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Henry Clemens (1838-1858). Clemens's house in Hartford.

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1 Henry Clemens (1838-1858)


3 Clemens's house in Hartford

4 Grave of Mark Twain Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, NY



7 Lesson Nine Mark Twain—Mirror of America

8 mirror a person who gives a true representation or description of the country What does the writer claim Mark Twain as the mirror of America? father the author or the man who created these two unforgettable characters cruise a holiday during which you travel on a ship and visit lots of places n. to move at a constant speed that is comfortable and unhurried v. They spend the summer cruising in the Greek islands. He was on a world cruise.

9 stage coach wearing a motley collection of old clothes motley coat a motley crowd / crew constantly and carefully avoided clashes with the enemy diligently avoided contact with the enemy What literary device is used in this sentence? (fml) stop resisting (temptation, illness, attack, etc); yield + to succumb He finally succumbed to the temptation to have another drink.

10 The audience made a dash for the exit the minute they heard the siren. 100-meter dash showing a complete lack of care about danger/about the results of one’s actions reckless Some of the young motorcyclists are very reckless. consequence which she stands for a name up till now which she bears unto this day grave world (collq.) as one characteristically is; in every respect, thoroughly, what one would expect of the person specified all over That sounds like my mother all over.

11 Angels Camp a brief note jotted down, as to remind one of sth. notation The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County well-known, famous, stresses reception of public notice or attention and frequent mention celebrated a celebrated actress, writer, pianist, etc celebrities of stage and screen Burgundy is celebrated for its fine wines. a voyage for pleasure of sightseeing, a tourist expedition by ship pleasure cruise the Holy Land

12 (infml. derog.) in a sense, in a way, it suggests that what is referred to does not really deserve the name of sorts/of a sort = of a sort They served meals of sorts, but nobody enjoyed it. vague, unexplained or unusual type of sth a sort of I had a sort of feeling he wouldn't come. to some extent; in some way or other sort/kind of I sort of suspected this might happen. -logue/-log dialogue, monologue, catalogue; travelogue 1. speech; discourse 2. person specialized in certain field sinologue

13 He tried but not very hard or persistently enough to get the enormous wealth available to those lucky and persistent ones, and he failed. continue to exist without any loss in quality or importance endure Mark Twain’s fame as a writer will endure for ever. Certain relationships endure longer than others. the Virginia City Territorial Enterprise Why does the writer claim that the reporting job was “to literature’s enduring gratitude”? to + sb’s/sth’s + n. digging his way to regional fame

14 working hard to gain regional fame and become well known locally He did not succeed in his reporting trade and become rich overnight as a gold-miner might have done at that time by discovering a vein of gold. What does “pen” and “pickax” represent respectively? What literary device is used here? San Francisco then and now the Sacramento Valley produced a familiar impression on people in modern world ring familiarly in modern world

15 What is the implied meaning of this remark? What literary device is used here? made California famous for, gave California a reputation for gave to California a name to complete (a job) hastilyrush…through We will try to rush the contract through before Saturday. a combination of bravery and style, a mixture of stylishness, enthusiasm and courage, vigorous and spirited; a sudden movement; a rush dash She conducted the orchestra with a great deal of fire and dash.

16 his affection for Becky as the Declaration of Independence is sure to be studied in American schools as is the Declaration of Independence a complete view of a wide stretch of land; a thorough representation in words or picture panorama This book gives a panorama of life in Shenzhen. a moving…of American society a moving and constantly changing picture for close examination of American society rate of activity, tempo pace When he first got to the States, he found the pace of living much quicker there than back home.

17 relax, rest, or stay away from all this crazy struggle for success occasionally and keep our edges sharp /keep our senses alert. lay ourselves on the shelf … our edges haunt inhabit, visit, or appear to in the form of a ghost or other supernatural being The old castle is said to be haunted, and maybe that is why Mr. Thompson is going to sell it. 2. to visit often; frequent haunted the movie theaters 3. to come to mind continually; obsess I failed to solve the riddle that haunted me all morning.

18 take as food, eat up, be nourished or strengthened by sth Hatred feeds on envy. feed on/upon The man who had made the world laugh was himself consumed by bitterness. to protect or make sth more comfortable by covering or filling with soft material pad He padded the seat of the chair with some foamed plastics. a jacket with padded shoulders an appearance of gentleness concealing severity, determination, etc an iron fist/hand in a velvet glove

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