_5YR_G00_S1101&-ds_name= ACS_2009_5YR_G00_ United States Census Bureau. (2009). United States - Marital Status [Data file]. Retrieved from United States Census Bureau. (2009). United States - Household and Families [Data file]. Retrieved from http://factfinder.census. gov/servlet/STTable? _bm=y&-geo_id=01000US&-qr_name=ACS_2009_5YR_G00_ S1101&-ds _name=ACS_2009_5YR_G00_ Young, C. (2001). Sex and the Census. Reason, 33(4). p 23.

18 Final Exam Questions

19 Final Exam Question 1 In her book Think Like a Guy, author Giuliana DePandi bases her theory on women being what one word? A.Emotional B.Evasive C.Empathetic D.Energetic

20 Final Exam Question 2 Giuliana DePandi, author or Think Like a Guy, comes from what background? A.Sociologist B.Relationship counselor C.“E! News” TV host D.She played Carrie on “Sex and the City”

21 Final Exam Question 3 In her Think Like a Guy tips, Giuliana DePandi does not advise readers to be/do which of the following? A.Deceitful B.Evasive C.Keep relative emotional distance D.“Psycho” and/or obsessive

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