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European Forum for Geostatistics Bled, Slovenia - October 1-3, 2008. User needs from a public authority perspective: Market Erik Sommer Statistics Denmark.

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1 European Forum for Geostatistics Bled, Slovenia - October 1-3, 2008. User needs from a public authority perspective: Market Erik Sommer Statistics Denmark

2 Market perspective - user needs 2 Session 4: Contents according to real user needs The Subproject 2: User needs: Two principal users of geostatistics: Market and Public Authority agencies.

3 Market perspective - user needs 3 Session 4: Public Authority agencies The relatively small cluster of large public authority agencies that use spatial data as a foundation for policies, programs, plans and projects for instance for substainable development.

4 Market perspective - user needs 4 Session 4: Market For some, the principal driving force behind the demand for spatial statistics comes from ”the market”, consisting of a very large cluster of (relatively small) data users, mainly in the private sector.

5 Market perspective - user needs 5 Wiktionary User: One who uses or make use of something.

6 Market perspective - user needs 6 Wiktionary Market: Group of customers that possibly want to buy one’s products.

7 Market perspective - user needs 7 Wikipedia Market: In mainstream economics, the concept of a market is any structure that allows buyers and sellers to exchange any type of goods, services and information.mainstream economicsgoods servicesinformation

8 Market perspective - user needs 8 Statement: User Needs User needs must be in focus! But they are difficult to define. Need for the providers to define and contact key user communities. Challenge is to exchange ideas compiled from domestic level and transfer it to an integrated European level.

9 Market perspective - user needs 9 Question: User Needs Question: Our challenge! How to jump from user documented case studies and practical guidelines to actually doing comparable activities, using similar approaches and perhaps even delivering unified or coordinated products?

10 Market perspective - user needs 10 Statement: Public Agencies Starting point : The major obligation for national Statistical Institutes is to primarily serve the public sector. But this approach don’t change the fact that we also have to serve the general community (private sector) and cater into their needs on a domestic and an European level.

11 Market perspective - user needs 11 Reflections: Market 1) Why do we talk about a market? - because it exists and will continue to do so. 2) Should we try to deminish the size of the market? - no, it has it’s own size. 3) Should we encourage the market? - no, in practice we should support them and assist them, but our focus should be on public data. Market/Conclusion: Destinguish between public and market data.

12 Market perspective - user needs 12 Reflections: Data 1) Data only to be provided as public data? - no, otherwise we would limit access to data. 2) Data only to be maintained as public data? - no, needs meight vary between use for public use and private demands/needs. 3) Data request catering to specific users? - yes, mainstream needs might conflict with special need. Data/Conclusion: We have to be open for the demand for market data but remember that it is often only for national or local use and will not necessarily enhance integration of use of common European dataset.

13 Market perspective - user needs 13 Reflections: Focus 1) Free and available data – which can be maintained! - yes, data should be updated on regular basis and should be easily available. 2) Population day- & nighttime population – as example! - yes, common dataset for general use without discretionary requirements. Giving something away for free (for example 1x1 km grids with interval rather than absolute numbers). 3) Additional dataset of interest! - yes, expanding through the acceptance of access to general dataset(s). Purchase of data would anyway be handled by the National Statistical Institutes (NSI). Focus/Conclusion: Using public data will enhance integration of use of common European data.

14 Market perspective - user needs 14 Our attitude/Role for Market 1) Not to compete ”obsess focus” on the private market! - yes, our cooperation should mainly be on what we can do together. It’s o.k. to cater to the market needs but they should not set the agenda. 2) Not to create market but to exchange ideas and experience! - yes, the main focus should be on the use of data. That approach will remind us to pay attention to the user/markets need and approach. 3) Acknowledge that the market allow us to understand the needs of different grid users, clustering data and handling disclosure! - yes, best practice come into focus and will enable us to understand what will work. Market/Conclusion: Market use will supplement the Public use and not be a competitor for our attention.

15 Market perspective - user needs 15 User Case (1): Story telling Insight into how to use data Geojournalism. How can you find and use data in order to tell a story based on geographical data

16 Market perspective - user needs 16 GeojournalistikGeojournalistik: Visualise your story

17 Market perspective - user needs 17 GeojournalistikGeojournalistik: Population estimates (2008-2030)

18 Market perspective - user needs 18 GeojournalistikGeojournalistik: Reported crime 1x1 km grid

19 Market perspective - user needs 19 GeojournalistikGeojournalistik: Reported crime 1x1 km

20 Market perspective - user needs 20 User Case (2): Distribution of names Customer inquiry: How common is any name? Market knowledge. Names relates among other things to history and geography. Request based on what can I obtain/purchase of name based data and how can I expect to present it?

21 Market perspective - user needs 21 WorldnamesWorldnames: Kuzma, Slovenia

22 Market perspective - user needs 22 FamilienaamFamilienaam: van Leeuwen, Netherland

23 Market perspective - user needs 23 Name serviceName service: Rasmussen, Denmark (postal districts).

24 Market perspective - user needs 24 User Case (3): Aggregated data in a quick, simple and cheaper version Customer inquiry: I want data quickly but I only want aggregated values? End User get access to webservice where they only can obtain aggreated value and where the output is screen dumps which for example can be exported to a management report etc. If the enduser want access to the detailed dataset it’s possible but they have to pay a higher price.

25 Market perspective - user needs 25 Prepared data – ”locked” or ”Srceen dumps”.

26 Market perspective - user needs 26 User Case (4): Selection of area and report generator Customer inquiry: I want to select the area and I want a complete data report? End User get access to webservice where they can select a specific report for a targeted area which they can select on their own.

27 Market perspective - user needs 27 BAOBAO: Business Analyst Online – select a report

28 Market perspective - user needs 28 BAOBAO: Select an area by an address or a point

29 Market perspective - user needs 29 BAOBAO: Report generated – with or without maps

30 Market perspective - user needs 30 BAOBAO: Payment – now or later

31 Market perspective - user needs 31 BAOBAO: Report output PDF.format – Number of persons and households for selected area (3 layers).

32 Market perspective - user needs 32 BAOBAO: Age distribution men/women – area vs. nation

33 Market perspective - user needs 33 BAOBAO: Income distribution person/households

34 Market perspective - user needs 34 BAOBAO: Map presention – PDF.format

35 Market perspective - user needs 35 User Case (5): Selection of address and life style type Customer inquiry: I want to know what type of people live on certain addresses? End User get access to webservice where they can see a lifestyle report for a specific selected address.

36 Market perspective - user needs 36 ConzoomConzoom: Select an address to find your Mosaic Type.

37 Market perspective - user needs 37 ConzoomConzoom: Our area – F1 young population

38 Market perspective - user needs 38 ConzoomConzoom: Mosaic-report customer database – 32 types

39 Market perspective - user needs 39 ConzoomConzoom: Dealers and Partners

40 Market perspective - user needs 40 Network of excellence: Us Network of excellence: The practical use of georeferenced data (regular and irregular tesselations)! Network of excellence (Subproject 4) represents an interest group of experts working in the field of geostatistics connected primarily via web service and annual meetings in order to create the dynamic flow of information related to geostatistics.

41 Market perspective - user needs 41 European Forum for GeostatisticsEuropean Forum for Geostatistics: Our group

42 Market perspective - user needs 42 European Forum for GeostatisticsEuropean Forum for Geostatistics: Post links

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